Who is Dale Robertson's wife, Susan Dee Robbins? Everything to know

Who is Dale Robertson's wife, Susan Dee Robbins? Everything to know

American actor Dale Robertson was an entertainment pioneer during the Golden Age of Hollywood. His film debut was an uncredited role as a policeman in The Boy with Green Hair (1948), and his career soared from there on out. During the height of his fame, people took a keen interest in his romantic life, including his now-widow, Susan Dee Robbins. Here is what we know about both him and her.

Dale Robertson’s family
The actor is snapped looking at Jeanne Crain during a scene from the film 'City Of Bad Men', 1953. Photo: 20th Century-Fox
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Although Dale was a massive TV star during the peak time of Wild Westerns, much less is known about the people in his life, who seem to prefer staying out of the limelight. Considering this, who is Dale Robertson's wife? Where does she come from, and what does she do for a living? Here is her profile summary before we go into more detail on what we know about the duo.

Profile summary and bio

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Full nameSusan Robertson (née Susan Dee Robbins)
Age60-70 (estimated by online sources)
BirthplaceCalifornia, USA (most widely reported)
Romantic orientationHeterosexual
Current nationalityAmerican
Marital statusWidowed
Hair colourBlonde
Eye colourBlue
ProfessionFormer flight attendant
Native languageEnglish

As seen in the summary, little is known about the otherwise reclusive figure. Dale's most recent wife is noticeably more private than her late husband and seems to have taken great lengths to keep her life out of the public eye since his passing. However, we could find some widely reported facts about her life.

Is Susan Robertson still alive?

Although she fell out of the spotlight after her husband passed, some reports state she is alive and living in Detroit. However, these statements have not been officially confirmed and are only speculations.

What is Dale Robertson's real name?

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The actor's full name is Dayle Lymoine Robertson, spelt slightly differently from his preferred professional name. There has never been any formal clarification on why he changed his name slightly, but one can only assume it is for convenience purposes.

Susan Dee Robbins’ obituary
The actor posed with his first wife, Frederica Jacqueline Wilson, at the Shipstads & Johnson Ice Follies, USA, circa 1955. Photo: Bruce Bailey
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Dale Robertson’s spouse

Susan Robertson, wife of Dale Robertson, is the last marriage he had before he passed away on 27 February 2013. The pair allegedly met while Susan was a flight attendant for American Airlines. The couple got married on 2 February 1980 and remained happily married until his tragic passing.

His first wife was Frederica Jacqueline Wilson, with whom he was married between 1951 and 1956. Shortly following their divorce, he married actress Mary Murphy in 1956, the same year as his divorce from Frederica. They were married until 1957.

Following his split from his second wife, Mary, he married Lula Mae Maxey in 1959. They were married until 1977. He went on to meet and subsequently marry his fourth and final wife, Susan, just a few years after.

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Dale Robertson’s children

Dale and Susan never had children of their own, but she did play a more active role as stepmother to his two daughters, Rochelle Robertson and Rebel Lee. Rebel is Frederica Jacqueline Wilson's daughter, and Rebel's mother has not been publicly confirmed.

Dale Robertson’s family

Besides his two daughters, very little information is available on his family. His mother is Varval Robertson, and his father is Melvin Robertson, but little is known about them.

Very little is known about Susan Dee Robbins' life as she actively keeps it out of the public eye. But, one can safely assume she is content with her secluded life and the peace that surely comes along with it.

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