What is the most expensive thing in the world? Top 20 highly-priced items

What is the most expensive thing in the world? Top 20 highly-priced items

It might look and sound ridiculous to spend money on the most expensive thing in the world. However, the value of the item is in its exclusivity. This list reveals the top highly priced items.

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The most expensive thing in the world 2021
The most expensive thing in the world in 2021. Photo: @«Цветное Настроение.»
Source: Facebook

The uber-rich can afford to own anything, and the most expensive things explain how they spend their money. The items range from art pieces to striking pieces of jewellery. The value of the highly-priced items will blow your mind!

What is the most expensive thing in the world in 2021?

What is the most expensive thing in the world in 2021? The details in this list will leave you in shock! Read on for more!

1. Saffron - $11 per gram

What is the most expensive thing in the world? Top 20 highly-priced items
What is the most expensive thing in the world? Top 20 highly-priced items. Photo: @Sahar Hashemi
Source: Facebook

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In the world of cooking, saffron is the most expensive thing. Sought after thousands of years as a spice, medicine and dye, you need more than 150 flowers to come up with 1 gram of saffron. And a single gram of saffron goes for as much as $11.

2. The feather of the Huia Bird - $10,000

The feather of the Huia Bird
The feather of the Huia Bird. Photo: @Billionaire Lifestyle
Source: Facebook

The single feather belongs to the Huia Bird, which is said to be extinct since it has not been seen since 1907. The New Zealand national museum verified the single feather to be authentic, and an anonymous person picked it up after placing a bid worth $10,000.

3. Parking spot in Manhattan - $1 million

How would you reconcile yourself to a parking lot costing six times the average American home? This posh parking spot in the locality of downtown Manhattan costs $1 million. It might not be the most expensive thing, but it is one of the most expensive places.

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4. Magnetic floating bed - $1.6 million

The Magnetic floating bed
The Magnetic floating bed. Photo; @Rosewin Holdings
Source: Facebook

Janjaap Ruijssenaars, a Dutch architect, created the magnetic floating bed. It took him seven years to make it using permanent magnetic material, and it floats 1.2 feet above the ground. The magnetic bed is worth $1.6 million.

5. iPhone 3GS Supreme Rose - $2.9 million

What is the most expensive thing in the world? The iPhone 3GS Supreme Rose is not your ordinary phone, and it would easily pass for the most expensive thing in the world. It comprises one hundred and thirty diamonds, totalling up to 97.5 carats on the phone's front. It has a rose gold Apple logo on the rear side, encrusted with 53 diamonds.

The iPhone 3GS Supreme Rose is the most expensive phone globally, and it costs $2.9 million.

6. Crystal Piano - $3.2 million

What is the most expensive object in the world? The crystal piano is handcrafted of crystal. Therefore it is one of the most expensive instruments globally, and its value is approximately $3.2 million.

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7. The Rhein II photograph - $4.3 million

The Rhein II photograph
The Rhein II photograph. Photo: @Irina Gachechiladze
Source: Facebook

Rhein II is a coloured photograph by Andreas Gursky, a German artist. The Rhein II photograph is the most expensive photograph ever sold, and its value is estimated to be $4.3 million.

8. Gold-plated Bugatti Veyron - $10 million

Bugatti Veyron is one of the rarest modern cars in the world, with 468 ever made. American rapper Flo Rida is one of the few owners of the gold-plated Bugatti Veyron, whose value is approximately $10 million.

9. 'Dead Shark' - $12 million

The Physical Impossibility of Death in the Mind of Someone Living
The Physical Impossibility of Death in the Mind of Someone Living. Photo: @Youssef Elgohary
Source: Facebook

In 1991, Damien Hirst, an English artist, created The Physical Impossibility of Death in the Mind of Someone Living. It consists of a tiger shark submerged in formaldehyde in a glass-panel display case. An anonymous hedge-fund manager got it for a whopping $12 million.

10. Diamond Panther Bracelet - $12.4 million

The iconic Cartier created this masterpiece bracelet in 1952. The diamond panther is a finely-sculpted body in a pavé-set with brilliant calibré-cut onyx and single-cut diamonds. The Diamond Panther Bracelet is said to have started the romance between Wallis Simpson and Edward VIII. It is among the most expensive things in the world, and it is worth $12.4 million.

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11. The domain, Insure.com - $16 million

Insurance broker insure.com sold its name and website for $16 million, ten times more than its buying price in 2001. The insecure.com is in the Guinness book of records as the most expensive domain name sold.

12. The ‘Perfect Pink’ - $23 million

According to Vickie Sek of the jewellery department at Christie’s Asia, the 'Perfect Pink' is the most expensive jewel in the Asian subcontinent. The perfect pink was auctioned for a whopping $23.2 million.

13. 201-Carat Chopard gemstone watch - $25 million

201-Carat Chopard gemstone watch
201-Carat Chopard gemstone watch. Photo: @Veneno Lambo
Source: Facebook

Chopard is famous for making watches cut above the rest, and the 201-carat gemstone watch is no exception. The 201-carat Chopard is a dazzling accessory made in 2000, and it brings a new meaning to luxury. The timepiece is worth a whopping $25 million.

14. L’Incomparable Diamond Necklace - $55 million

The Guinness World Records named the L'Incomparable diamond necklace the world's most expensive necklace. The Gemological Institute of America graded the deep-yellow shield step-cut diamond as the largest internally flawless diamond ever. The L’Incomparable Diamond Necklace is worth a whopping $55 million.

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15. Garçon à la pipe painting - $104 million

Garçon à la pipe painting
Garçon à la pipe painting. Photo: @samakashvili
Source: Instagram

Garçon à la Pipe is an oil on canvas painting by Pablo Picasso. He painted it in 1905. Garçon à la pipe depicts a Parisian adolescent boy, P’tit Louis, surrounded by two floral decorations, wearing a garland, while holding a pipe in his left hand.

The Garçon à la pipe painting cost $104 million.

16. 1963 Ferrari GTO - $70 million

1963 Ferrari GTO
1963 Ferrari GTO. Photo: @David Senas
Source: Facebook

Ferrari produced the Ferrari GTO between 1962 and 1964. The company had 33 Ferrari 250 GTOs with the 1962-63 series, and another three were made with the 1964 series I. According to sources, the 1963 Ferrari sold for $70 million and is believed to be the highest price ever paid for a car.

17. 'The Card Players' painting - $260 million

The Card Players' painting
The Card Players' painting. Photo: @tiptoefinn22
Source: Instagram

'The Card Players' is a series of oil paintings by Paul Cézanne, a French Post-Impressionist artist. Paul painted the five portraits in the early 1890s, and they vary in size, the settings of the game and the number of players.

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'The Card Players' painting is one of the most expensive objects in 2021. It is owned by the Royal family of Al Thani of Qatar. Its value is $260 million.

18. Villa Leopolda - $506 million

Villa Leopolda
Villa Leopolda. Photo: @Best things are expensive
Source: Facebook

After Antilla, Villa Leopolda is the second most expensive house in the world. Owned by Lily and Edmond Safra, Leopolda sits on the French Riviera, which served as a hospital during World War II. Villa Leopolda is worth $506 million.

19. Antilia - $2 billion

Antilia. Photo: @Antilia
Source: Facebook

Antilia is a private residence in the billionaires in Mumbai, India. It sits on 37,000 square metres, with 27 stories. Antilia is one of the most elaborate private homes, owned by Mukesh Ambani and his family. Antilia cost them a whopping $2 billion.

20. Yacht History Supreme - $4.8 billion

Yacht History Supreme
Yacht History Supreme. Photo: @IQReaders
Source: Facebook

What is the number 1 most expensive thing in the world? Opulent yachts are not a new thing. However, the History Supreme is the icing on the cake. Created by Stuart Hughes, a British purveyor of luxury gadgets, History Supreme is one of the most expensive things ever made. An anonymous Malaysian businessman purchased it for a whopping $4.8 billion.

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These details of the most expensive thing in the world is an eye-opener to how the uber-rich spend their money.

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