How to qualify for MoreTyme and activate my account?

How to qualify for MoreTyme and activate my account?

Those looking for a more lenient payment option can look into TymeBank's MoreTyme feature, which allows you to purchase now and pay later. The process of signing up is easier than you may think, with just a few simple steps needed. Keep reading for more on how to qualify for MoreTyme and other useful details regarding the process.

Can I open TymeBank?
TymeBank is South Africa’s first digital-only bank. Photo: Tim Robberts
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MoreTyme online shopping can provide you with the benefit of getting an item you need now and finishing off the payment over a period of time. These types of payment options are ideal for those who are cash-strapped until a certain date but have an urgent purchase, or for those who are paid more regularly, such as weekly.

So, once you decide to put TymeBank's MoreTyme feature to good use, how do you begin the process? Here are useful aspects to know about the feature, like what the minimum requirements are to qualify for MoreTyme, what is needed for the TymeBank app, how to activate MoreTyme, and the process regarding applying for MoreTyme online.

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How does TymeBank work?

TymeBank is an exclusively-digital retail bank located in South Africa. TymeBank is the country's first digital-only bank to exist, and it has offered many locals multiple benefits. Besides traditional banking services, TymeBank offers basic banking services at a low cost, which is great for lower-income households.

Previously, all queries were exclusively performed online, but after partnerships with various retailers, the bank can offer both online and offline customer engagement and assistance.

How do I activate my MoreTyme account?
The MoreTyme feature allows you to purchase now and pay later. Photo: Ezra Bailey
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What do you need to qualify for MoreTyme?

There are minimal requirements necessary to sign up for MoreTyme with TymeBank, presumably as this bank is designed to be as easily assessable as possible to accommodate all members of society. What is needed to open a TymeBank account includes:

  • Being 16 years old or older.
  • Possessing a valid South African ID number.
  • A cellphone to receive a One-Time Password (OTP).

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How do I activate MoreTyme on the app?

Before you can navigate the MoreTyme feature, you need to have the TymeBank app. You can find the TymeBank app download on Google Play or the iPhone App Store, free of charge.

Once that is done, open the app and enter the relevant details and tap the activate or apply option. At this point, you can also add money to your EveryDay account or link any other debit or credit cards you have, free of charge.

From there, you can pick and choose what items you need and select the payment option you prefer. You are expected to pay 33% of the payment upfront and settle it over a total of three payments each month, including the initial payment. MoreTyme's credit check can also be done on the app.

MoreTyme TFG
Payments are done over three monthly instalments. Photo: Xavier Lorenzo
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How to activate a TymeBank card?

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Once you have signed up to the app, you can obtain a card for use in various stores that have partnered up with TymeBank. You can obtain the debit card at any TymeBank kiosk, located inside most Pick n Pay and Boxer stores. Alternatively, you can find a TymeBank TFG Money kiosk inside most TFG stores.

TymeBank has also given the option for users to invest in a credit card with them, for those who earn a monthly income of R3,000 or less.

How to turn off the tap option to pay TymeBank?

Certain customers may prefer using a card without the tap payment option. Although certain banks allow customers to disable the tap-to-pay option, TymeBank does not allow this option to be disabled.

MoreTyme Pick n Pay
Customers are required to pay R33% of the item’s total price upfront. Photo: Maskot
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Where can I use MoreTyme?

MoreTyme partners assist in helping South Africans alleviate some financial strain through spread-out payments. MoreTyme retailers include Pick n Pay stores and TFG companies, although it may be limited to selected brands.

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Once you know how to qualify for MoreTyme, you can sign up for the feature as soon as possible and start saving money now. Luckily, the MoreTyme application process is simple, with minimal requirements and easy-to-navigate services.

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