Fitness Bunny Sbahle Mpisane Gets Candid About Cosmetic Procedures, From Facials to Rhinoplasty

Fitness Bunny Sbahle Mpisane Gets Candid About Cosmetic Procedures, From Facials to Rhinoplasty

  • Sbahle Mpisane got candid about her cosmetic surgery journey and offered up all the details
  • The Fitness Bunny revealed that she had several procedures done, including rhinoplasty and facials
  • Sbahle also shared her plans to make more changes to achieve the look she's hoping for
Sbahle Mpisane opened up about her cosmetic procedures
Sbahle Mpisane got candid about the cosmetic procedures she's had done. Images: sbahle_mpisane
Source: Instagram

Sbahle Mpisane revealed that she went under the knife - well, not entirely. The Kwa Mam'Mkhize star opened up about her cosmetic procedures, saying she was hoping to return to her old self after her traumatic car accident.

Sbahle Mpisane gets candid about surgery

Since her car accident in 2018, Sbahle Mpisane has had to make some changes to look like her old self again.

Despite not being able to change the effect the crash had on her ankle, the fitness enthusiast was able to get some cosmetic procedures done.

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Sbahle has managed to restructure her nose, revive her glow and bring back her snatched waist.

Speaking to TshisaLIVE, Sbahle opened up about her procedures:

"I’ve done a 3D rhinoplasty, which is a non-surgical nose job. Due to damage from my car accident, I decided on this treatment to heighten my nasal bridge, giving it an elevation like before.
"I had hormonal weight gain and struggled to reset my hormones; the RID weight-loss programme balanced everything out. My face was also breaking out from hormonal imbalance, and Skin Renewal gave me products to try, which gave me smooth skin."

She recently rejoined the RID programme and says she plans to touch up her nose as well. Watch the video here.

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Mzansi reacts to Sbahle Mpisane's alleged arrest

Sbahle Mpisane was reportedly released on parole after being arrested for reckless driving, and Mzansi couldn't believe that she didn't learn her lesson:

MbaliMacu said:

"She doesn’t learn, man. You almost died, and you’re still doing this?"

MmantshuS asked:

"Isn't her leg permanently in a state because of a car accident?"

MondeTSibisi wrote:

"So she didn't learn from the last time."

RhuNdimande was stunned:

"She's back behind the wheel? Daredevil this one."

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Source: Briefly News

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