MacG and Somizi Mhlongo Hang Out in New Jersey, Mzansi Raises Eyebrows: “Something Is off Here”

MacG and Somizi Mhlongo Hang Out in New Jersey, Mzansi Raises Eyebrows: “Something Is off Here”

  • MacG and Somizi Mhlongo are living it up in New Jersey and recently got to hang out together
  • SomGAGA shared photos with Mac that raised many eyebrows about their relationship
  • Mzansi speculated that there might be more to Mac and Somizi's bond, saying something was off

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Somizi Mhlongo and MacG took pictures together in New Jersey
MacG and Somizi Mhlongo's photos raised suspicion about their relationship. Images: somizi, macgunleashed
Source: Instagram

MacG and Somizi Mhlongo recently bumped into each other in New Jersey and posed for some photos, but Mzansi believes there's more to their snaps than what they're letting on.

Somizi Mhlongo bumps into MacG in New Jersey

Somizi Mhlongo recently jetted off to the USA and is enjoying his wealth in style, from penthouse stays to luxury shopping sprees.

While having the time of his life, the former Idols SA judge bumped into MacG, who recently kicked off the USA leg of the Podcast and Chill Live Nation Tour.

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Taking to his Instagram page, the Living The Dream with Somizi star was all smiles and shared photos posing with Mac, who even received a peck on the cheek from SomGAGA:

Mzansi weighs in on Somizi and MacG's photo

Netizens showed love to Somizi and MacG, while others joked about Mac's reaction to the kiss:

dr_maweni showed love:

"My people!"

selokelaboledi quoted MacG's reaction:

"'Somizi kissed me, bro, eeeei!' - MacG on Monday."

dark_berry_101 asked:

"When are you coming to the Podcast? As a Chiller, we would love to have you."

aya.jali wrote:

"I can imagine Mac speaking about the kiss on Monday."

Meanwhile, it was anything but jokes when netizens questioned the pair's relationship:

Narril_dihno said:

"I have been suspecting that MacG is gay, and guess what, I was right."

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age_paseka poked fun at MacG:

"We haven’t forgotten that Somgaga once had a crush on you, @MacGUnleashed."

__T_touch was curious:

"Is he thinking of crossing over to the other side?"

uMaster_Sandz was suspicious:

"Something is off here."

Somizi Mhlongo celebrates Father's Day

In more Somizi Mhlongo updates, Briefly News shared online reactions to the media personality's Father's Day gift from his daughter, Bahumi.

Bahumi took inspiration from an old video of her dad's, saying she "understood the assignment."

Source: Briefly News

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