Dineo Ranaka Ignites Debate After Calling Radio Industry Male-Dominated: “It’s a Boys Club”

Dineo Ranaka Ignites Debate After Calling Radio Industry Male-Dominated: “It’s a Boys Club”

  • Former radio presenter Dineo Ranaka spoke out about the radio industry being male-dominated
  • The star name-dropped her former employer, Kaya 959 and said it created an abusive environment for her
  • Dineo Ranaka also mentioned Anele Mdoda and said she fought to be respected in the industry, and that is why she is succeeding

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Dineo Ranaka's battle with radio is ongoing. The outspoken star shared her thoughts on the medium's downside and why she parted ways.

Dineo Ranaka slammed the radio industry for favouring men.
Dineo Ranaka said the radio industry favours men and called it a boy's club. Image: Kevin Mazur, Oupa Bopape
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Dineo Ranaka slams the radio industry

Former radio personality Dineo Ranaka shared her thoughts on the current state of the radio industry, claiming it is male-dominated. In an interview on Newzroom Afrika, Dineo Ranaka said the medium is a boys' club because it favours male presenters,

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"Radio is a boys club. If you are not born male, it is difficult to even get executives and advertisers to take you seriously."

Ranaka says Anele Mdoda fought her way

Dineo Ranaka used Anele Mdoda as an example of someone who fought against the narrative and made a name for herself.

Ranaka said Mdoda is succeeding now because she fought for the respect that she is receiving.

"Look at Anele Mdoda, she came in and she fought her battle to be respected in that space, and that is why she is reaping the rewards."

Ranaka called out her former employer, Kaya 959 and said it created an abusive environment for her. Ranaka said she prioritised her mental health and walked away.

She also stated that the abuse came from a female executive. If you may recall, Dineo Ranaka was going through a mental crisis when she booked herself in and out of a mental hospital. She had then parted ways with Kaya 959 abruptly.

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Watch a clip from the interview posted on X by @NalaThokozane below:

Mzansi reacts to Dineo's sentiments

Netizens called Dineo Ranaka out for her sentiments, saying she was not telling the truth.


"She’ll be back on radio soon. This one & DJ Sbu are in the same WhatsApp group: Good with big English words, tjikitjiki they contradict themselves soon enough!"


"She starts by saying the media is a boy's club and then makes an example of how she was abused by the female executive? This lady talking here was a radio presenter? She can’t coherently put across her own argument…what was she doing on radio talk shows?"


"Whoever bewitched her and Ntsiki Mazwai must be found and be forced to remove the spell."

Dineo Ranaka unveils new restaurant

In a previous report from Briefly News, Dineo Ranaka broke her social media hiatus and returned to announce her new business venture.

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The former radio presenter announced her new restaurant, The Untrained Chef. Dineo Ranaka's eatery is located in Sandton, Johannesburg, and is also available on the food delivery app Uber Eats.

Source: Briefly News

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