Petrol attendant salary: How much they earn in South Africa

Petrol attendant salary: How much they earn in South Africa

Petrol attendants are commonplace in South Africa, providing services other than filling your car's tank. What does this profession's salary entail, considering the job's expectations and relevant qualifications? This article discusses the standard petrol attendant salary and the qualifications needed for the job.

Average petrol attendant salary
The average petrol attendant salary is on the lower end of the income bracket. Photo: FG Trade and Andrey Popov (modified by author)
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South Africa is one of the countries globally that use petrol attendants, with The Mail & Guardian reporting an estimated 80,000 people in South Africa working under the profession. This statistic shows a significant demand for the occupation in the country.

Knowing the demand for petrol attendants, how much do petrol attendants earn in South Africa? Although the sources vary, the estimated income is one of the lower-earing occupations in the country.

The average petrol attendant salary in South Africa

A petrol attendant's salary per month can change depending on your area and the company you work for. According to Salarypedia, significant companies, including Sasol, offer an estimated R5,800 monthly. Major cities, including Johannesburg, Pretoria, Cape Town, Durban and Northern suburbs, have a higher average, ranging between R6,400 and R10,600.

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Sources slightly vary on the estimated average. Indeed reported an average of R6,007 per month in South Africa. However, mentions the average petrol attendant salary is between R4,348 and R17,326 per month as of 2024. ·

How much do Engen garage workers earn?

According to Payscale, the hourly Engen garage salary ranges from an estimated R23.91 to R101. Individuals who have a cashier title are given an hourly rate of R34. SASSA Loans reported that the Engen petrol attendant salary per month is R6,500.

How much does Shell garage pay?

In the same article, SASSA Loans reported that the monthly standard Shell garage petrol attendant salary is R4,560. Indeed reported an estimated income from Shell Garage of R4,811, 23% below the national average.

petrol attendant’s salary per month
Salarypedia states that significant companies, including Sasol, offer an estimated R5,800 monthly. Photo: Mladen Balinovac
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How much does a petrol attendant earn at BP?

The average BP petrol attendant salary remains unknown as it has not been reported aside from an unverified BP hiring page on Facebook, which mentions R5,500 per month and has not been confirmed as legitimate. The estimated pay is expected to be between the average mentioned above of

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Other salaries

Indeed reports that the standard Sasol petrol attendant salary is approximately R5,800 monthly, 7% below the national average. Jobs with Portia M. on Facebook reported that the average Astron Energy petrol attendant salary ranges between R4,500 and R7,000 per month.

The same SASSA Loans article mentioned above states that the average petrol attendant salary at Caltex is reportedly R4,520 per month. However, neither the company nor an authority source has confirmed these values.

What qualifications are needed to be a petrol attendant?

Since the profession is a lower-income job, there are fewer academic requirements than for other occupations requiring tertiary education. DG Malherbe Inc. states no specific educational requirements exist, but employers prefer candidates with a Grade 8 certificate or higher.

There are no compulsory subjects required either. However, Mathematics and technical subjects are beneficial.

What qualifications do I need to be a petrol attendant?
No specific educational requirements exist, but employers prefer candidates with a Grade 8 certificate or higher. Photo: Andrey Popov
Source: Getty Images

Further training

If you have successfully applied, the profession requires further training to equip you with the necessary skills. DG Malherbe Inc. reported that newcomers may only be expected to perform the standard petrol attendant job functions, including keeping the station clean, putting in petrol and cleaning cars' windscreens.

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However, they may be expected to do further functions on a vehicle, like checking the oil and water levels. Petrol attendants may also be expected to perform light maintenance work, such as fitting parts on a vehicle (which is not common). Furthermore, employees may receive basic fire training, health hygiene, and security awareness.

Minimum wage for petrol attendants in South Africa

The SASSA Loans article referenced earlier reports a minimum of R4,348 and R17,326 per month, depending on the company and the job area. Regarding the country's minimum wage rates, Employment and Labour Minister Thulas Nxesi announced a new National Minimum Wage (NMW) in February 2024.

The South African Government News Agency reported on February 4, 2024, that the value increased from R25.42 to R27.58 for each ordinary hour worked. The new values came into effect from March 1, 2024.

Petrol attendant job reviews

If you are still curious about whether to be a petrol attendant as a profession, online reviews detail employees' experiences at petrol companies. Sasol has a rating of 4.1 out of 5 stars on Indeed, with 1.5K reviews. Among them include a former cashier and petrol attendant from Randfontein, Gauteng, who posted on April 7, 2024:

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I have learned that working as a team is good thing because you learn different things from other people. The hardest part of the job was learning how to check the oil in the car because I never had a car. And the enjoyable moment was knowing that Friday we have a top five competition.

Shell Garage is also highly rated regarding employee satisfaction, rated 3.9 out of 5 on Indeed. A former cashier and petrol attendant from Colesberg wrote on September 5, 2023:

You should be able to communicate clearly so that you can render quality service. Be kind and understanding at all times, and practice equality at all times. Be very helpful.

The standard petrol attendant salary is considered a lower-earning job in South Africa. However, you may get an increased income for the same occupation at a more popular petrol company such as Sasol, and the area where the job is located may also increase the value. Seek job vacancies in popular cities like Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban for higher values.

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