Geet teasers for February 2022: Nayantara and Arjun conspire to destroy the Khuranas

Geet teasers for February 2022: Nayantara and Arjun conspire to destroy the Khuranas

Geet on StarLife is getting darker but fascinating this February. Maan decides to marry Geet after finding out she is pregnant, and wedding preparations are underway. Meanwhile, Nayantara returns and tries to kill Geet. She later confides in her brother Arjun, and they plot to destroy Maan and his family. Keep reading the following Geet teasers for more on the upcoming drama.

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Hui Sabse Parayi teasers for February 2022
Hui Sabse Parayi Indian series airs on StarLife from Mondays to Sundays at 6.00 p.m. Photo: @TopStar_Zambia
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Brij disguises himself as a cook and enters Maan's house to kill him and Geet (Ms Handa). On the other hand, Maan suspects that Arjun is up to no good and cautions Anwesha against getting close to him.

Geet teasers for February 2022

Dev has had enough of Nayantara in Geet February episodes. He decides to divorce her, fueling her anger towards the Khurana brothers and everyone associated with them. Here are all the Geet teasers for February's thrilling drama.

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Hui Sabse Parayi teasers
Geet leaves Maan after being convinced he is using her. Gif:, (modified by author)
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1st February 2022, Tuesday: Episodes 147 and 148

Naintara fails to remember her passport while leaving. Ms Handa later comes across it and threatens to make her pay for it, but Naintara asks to be pardoned. Elsewhere, Dev apologizes, but Singh Khurana proceeds and contacts the authorities.

People get to know about the arrest of Dev. Meanwhile, Singh Khurana does all he can to protect Geet from all that is happening, but she sees everything on the news and blames herself for the anguish. Elsewhere, Naintara tries to persuade Dadimaa to seek Maan's help to bail them out.

2nd February 2022, Wednesday: Episodes 149 and 150

Dadimaa tells Maan to ensure Dev returns. He then reveals to her his decision to tie the knot with Ms Handa. However, Geet believes Maan only wants to marry her to get Dev back.

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Singh Khurana decides to make Geet a co-owner of the Khurana constructions. But Ms Handa is not over the fact that Maan used her to bail Dev out of jail. She does not want anything to do with him and is not ready to be his wife.

3rd February 2022, Thursday: Episodes 151 and 152

Ms Handa gets work at Yash's company as she and Maan try to establish their independent lives. Later, Maan finds out about Geet's new workplace and decides to purchase Yash's company to keep an eye on Geet.

Singh Khurana goes to Yash company and cautions Geet to watch her behaviour. Geet is left speechless when she learns that he is the company's new owner.

4th February 2022, Friday: Episodes 153 and 154

Maan's arrogance irks Ms Handa. Later, she fails to get a client's details when Maan interferes with her efforts. Will she continue to stay at the company?

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Singh Khurana removes Geet from the CEO position and makes her a secretary. He then appoints a less skilled person to be the new CEO. Geet gets the support of other workers, and they tarnish the company's reputation when Chinese investors come to visit.

5th February 2022, Saturday: Episodes 155 and 156

An infuriated Maan wants Geet to leave, but Dadimaa asks her to stay and give Maan another chance. But is she ready to stay?

Geet receives an invitation from Singh Khurana to go to his farmhouse. She asks work colleagues to accompany her. Later, Maan organizes a party and mingles with other ladies. He tells Geet that he is no longer interested in her.

6th February 2022, Sunday: Episodes 157 and 158

Maan rescues Ms Handa from drowning but continues to ignore her. Geet feels mocked when he dances with other ladies but smacks him when he forces her to dance with him.

Ms Handa seeks Maan's apology for smacking him, but he goes away without talking. Dev is shocked when he finds himself in Meera's house. He is grateful to her for looking after him when he was down with a fever.

Hui Sabse Parayi teasers
Dev gives Nayantara divorce documents this February. Gif:, (modified by author)
Source: UGC

7th February 2022, Monday: Episodes 159 and 160

Dadimaa asks Dev to go away from town until the situation cools down. Elsewhere, Maan is guilt-ridden following his misconduct.

Naintara is determined to take revenge on Ms Handa and asks Sasha to support her. On the other hand, Maan takes care of Geet, and she is pleased that he is concerned about her wellbeing.

8th February 2022, Tuesday: Episodes 161 and 162

Maan does not want Geet to know that Nayantara is back, but his efforts fail. Nayantara makes use of her power of attorney to stay in the company. Later, Geet is left speechless by how things have turned out.

Maan cautions Nayantara against bothering Ms Handa and promises to make her and Dev pay if they ignore his warning. Meera and Dev are impatient when they find out about Nayantara's presence at Maan's office.

9th February 2022, Wednesday: Episodes 163 and 164

Nayantara is not ready to listen to what Dev tells her and reminds him about her power of attorney. Singh Khurana is pleased when Ms Handa returns to work. She seeks his forgiveness for not behaving well, but he remains oblivious to her intention.

Meera asks Dev to caution Maan to be careful around Nayantara because she might try to ruin his relationship with Geet. On the other hand, Geet makes Maan aware of his importance in her life. However, Singh Khurana is in deep thought and fails to hear Maan's revelation.

10th February 2022, Thursday: Episodes 165 and 166

Ms Handa says she will take care of the event and the office at the same time. Later, Nayantara's efforts to surprise Maan fail to work.

Maan wants Geet to open up about her love for him, but she is also waiting for him to express his love for her. Elsewhere, an infuriated Dev resolves to gather incriminating evidence against Nayantara.

11th February 2022, Friday: Episodes 167 and 168

Naintara tells Sweety to ensure Ms Handa gets to the granary. Later, Maan reaches in time to rescue Geet from being injured by a falling chandelier in the cellar. Naintara is angry when she finds out that Geet was not hurt and comes up with another plan against her.

Singh Khurana spots Geet anxiously waiting for him at the party organized by Sweety. He looks forward to hearing her express her love for him. Will she finally open up about how she feels?

12th February 2022, Saturday: Episodes 169 and 170

Ms Handa and Maan finally confess the love they have for one another. Singh Khurana later leaves the party to attend a business meeting. Later, Naintara releases her fury on Ms Handa as she attempts to push her from the balcony.

Maan is in time again to rescue Ms Handa, and people are surprised when they find out about Nayantara's wickedness. However, she is not done with her antics and decides to embarrass Geet regarding her pregnancy. An angry Maan breaks a glass and later resolves to marry Geet.

13th February 2022, Sunday: Episodes 171 and 172

News of Ms Handa and Maan's marriage makes Dev happy. Singh Khurana and Geet have memorable moments, but she still cannot believe that she is about to be Maan's wife.

Ms Handa is concerned about her marriage with Maan, but he comforts her and promises never to leave. Elsewhere, Naintara asks Dev to allow her to spend time with him, and she later ingests poison.

Hui Sabse Parayi teasers for February 2022
Nayantara tries to kill Geet twice but Maan arrives in time to save her. Gif:, (modified by author)
Source: UGC

14th February 2022, Monday: Episodes 173 and 174

Singh Khurana reveals to Ms Handa his intention to make her his wife. Meanwhile, at the medical facility, Deve seeks Maan's forgiveness for what he did. Naintara later testifies against Dev's family for attempting to kill her.

Dadima gives Singh Khurana the go-ahead to proceed with his decision but asks him to delay his wedding until Nayantara gets better. Maan thinks of a better way to tell Geet about postponing the wedding. She is not happy with the revelation but accepts his decision.

15th February 2022, Tuesday: Episodes 175 and 176

Dadima feels sorry for Geet and tells her about the police complaint made by Nayantara. Dev learns about Nayantara's abuse towards Meera. He decides to serve her with divorce documents.

Singh Khurana is not happy when he learns that Ms Handa has gone on leave. Elsewhere, Dev makes Meera aware of his decision to divorce Nayantara. Maan's announcement makes Geet happy.

16th February 2022, Wednesday: Episodes 177 and 178

Dadima gives Anwesha the invitation to the marriage ceremony. Meera is infuriated and shocked by Dev's abrupt exit. Elsewhere, Geet accidentally ruins a critical document, and Singh Khurana tells her to go to the office application and make another one.

Maan makes Ms Handa wait for him at the office, and he later gives her permission to accompany Dadima to the shopping centre. Dadima does not remember to contact her granddaughter Anwesha. Later, Ms Handa and Maan are given a surprise welcome at the office.

17th February 2022, Thursday: Episodes 179 and 180

Anwesha and Geet bump into each other and start arguing without knowing each other's identity. Later, Geet wraps up her presentation while Maan goes to see his sister's whims.

Dadima and Singh Khurana find out that Anwesha and Ms Handa did not have a great first meeting. Geet is yet to forgive Maan for missing from the office when he was supposed to be there. Maan is secretly happy when Geet prepares a surprise dinner.

18th February 2022, Friday: Episodes 181 and 182

Anwesha links up with Ms Handa after Maan's request, and their interaction goes surprisingly well. Singh Khurana is shocked to get Geet at the office early the following morning. Elsewhere, Nayantara is surprised to receive a restraining order.

Singh Khurana makes Geet know that she and the child are essential aspects of his life. On the other hand, Nayantara's brother Arjun has returned, and the two open up to each other. Her brother is not happy when he finds out about her suicide attempt.

19th February 2022, Saturday: Episodes 183 and 184

Singh Khurana assists Geet in finding a suitable dress for the rituals. However, they do not make it to the ritual on time as he admires her beauty. The incident makes Dadima angry, and she decides to restrict their meetings. Elsewhere, Arjun vows to assist his sister in ruining the Khurana household.

Arjun decides to give back Nayantara's share in the company and asks for all cases against his sister to be lifted. Dadima says yes to his proposal, and Nayantara returns to work. Later, Anwesha and Arjun's vehicles crash in the basement.

20th February 2022, Sunday: Episodes 185 and 186

Ms Handa and Maan argue over trivial matters. He later finds out that it was not Geet but Anwesha and Dadima at fault. He tries to atone his mistake by gifting Geet a cellphone, but she fails to accept his apology.

Ms Handa opens up to Singh Khurana on why she rejected his present. An adamant Singh Khurana decides to give all the workers a cellphone. Elsewhere, Anwesha arrives at Arjun's office but has the wrong file.

Hui Sabse Parayi teasers
Maan promises to look after Geet and her baby. Gif:, (modified by author)
Source: UGC

21st February 2022, Monday: Episodes 187 and 188

Ms Handa and Singh Khurana have another argument because of roses and cards. Later, Anwesha is tricked by a one-way mirror as she waits at the wedding planner's office for Maan to arrive.

Things are being set for the upcoming wedding. Meanwhile, Maan gives in to the arguments and lets Geet make the decisions.

22nd February 2022, Tuesday: Episodes 189 and 190

Singh Khurana is overprotective of Ms Handa and does not let even a tailor get close to her. He decides to take her measurements after asking the tailor to leave. Elsewhere, Arjun makes Anwesha panic when he pranks her inside the lift.

Dadima thinks that the colour that Ms Handa chose for her wedding dress is ominous. Anwesha is disturbed when she fails to see Dev at Maan's wedding.

23rd February 2022, Wednesday: Episodes 191 and 192

Anwesha is not pleased with Ms Handa when she learns that Dev and Maan had a fight. She feels Ms Handa is at fault for causing disagreements between brothers. Later, Maan discovers that something is wrong with Geet when she replies in anger.

Anwesha seeks Maan's forgiveness after finding out about the past that Ms Handa and Dev share. She decides to plan a house party as a way of apologizing to Geet. Arjun later asks Geet to forget the past and move on.

24th February 2022, Thursday: Episodes 193 and 194

Ms Handa is not happy when Singh Khurana is not interested in Arjun. Singh Khurana later feels sorry and resolves to prepare an omelette for Geet to cheer her up. Anwesha and Dadima tease him about his cooking skills.

Ms Handa is impressed by the attention she receives at Maan's office. Singh Khurana rushes her to the medical facility when she feels faint. The lovebirds are happy when they see the sonography images.

25th February 2022, Friday: Episodes 195 and 196

Geet and Singh Khurana get emotional after seeing the unborn child's images. Geet later organizes Christmas celebrations at the office so that Maan can confess his love.

Anwesha decides to go out on a first date with Arjun and forego the office Christmas celebrations. Meanwhile, at the party, Ms Handa longs for Singh Khurana to express his love for her, but he fails to say the three magic words.

26th February 2022, Saturday: Episodes 197 and 198

Ms Handa is happy when it snows in Delhi, and she still hopes that Singh Khurana will express his love. Elsewhere, Arjun persuades Anwesha to deceive Maan so that they can spend time together until late into the night.

Dadima rebukes Maan for getting risqué with Ms Handa during breakfast. Singh Khurana halfheartedly promises to keep his distance from Geet until they get married. Arjun makes Anwesha envious, and she threatens him about scraping the wedding agreement.

27th February 2022, Sunday: Episodes 199 and 200

Maan intentionally stays away from Ms Handa the entire day, and she decides to ask Anwesha for advice. Geet embellishes Maan's washroom with candles and tries to seduce him with a short dress, but her efforts fail to work.

Brij is disguised as Ranbir, the cook, and is currently living at Maan's home to murder Ms Handa and Maan. Meanwhile, Singh Khurana is worried when Anwesha and Arjun grow close, but Dadima does not take it seriously.

28th February 2022, Monday: Episodes 201 and 202

Singh Khurana spots an individual escaping from the outhouse. He asks Geet to relocate to his house, but she says no until after marriage. He then resolves to install CCTV cameras all over the place and takes charge of looking at them.

Maan is convinced that Arjun was involved in the outhouse occurrence and plots to set a trap. He finds Arjun's actions suspicious and cautions Anwesha against getting close to him.

Hui Sabse Parayi teasers
Nayantara and her brother Arjun conspire to work against the Khuranas. Gif:, (modified by author)
Source: UGC

What happens to the Geet cast?

StarLife's Geet storyline is getting more interesting as Geet and Maan get closer, although neither says the three magic words to another. Here is a recap of the upcoming drama in February.

Maan (Singh Khurana)

His relationship with Geet almost breaks apart when she leaves him after thinking that he is using her. Maan does not give up on getting her back and even buys the company where Geet goes to work so that he can monitor her. They later find common ground, and Maan decides to marry her after finding out she is pregnant.


She comes back with the power of attorney, which gives her the right to work at the Khurana company. She starts causing trouble for Maan and even tries to kill Geet twice. Later, Dev gives her divorce documents, and she almost dies after consuming poison. Her brother Arjun returns, and they conspire to seek revenge against the Khurana family.

If you are yet to start following the Geet Indian series, you are missing out on great entertainment. The Geet teasers for February episodes reveal the emotional rollercoaster that awaits. The show airs on StarLife from Mondays to Fridays at 6.00 p.m. and 6.30 p.m.

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