DJ Zinhle Complains About Unemployable South Africans, Netizens Upset by Radio 702 Interview

DJ Zinhle Complains About Unemployable South Africans, Netizens Upset by Radio 702 Interview

  • DJ Zinhle landed in hot water after a snippet of her recent Radio 702 interview made the rounds online
  • South African musician DJ Zinhle is also known as a successful businesswoman, and she shared her criticism about South African youth
  • DJ Zinhle expressed her stance on unemployment in the country, and she shared a controversial position

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DJ Zinhle rubbed some people the wrong way after her interview on Radio 702. The musician and business mogul shared her thoughts on the country's unemployment rate.

DJ Zinhle speaks on unemployment in radio 702 interview
DJ Zinhle was on Radio 702 where she spoke about unemployable youth and her opinion upset South Africans. Image: @djzinhle
Source: Instagram

Netizens were not pleased when DJ Zinhle criticised South Africans who need jobs. Online users discussed DJ Zinhle 's opinion about unemployment and many were unimpressed.

DJ Zinhle discusses unemployment on Radio 702

In an interview, DJ Zinhle opened up about the challenges she faces as a business owner. She acknowledged that while there is an unemployment problem in South Africa, there is also a shortage of skills. DJ Zinhle explained that she's had a hard time finding people to work for her business because most candidates are not qualified. Watch the video below:

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South Africa slams DJ Zinhle

Many people did not appreciate DJ Zinhle's comments about unemployment. Netizens debated whether or not the musician had a point. Read the comments below:

@afroghanga said:

"When they die broke, we get blamed for not celebrating them enough nor supporting them enough. But the first chance they get, they insult us. Disgraceful."

@Valenda_Minnie wrote:

"Where we gonna learn those skills, because y’all don’t wanna give us chances? Five years' experience sithathephi?"

@ISephara was upset:

"It shocks me each and every single time I hear celebrities speak. The level of ignorance and being so out-of-touch with reality is mindblowing. Worse, those interviewing them in the studio/podcasts are just as clueless so celebrities always get away with nonsensical statements."

@pureartvisuals commented:

"We need to start these celebrities, they forget they are where are today because of the people."

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@bozzie_t added:

"Was she already skilled when she started djying? The celebrities annoy me, they peddle the same narrative peddled by white companies for not employing black graduates while they happily employ white ones who are equally not experienced and sometimes even without degree."

@prow_II disagreed:

"But she’s right, asifundanga mos."

DJ Zinhle asks question about failed relationships

Briefly News previously reported that DJ Zinhle asked her TikTok followers about failed relationships with people and how they deal with them. Instead of people on Twitter engaging with her, they assumed she spoke about someone who was once close to her.

On her TikTok page, DJ Zinhle posed a question on relationships with people but put a disclaimer that it had nothing to do with her. She pointed out that often, people assume that she speaks about herself or people close to her when she asks such questions.

Source: Briefly News

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