Cardi B Says Couples Should Split Their Bills 50/50, Peeps Weigh in: “Not Me Agreeing With Cardi”

Cardi B Says Couples Should Split Their Bills 50/50, Peeps Weigh in: “Not Me Agreeing With Cardi”

  • Cardi B addressed the controversial topic of couples going 50/ 50 with their bills
  • The rapper said women needed to be more active in providing for the house and stop expecting their men to do all the heavy lifting
  • Peeps weighed in on the topic, where some agreed with Cardi while others called her a hypocrite
Cardi B says couples should go 50/50 on their bills
Cardi B said women needed to help with household expenses and split bills equally with their partners. Images: iamcardib
Source: Instagram

Cardi B recently spoke about couples splitting their bills equally. The Set It Off rapper called out the women who expect their partners to cover all the expenses of the house, saying they needed a reality check.

Cardi B calls women out over 50/ 50 topic

Bodak Yellow hitmaker Cardi B addressed the never-ending topic of couples going 50/ 50 on their bills.

The former Mrs Cephus took a swipe at the women who expect their men to pay all the household expenses while they do little to nothing to help or meet him halfway.

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In a video shared by Twitter (X) user KameronBennett, Cardi B said women needed to be realistic and not let social media cloud their judgement:

"If you and your man make the same amount of money but only he pays all the bills, how are you going to save up for a house or a business? Because he isn't going to afford it. Some things need you guys to work together.
"People are out of touch with reality. Your parents worked and helped each other; you're acting like that never happened. If we want to grow, let's go half and half; it's not a one-way street. I'm old school."

Peeps weigh in on Cardi B's rant

Netizens were impressed by Cardi's reasoning and supported her take on the 50/ 50 conversation:

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badgalnelly agreed with Cardi:

"I completely agree, and I don’t mind going 50/ 50 with my man, especially when we are working towards a better life; some women are missing it."

LookatDee614 said:

"Not me agreeing with Cardi!"

merkyou81 wrote:

"I know the world is ending when Cardi B is speaking facts."

Meanwhile, some netizens weren't convinced and called Cardi out for being a hypocrite:

Mr89DAYZXXL said:

"Do you know what I hate about Cardi B? Her music always contradicts her personal life/ politics/ views."

KDgoHARD posted:

"She wasn't saying this when she was broke."

AlayahLouve wrote:

"She still got cheated on."

Cardi B seemingly disses Tyla during performance

In an earlier report, Briefly News shared online reactions to Cardi B seemingly sneak dissing Tyla during her performance.

The Bodak Yellow hitmaker caused a stir with her bold remark and left fans wondering whether the ladies had issues or if it was jealousy of Tyla's popularity.

Source: Briefly News

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