Philip Michael Thomas' children: All about his 11 children

Philip Michael Thomas' children: All about his 11 children

Fans of Miami Vice are privy to Philip Michael Thomas. He is an American actor and musician renowned for his role as Ricardo in Miami Vice, the role that propelled him to fame. Besides his fame and career, he wears a third hat; he is a father. Who are Philip Michael Thomas' 11 children?

Philip Michael Thomas
Michael Thomas, popularly known for portraying Cedrick Hawks on Nash Bridges, pictured in March 1997. Photo: CBS
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Philip Michael Thomas married Kassandra Green in 1986, although they divorced in 1998. He did not remarry after. So, who are Philip Michael Thomas' children, and where are they?

How many children does Philip Michael Thomas have?

The actor and singer has six daughters, five sons and one stepdaughter. Philip Michael Thomas' ex-wife bore him five children, four sons and a daughter. His other children were born from his flings with other women.

Thomas had his first daughter, Sacha, with Pat Thomas. He later had Khrishna with Merri Ross. He got into a relationship with actress Sheila Dewindt, who bore him two daughters, Melody and India.

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The actor and singer had his eldest son, Gabriel, also known as Philip Jr. and Chayenne, his fifth daughter, with Dhiama Matthew. Philip Michael Thomas' wife bore him a daughter, Imaj, and four sons, Noble, Sacred, Sovereign and Kharisma. The actor and singer also has a stepdaughter, Monica.

Below are snippets of some of Philip Michael Thomas' kids in the limelight. Most of them followed in their father's shoes and ventured into the entertainment industry.

Imaj Thomas

Kassandra's daughter, Imaj (born 16th August 1989), followed in her father's footsteps and has carved out a career as a musician. She co-wrote eight singles in her self-titled album, Imaj. She later released America's Sweetheart in 2016. Some of her hits include Passport and Colorblind.

Apart from music, Imaj is also a published author, another branch of her artistic personality. The novel Harlow highlights her life, which she describes as a creative utopia.

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Sacred Thomas

Imaj's brother, Sacred Thomas, is a famous Tik-Toker, model, travel videographer and motivational speaker. He was born in the 90s in Florida and had an unconventional upbringing since his parents were in the entertainment industry; they encouraged him to follow his passion.

Sacred is an alumnus of the Texas State University and the McCoy School of Business. He co-founded Five Star Entourage, his first company, which he ran for seven years before switching to travel photography.

He later founded Sacred Shot Media, a video production company. The highlight of Sacred's videography career is filming two Tedx talks and a docu-series called Tiger Kingdom, a spin-off of the show Tiger King.

Sacred Thomas
Sacred Thomas, Michael Thomas' son, is a model and videographer. Photo: @Sacred Thomas on Facebook (modified by author)
Source: Facebook

Philip Michael Thomas Jr.

Does Philip Michael Thomas have a son? Thomas Jr. is a musician from Atlanta and one of Philip Michael Thomas' sons. Philip Michael Thomas Jr.'s mother passed on shortly after he was born; hence, his elder brother became his custodian.

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Thomas Jr. was one of the cast members of Love Without Borders, and in one of the commentary episodes, he referred to his father as,

One of the biggest baby makers on the planet.

He went further to state that he has 15 siblings. Thomas Jr. has a different view of fatherhood; he strives to be a very present father; hence, he has been very picky on who he intends to have a kid with. He believes kids are an extension of his identity and legacy.

Philip Jr. started performing in choirs, musical theatres and other productions at a young age. He is an alumnus of the Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University.

Philip Michael Thomas Jr.
Philip Michael Thomas Jr. is a singer and actor like his father. Photo: @Risky Southern Law on Facebook (modified by author)
Source: Facebook

Frequently asked questions

Does Philip Michael Thomas have kids? Besides answering this question, these details highlight the actor's life and legacy. Go through these questions as they catch you up with Philip Michael Thomas. Where is and why is he famous?

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Where does Philip Michael Thomas live now?

After spending the better part of his life in the entertainment industry and showbiz, he has not been in the limelight since 2011, at least not in any colossal capacity to draw a noticeable crowd. What is Philip Michael Thomas doing now? Philip has been busy allegedly supporting upcoming actors. He is assumed to be in Florida.

What ethnicity is Philip Michael Thomas?

Thomas was born on 26th May 1949 in Columbus, Ohio, USA, although he grew up in San Bernardino, California. He is of African-American, Native American, German and Irish descent.

Is Philip Michael Thomas gay?

According to an online journal entry linked to Philip, he acknowledged he is a romantic man. He referred to Don Johnson as his life partner and affirmed he is not gay but knows what it takes to warm people's hearts. He considers Don his BFF for life.

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These details about Philip Michael Thomas' children catch you up on the actor's offspring and parts of his romantic life. Some of his kids took after him and got into the entertainment scene.

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