TUT bus registration requirements and procedure (guide)

TUT bus registration requirements and procedure (guide)

Tshwane University of Technology (TUT) provides a service called TUT Online Bus Registration that enables students to sign up online for bus transportation services. It is a convenient way to help students manoeuvre the institution and get to different facilities on time. This guide breaks down the TUT bus requirements, registration process, and rules about using this service.

TUT bus registration process
The TUT bus registration procedure requires applicants to apply via the bus registration portal at the Power Apps system. Photo: @Tshwanebus2 (Modified by author)
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Educational facility Tshwane University of Technology is aware of the need to offer accessible transportation to its students because it recognizes that utilizing alternate modes of transportation is essential to academic life. This post will look at the TUT bus registration program offered to students on and off campus to help you plan your commute and explore the area. It also includes a guide on how to register at TUT.

How do you register at TUT?

Prospective students who wish to apply to study at TUT for the 2025 academic year must submit an online application via the official website before the provided dates.

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Visit the school's website and click the "Apply Now" button at the top of the page or "I want to study" for information on the programs offered, admission standards, and other application-related details.

Application is made by filling out an application form online, which is available at the university's admission portal. Alternatively, you can get the application form in hard copy from any institution's sites /campuses.

TUT admission
Students can only be admitted to TUT when they successfully complete the online application process and meet all requirements. Photo: Ralf Hahn
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Is TUT online registration open?

Registration for admission for January 2025 opened on 1 March 2024 and will close on 30 August 2024. However, that excludes international applications and specified programmes.

What is needed for registration at TUT?

TUT must receive a completed online application, recently certified copies of your original identity document, (National) Senior Certificate, or top academic results, and prompt payment of the administrative fee (R240) before the indicated closing dates. Verify that the certification is a year old at maximum. Meeting these requirements will enable you to access any of TUT's online facilities.

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How much is the application fee for TUT?

It is R240. It has to be paid on the application for admission in respect of all first applications to the college. The fee is not refundable.

Requirements for bus registration at TUT

TUT bus registration
Students can only access the TUT bus service when they complete the bus registration process and get a student's card. Photo: Brothers91
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The criteria that must be met by students interested in this service include:

  • Only TUT-enrolled students residing in one of the University's homes may submit a bus transportation application at the university's local transportation offices.
  • The buses will only accept students with genuine TUT student IDs with a bus logo or housing name.

TUT bus application process

Students who wish to apply for this service must complete these steps:

  1. Access the TUT online bus registration portal at the Power Apps system.
  2. After the system has verified your profile, click Continue.
  3. Read the bus registration rules and regulations thoroughly.
  4. Click the NEXT STEP button at the bottom of the page as soon as you have accepted the regulations.
  5. The system will find your campus on the next page.
  6. Select Accredited Accommodation, either YES or NO, by clicking the drop-down arrow option.
  7. Agree to the regulations by checking the box and SUBMIT your application.
  8. A successful pop-up message and email for an application will be delivered immediately after submission.
  9. Please wait for the transport department's approval.
  10. Once your application has been accepted, kindly visit CPS for a valid bus transport student card.

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How to access TUT bus services
Only students with a valid bus transport student card can utilize TUT's bus services. Photo: Roseborland
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It is worth noting that there are several rules on utilization of this service. The TUT bus rules are as follows:

  • A case will be filed with the Student Judicial Services for disciplinary action against any student with a fraudulent student card. This will happen once Campus Protection Services receives a report of the incident.
  • No student is permitted to use a fellow student's TUT student card.
  • No student will be permitted to operate a fleet vehicle while holding a license with an active endorsement.
  • No student may operate a vehicle owned or operated by TUT while under the influence of alcohol or any other substance that could impair judgment.

What are TUT bus fees?

The bus registration process for Tshwane University of Technology is free.

How to deregister at TUT

Applications for cancellation or discontinuation of your studies must be filed to Academic Administration using the required form and a justification for the action. If the request to stop studying is made in person, the date TUT receives the application will be the official cancellation date.

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If the request is mailed, the date on which Academic Administration receives the application will be the official cancellation date. Remember that cancellation means you are no longer required to use any of TUT's online facilities.

To complete the TUT bus registration process, students must log in to the Power Apps systems and fill in all the required information. Upon approval, you will receive a bus transport student card.

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