eTV The Black Door: cast, plot summary, full story, episodes, theme songs

eTV The Black Door: cast, plot summary, full story, episodes, theme songs

If you have been contemplating joining the soapies bandwagon, you need to check out eTV's The Black Door. The new local TV show brings you unbeatable drama, featuring some of the most talented figures in the industry. The hints in eTV's The Black Door delve into details about the show's cast members, the plot summary, episodes and theme songs. What can we expect?

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eTV The Black Door: cast, plot summary, full story, episodes, theme songs
eTV The Black Door: cast, plot summary, full story, episodes, theme songs. Photo:
Source: Facebook

If you are looking for a reason to check out eTV's The Black Door, do so because it features the iconic Linda Sebezo and Bhekumuzi Mkwanazi. The legends have set a record of pulling their roles so perfectly that fans cannot tell their personalities. You are not ready for their roles in the next episodes of eTV's The Black Door. The only way to find out is by checking out these details.

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eTV The Black Door cast

eTV The Black Door series feels like a reunion. It brings together iconic actors and the most talented moderately young actors. As you wait for the episodes to air, you might as well familiarize yourself with the faces gracing your screens.

Bhekumuzi Mkwanazi as Bra Kenny

etv The Black Door episodes
Bhekumuzi Mkwanazi as Bra Kenny. Photo: @Pro Heed Agency
Source: Facebook

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Bhekumuzi Mkwanazi features as Bra Kenny, Mam'Ribs' right-hand man. Even though he works in the shadows, he is a man on a mission. He is determined to get what he wants. Even though he is Mam'Ribs' right-hand man, he is the enemy she never saw coming.

Gabisile Tshabalala as Boniswa Mahlangu

etv The Black Door cast
Gabisile Tshabalala as Boniswa Mahlangu. Photo: @Tinashe Eugene Mushanguri
Source: Facebook

Gabisile Tshabalala features as Boniswa Mahlangu. She is Mam'Ribs' defiant daughter. She is battling drug addiction and is constantly in and out of rehab. She also struggles with mental illnesses and seems delusional, seemingly living in her own world.

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Even though Boniswa is gullible, she is also lovable. She is a mother and wife, and her husband and child live in her family home. No one pays attention to her, so she questions herself a lot and often loses her grip on reality. She sees a lot and knows a lot, so she is the one person that people should be wary of.

Linda Sebezo as Rebecca Mahlangu

etv The Black Door episodes
Linda Sebezo as Rebecca Mahlangu. Photo: @ZAlebs
Source: Facebook

Linda Sebezo features Rebecca Mahlangu, although most people know her as Mam'Ribs. She is a shrewd businesswoman and an avid golfer. She is also ruthless, hard-working, street smart and exudes a masculine attitude.

Mam'Ribs has claimed the top spot in a dangerous business environment. She uses her illegal gumption and raw ingenuity to eliminate all competition.

Before getting into business, Mam'Ribs worked as a nurse, so most people respect her. This idea makes her consider herself influential. She is obsessed with her daughter and grandson, and her enemies consider them her weakest link.

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Even though she is innately maternal, her business escapades force her to be cruel. She considers herself honourable and prides herself in honesty and hard work, even though her enemies consider her a gangster who will double-cross you if need be. Mam'Ribs Iis determined to establish one of the biggest brothels in Emalehleni.

Mzamo Gcabashe as Romeo

etv The Black Door
Mzamo Gcabashe as Romeo. Photo: @Mzamo Gcabashe
Source: Facebook

Mzamo Gcabashe features as Romeo. He is the Black Door’s LGBQTI front of house Maître’d. Romeo is professional, a little bossy and a lover of life. He lives a very organized life and upholds very strict boundaries.

Romeo is responsible for keeping everyone healthy and safe. He is also determined to create a homely work environment.

Mzikayise Makroti as Nkanyiso

etv The Black Door theme songs
Mzikayise Makroti as Nkanyiso. Photo: @Mzikayise Makroti
Source: Facebook

Mzikayise Makroti features as Nkanyiso. Nkanyiso is Bonnie's lover, even though he is determined to make Boniswa incapacitated. He discovers incriminating evidence that he believes he could use against Mam'Ribs. However, he fears that going against her might result in him losing his life.

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Nonkululeko Mbatha as Thenjiwe Sokhulu

etv The Black Door theme songs
Nonkululeko Mbatha as Thenjiwe Sokhulu. Photo: @ayandah_nonkue
Source: Instagram

Nonkululeko Mbatha features as Thenjiwe Sokhulu. She is Khaya's sister who seems cold, distant and chaotic. She is a reluctant mother who is guarded about the identity of her baby's father. Even though she is often misunderstood, she does not seem to care about anything. She is uncomfortable about having people in her space and would rather lash out with vulgar retorts than let people see her vulnerable side.

Thenjiwe's troubled past is the bane of her existence, and she does not let herself cry or get over what happened to her when she was a child.

Oscar Mgudlwa as Jupiter

Oscar Mgudlwa features as Jupiter, a street-smart and wanna-be gangster trying to look cool. Poverty forces him to give up on his dreams. However, he is fortunate to be in a work environment that keeps his hope alive.

He masks his sorrows in drugs, and to most people, he is the witty guy always making fun of intelligent people. Despite his 'outgoing' personality, he is guarded about his space. He never lets anyone into his house, which he has turned into a messy science lab full of failed drug chemical concoctions.

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Sandile Dlamini as Mvubu

Sandile Dlamini features as Mvubu. He is the factory manager who is obsessed with cleanliness and order. He is always wiping down surfaces and micro-managing the people around him. He is also funny, although he does not think he is.

Mvubu is a joyless man who does not laugh as much. He is obsessed with living in a controlled environment where he is the captain. He does not care that he is difficult; all he demands is respect. Apart from his desire and obsession for order, Mvubu is a closeted gay man with subliminal self-loathing.

Sandile Mfusi as Fanyane “Fana”

etv The Black Door full story
Sandile Mfusi as Fanyane “Fana”. Photo: @Uzalo SABC 1
Source: Facebook

Sandile Mfusi features as Fanyaneor “Fana”. Fana is Mam'Ribs' toy boy. Fana is a handsome young man obsessed with the finer things in life. He cares so much about his appearance and affords his lifestyle from his sugar mummy's generous handouts. He does not care about having a backbone; that is the least of his concerns.

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Fana is also a submissive people pleaser who knows where his bread is buttered and believes he deserves to have all the perfect things in life. He is also daring enough to have another lover.

Sello Ramolahloane as Bra Gibb

etv The Black Door plot summary
Sello Ramolahloane as Bra Gibb. Photo: @Sello Ngwana Nyatsi Ramolahloane
Source: Facebook

Sello Ramolahloane features as Bra Gibb. He is a lovable, wise, respectable and dependable man. Everyone adores him, and the community considers him a father figure. He runs several local businesses and contributes money to the church. His generosity draws Nomsa to him.

Even though he sells alcohol, he does not drink. He appears to have a perfect life, but his past is dented enough. He crosses his fingers that no one brings it up, especially since the community holds him in high regard.

Sibonginkosi Tenza as Nandi Mkhize

etv The Black Door full story
Sibonginkosi Tenza as Nandi Mkhize. Photo: @sibonginkosi_tenza
Source: Instagram

Sibonginkosi Tenza features as Nandi Mkhize, and she is Khanya's love interest. She is an academician who recently graduated from business school at Stellenbosch. Even though she is a bit naive, she has a calming presence.

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Nandi is her parents' only child, and she believes she knows what she wants. She is a respectful young woman who holds her morals. She is so focused on finishing her internship and relocating to Emalhleni so she can be independent. Currently, she lives with her strict parents. She just fell in love with Khaya and is determined to introduce him to her parents.

Sibulele Ntlebi as Nolitha Sokhulu

etv The Black Door
Sibulele Ntlebi as Nolitha Sokhulu. Photo: @Sibulele Ntlebi
Source: Facebook

Sibulele Ntlebi features as Nolitha Sokhulu, Chuma's wife. She is submissive, loving, loyal and caring. She is unemployed but a domesticated hard-working young woman who is grieving the untimely loss of her husband. Even though she knows she deserves better, she lacks the courage to dream big. All she ever wanted was to be a respectable wife and present mother. Not getting that makes her hopeless.

She beats herself for her supposed infertility and is unsure where to start living her own life. Therefore, she holds on to what she knows to serve. Her life becomes a puzzle when she gets pregnant, but you will never know who the father of her unborn baby is.

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Siphiwe Nkosi as Frans Mkhize

etv The Black Door cast
Siphiwe Nkosi as Frans Mkhize. Photo: @Siphiwe Nkosi Page
Source: Facebook

Siphiwe Nkosi features as Frans Mkhize. Frans has lived most of his life as a respectable member of society. He is an upright family man with a wife and one child who takes pride in being a present and strict father to his daughter. He is determined to give her the best education and does not burden his family with how he affords their lifestyle.

Frans had a formal job and used to make an honest living. However, he gave up on the system and figured out a way of making it work for him. He processes local tenders to the highest bribe bidder. He rewards his risk-taking by enjoying unlimited access to the dark underworld of a private brothel owned by his favourite client, Mam'Ribs. However, he is careful enough not to be found.

Thobani Nzuza as Chuma Sokhulu

etv The Black Door
Thobani Nzuza as Chuma Sokhulu. Photo: @Thobani Dlomo Nzuza
Source: Facebook

Thobani Nzuza features as Chuma Sokhulu. At face value, Chuma is a leader in his community, a committed leader in his church and a family-oriented man. He wears a facade as a charismatic pastor, living a double life to fend for his family.

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Chuma would do anything to live the dream he and his brother had. He is a selfless giver, and his community respects him. He is very observant and sees more than what those around him see.

He is also well endowed with a Midas touch for sex. The fact that he is a pastor makes him very popular among different clients.

Velephi Mnisi as Nomsa Sukhulu

Velephi Mnisi features as Nomsa Sukhulu, also known as Mam' Nomsa. She is Khaya's mum, an avid churchgoer and a calm peacemaker. She is naive with a persecutions complex about how life has dealt her a bad hand. Therefore, she often overlooks the blessings in front of her.

She wishes the best for her children despite their strained relationship. Her children can never live up to her moral standards.

Zamani Mbatha as Khaya Sokhulu

etv The Black Door
Zamani Mbatha as Khaya Sokhulu. Photo: @Daily Sun
Source: Facebook

Zamani Mbatha features as Khaya Sokhulu. He returns home to start a bus business with Chuma, his brother. He gets into a messy situation when Mam'Ribs alleges that Chuma stole some money from her. Therefore, he takes over the factory, hoping to settle his brother's mess.

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He sleeps with Dipuo after she begs him to help her conceive. However, the situation becomes complicated when he falls in love with Nandi. He lives a double life and hates it but tries his best not to be exposed.

He finds himself having to cross certain lines he never thought he would cross and often asks himself if the dream he has held so dearly is worth going against everything he has ever thought he was.

The Black Door plot summary

The Black Door pushes boundaries to explore the different ordinary worlds and the information that does see the light of day. It takes the uncomfortable trip to the lives of strippers and sex workers. They dress up like people heading to work in factories; did they choose these jobs, or did the jobs choose them?

Yes, the show will be uncomfortably risqué, but it carries all the lessons and information.

The Black Door full story

eTV The Black Door plot summary revolves around a world of drug lords, tender fraud and the heartless Mam'Rebs. There is so much to what looks like a toilet paper factory. The company's walls carry a sinister secret, the brothel that lurks behind.

Mam’ Rebecca runs the brothel. She rewards her close business associates "in-kind" for facilitating her bribes and tender frauds. The story starts with Khaya sharing his dream to own a fleet of long-distance trucks with his brother, Chuma.

Chuma dies under unclear circumstances, and Khaya is forced to raise the money his brother had stolen before his death. A desperate Khaya gets thrust into the seedy world of drugs, tender fraud and sex. Will he agree to become a sex worker to make money at The Black Door, or will he suffer the same fate as his brother?

The Black Door episodes

The Black Door is already live! The first episode aired on 11th April 2022. Catch fresh new episodes on eTV at 21h30.

The Black Door theme song

Apart from a thrilling but twisted plot, the show has the most exciting theme song. It is captivating enough to make you create time for an episode.

The hints about eTV's The Black Door highlight how dramatic the show is. You cannot afford to miss out on the hype. The new episodes air on eTV every Monday to Friday at 9:30 p.m.

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