Kefilwe Mabote Shows Off Her Impressive Workout Routine in Viral Video, SA Reacts: “She’s Hot”

Kefilwe Mabote Shows Off Her Impressive Workout Routine in Viral Video, SA Reacts: “She’s Hot”

  • Kefilwe Mabote's gym workout video went viral, showcasing her dedication to maintaining her stunning figure and inspiring many viewers
  • Social media users praised her commitment, but some speculated about the authenticity of her physique, questioning if it was achieved naturally or through surgery
  • Despite the speculation, Mabote's workout routine impressed her fans, sparking conversations about body image and fitness
  • Briefly News spoke to fitness instructor at Viva Gym Trevor Ncube who shared workout routines that people can do to achieve the best hourglass figure

Media personality Kefilwe Mabote showed social media users that her stunning figure does not come cheap. The star inspired many with her impressive workout video.

Kefilwe Mabote shows her workout routine
Kefilwe Mabote's workout video sparked mixed reactions on social media. Image: @kefilwe_mabote
Source: Instagram

Kefilwe Mabote hits the gym

Kefiboo puts in the work for her curves. The star had lazy social media users thinking about signing up for the gym when her video went viral.

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The now-viral video shared on social media by the popular entertainment blog MDN News on X, formerly known as Twitter, shows the star breaking a sweat in the gym. The post's caption read:

"Kefilwe Mabote in the gym.."

Speaking exclusively to Briefly News, fitness instructor Trevor Ncube said people should combine cardio exercises and strength routines. He also spoke about eating the right diet and also being consistent.

"To tone your body effectively, it's essential to combine strength training with cardiovascular exercises. Focus on a balanced workout routine that targets all major muscle groups, and incorporate exercises like squats, lunges, push-ups, and planks.
"Consistency is key, so aim for at least three to four workout sessions per week. Additionally, maintaining a healthy diet rich in protein, vegetables, and whole grains will support muscle growth and overall fitness."

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Kefile Mabote's workout routine impresses Mzansi

Social media users loved seeing their favourite in the gym. Many commended her for keeping her body in great shape. Others speculated that the star went under the knife for her perfect hourglass figure.

@_officialMoss said:

"I see why she has such a beautiful body… Ladies, you work for eat, it, it I meant it, damn auto correct. … Herbal nton nton is a scam."

@bydega_ commented:

"Can this perfect body get her a high-value man to marry her?"

@Ree_gaugetsoe added:

"Influencers are so funny, they do BBL and then to to gym to show off the bbl body ‍"

@SuzanSithole2 commented:

"Then why did she do a bbl if she has such stamina in the gym‍♀️"

@Voys_ZA said:

"Why is she punishing herself, Wenzeni bandla "

Connie Ferguson’s intense workout routine trends

In more entertainment news, Briefly News reported that Connie Ferguson has once again put many couch potatoes to shame with a new video of her intense exercise.

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The 52-year-old is obsessed with fitness and always posts updates about her gym sessions on her social media accounts. Aside from wishing for perfect health and a beautiful body, TimesLIVE reports that Ferguson's exercise helped her stay off antidepressants.

Source: Briefly News

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