The Black Door teasers for May 2022: Khanya is troubled by Chuma living a double life

The Black Door teasers for May 2022: Khanya is troubled by Chuma living a double life

The Black Door teasers for May 2022 are officially here, and the show is off to an exciting start. Khaya reluctantly takes up a job he is unsure about. Along the way, he realizes that Chuma worked in a brothel. He also wants to make things work between him and Nandi. However, Rebs demands so much from him. How will he deal with the mayhem that is his life?

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The Black Door storyline
The Black Door Teasers for May 2022. Photo: @ eTV
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The Black Door storyline profiles life as a male prostitute, corruption, and what happens during the tender acquisition process. Rebs runs a brothel, although she makes the world believe it is a tissue company. She also indulges in corrupt deals and rewards her business partners handsomely. The Black Door teasers for May 2022 highlight the ins and outs of the oncoming episodes.

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The Black Door teasers for May 2022

The Black Door episodes recently revealed Rebs' desire to make her business work. She is off to a bumpy start, even though she is unwilling to relent. How will she deal with her unreliable workers?

Episode 16 - Monday, 2nd of May 2022

Pay Back

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Nka's plan to influence Boniswa works, and Boniswa gets into trouble as she wanders on the factory floor. Elsewhere, Nolitha devises another plan that Khaya could use to help her conceive.

Episode 17 - Tuesday, 3rd of May 2022

A Drug Test

Jupiter feels hurt that the girl he loves so much does not like him as much. Nka's plan to throw his girlfriend under the bus to win Rebs' attention does not bear fruit. Rebs is more concerned with ensuring that Zodwa is booked for the upcoming rally.

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Episode 18 - Wednesday, 4th of May 2022

Baby Steps

Thenjiwe is stressed about raising money for Velaphi. However, she receives an opportunity that offers to double her money if she takes the offer. A furious Rebs turns on Nka and threatens to oust him out, although Boniswa convinces him to stay.

Episode 19 - Thursday, 5th of May 2022

A Secret Exposed

As Khaya prepares for his date with Nandi, he receives disappointing news that he has been booked at The Black Door on Sunday. Later, he is puzzled to learn that Chuma was also a male adult worker.

The Black Door cast
Is Mam Rebs the saint she pretends to be? GIF:, (modified by author)
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Episode 20 - Friday, 6th of May 2022

Preacher Guy

Khaya struggles to come to terms with Chuma's living a double life; hence, he gets on a drinking spree and ends up sleeping with Nolitha. Meanwhile, a desperate Thenjiwe is devastated to learn that she was scammed.

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Episode 21 - Monday, 9th of May 2022

Not My Brother's Keeper

The cadres' party fails to go as planned; hence Rebs is left devastated. Nka and Junior cross hairs because of a kiss, and Khaya regrets sleeping with Nolitha.

Episode 22 - Tuesday, 10th of May 2022

Greed and Desire

Nandi musters the courage to make a bold move. Meanwhile, Khaya tries hard to unscramble a mistake that might have dire consequences on the outcome of his life. Boy-Boy feels embarrassed after witnessing his mother in a compromising position.

Episode 23 - Wednesday, 11th of May 2022

I am Not Chuma

Romeo is alerted to deal with an emergency at The Black Door, and Rebs is shocked to walk in on Boniswa in a vulnerable state. Nomsa says something that triggers Khaya; hence, he snaps at her.

Episode 24 - Thursday, 12th of May 2022

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Nolitha's Lie

Nkanyiso tells Rebs information that shakes her relationship with Junior. An excited Nandi plans for her date with Khaya, and Khaya finally convinces Nolitha to take the morning-after pills.

The Black Door episodes
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Episode 25 - Friday, 13th of May 2022

The Storm after the Calm

Boniswa bursts Nka's bubble when he tells him that marriage is the least of her priorities. Khaya and Nandi finally go on their first date. However, the date ends abruptly when Khaya is forced to go to work and what follows is a series of unsuccessful events.

Episode 26 - Monday, 16th of May 2022

Sorry Not Sorry

Nolitha shocks the rest of the family when she tells them she is going home, and Rebs realizes there was a breach in The Black Door's security. Elsewhere, Boy-Boy snubs Boniswa for attempting to connect and bond with him.

Episode 27 - Tuesday, 17th of May 2022

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Nomsa loses her cool when Thenji insists on moving into Chuma's room. Nka refuses to let Rebs outshine him in making Boniswa happy; hence, he makes Boy-Boy apologize to Boniswa. Later, Mvubu accidentally reveals Khaya's lies to Nandi.

Episode 28 - Wednesday, 18th of May 2022

You Are Not Alone

A furious Nandi lashes out at Khaya and declares she wants nothing to do with him. Nomsa is ready to come to terms with Chuma's death, and Rebs is impressed with Boniswa for fighting temptation. Later, The Black Door workers are pressured to devise a plan to attract clients.

Episode 29 - Thursday, 19th of May 2022

Good Night Chuma

Khaya's attempts to reach Nandi do not bear fruits, and Bonnie worries when she is told the weed she is holding belongs to her son. The Black Door marathon plans are underway, and everything seems to go as planned. Later, the Sokhulus reminisce about Chuma's life and how he impacted them.

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Episode 30 - Friday, 20th of May 2022

Kiss Under the Moonlight

Khaya sacrifices his work for love, and his brave action is rewarded handsomely.

The Black Door storyline
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Episode 31 - Monday, 23rd of May 2022

A Thin Line Between Love and Lies

Boniswa tells Nkanyiso how she was tempted to smoke the roll of bang she found on Boy-Boy. Khanya declares his ground after missing the adult marathon. His words leave Rebs feeling challenged, although he has to pay the price of insubordination.

Episode 32 - Tuesday, 24th of May 2022

Light in the Darkness

Rebs receives a surprise gift from Junior, and Khaya is devastated to learn that the debt he owes Rebs has not decreased because of his mother's hospital bill. Later, the Sokhulus send Velaphi to the scouting soccer camp.

Episode 33 - Wednesday, 25th of May 2022

Over my Dead Body

Boniswa finds herself upset after accusing Boy-Boy falsely. Nandi and Khaya's rendezvous puts them in vulnerable positions, exposing them to being humiliated, and Khaya is forced to rush home after receiving a troubling phone call. Rebs appoints a new manager at The Black Door, and the move leaves Romeo feeling moved and snubbed.

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Episode 34 - Thursday, 26th of May 2022

New Boss in Town

Junior gets the key to the future, literally, and Junior makes his presence at The Black Door noticed. Later, the Sokhulus receive life-changing news about one of their own.

Episode 35 - Friday, 27th of May 2022

Dream On

Thenji dashes Velaphi’s dreams of playing soccer, and a sibling's blowout leads to Thenji telling the family that Khaya works for Rebs. Elsewhere, Bra Gibb introduces Jupiter to the car wash guys.


Nolitha befriends him and keeps her mission to lure him into making her pregnancy a secret. She lures him into sleeping with her and is reluctant about taking the morning-after pill. Later, Khya discovers that Chuma used to work as a male adult worker, and this discovery troubles him.

Khaya is determined to make his relationship with Nandi work. He agrees to go on a date with her. However, their bubble does not last as long since Mvubu unwittingly tells Nandi the truth about Khaya's affair with Nolitha.

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Rebs is obsessed with her business' success that she does not pay attention to Nkanyiso. When the cadre's party fails to go as planned, she is devastated. She takes out her anger on Nkanyiso and threatens to oust him, although Boniswa tells him to stay.

Rebs is obsessed with her business' success that she doe not pay attention to Nkanyiso. When the cadre's party fails to go as planned, she is devastated. She takes out her anger on Nkanyiso and threatens to oust him, although Boniswa tells him to stay.

She stumbles upon Boniswa with a roll of bhang and is impressed that she did not use it. Later, she appoints a new manager at the brothel, leaving Romeo jealous.

The Black Door teasers for May 2022 do not pre-empt how dramatic the show's plot will be. If you wish to catch the drama, tune in to eTV from Mondays to Fridays at 21h30. You will be in for a bumpy ride.

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