Bridal Material on Zee World: cast, plot summary, full story, teasers

Bridal Material on Zee World: cast, plot summary, full story, teasers

The Covid-19 pandemic has left most people binge-watching. If you are a romantic genre lover, you may want to consider watching Bridal Material on Zee World. Get details about this romantic Hindu series right here right now!

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Bridal Material Zee World
Bridal Material Zee World is a romantic Indian series also known as Kalereein. It replaced the series Twist of Fate on Zee World. Photo: @everythingzeeworld
Source: Instagram

Zee World is known for some of the best Indian series. One of them is Bridal Material. It is perfect if you are a hopeless romantic and want to go back through the memory lane of happier times. Here is everything you should know about it.

Bridal Material on Zee World

This is an Indian television series known as Kaleerein in Hindu. It was produced by Nikhil and Sohanna Sinha and premiered on 5th February 2018. The series is mainly filmed in Mumbai, but some initial sequences are shot in Patiala.

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How can I watch Kaleerein?

You can watch the series online on ZEE5. However, you must be a subscriber to the video streaming OTT platform.

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Bridal Material on Zee World: plot summary

Bridal Material Zee World plot summary
Bridal Material Zee World focuses on the love story of Meera (Aditi Sharma) and Vivaan (Arjit Taneja). It is filled with obstacles but in the end, it conquers them all. Photo: @meervaan_adiijit_.
Source: Instagram

Kalereein is about a free-spirited, independent lady named Meera Dhingra, who believes she does not have to be groomed for her future husband. So despite her mother’s constant pleas to be well-groomed, she rejects them and turns down all marriage proposals.

However, all this changes when she meets Vivaan, a businessman who is haunted by his past. Although they do not kick it at first when they do, it is a pure love story but not without its obstacles.

Bridal Material on Zee World: Full story

Meera Dhingra does not believe in self-grooming in preparation for her future husband. Instead, she believes that her prospective partner should love her the way she is and understand her imperfections. Elsewhere, Vivaan, a business mogul and an NRI from London, returns to India on his sister Amaya’s wish to look for their long-lost mother, Pammi Kapoor, who left them in their childhood.

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Bridal Material Zee World
Bridal Material Zee World is a unique romantic series that brings together two lovers with opinionated personalities. Although they clash at first, in the end, they fall in love Photo: @aditi_love121
Source: Instagram

Although he hates it, he secretly longs to meet her. However, the abandonment is his source of trust issues. He even vows never to wed. Vivaan and Meera run into each other at the airport, and their opinionated personalities clash.

Later, we find out that Vivaan is the landlord of Kapoor Mansion, where the Dhingras are caretakers. While Amaya and her brother live in the same house, Meera’s wedding preparations kick-off. However, the preparations are not smooth. Meera hates Vivaan’s ego, who thinks Meera is a gold digger.

Meera secretly desires to play a qualifying kabaddi match on her wedding day. Initially, Vivaan befriends Meera to get information on her bangle resembling his mother’s. Although they slowly warm up to each other unbeknownst to themselves, they keep bickering.

Bridal Material Zee World full story
One of the plot twists in Bridal Material Zee World is that Vivaan vows to never get married. However, he finds himself head over heels for Meera. Photo: @adijit_forlife
Source: Instagram

Meera eventually decides to groom herself for her family and fiancé Sumair. Sumair is shallow-minded, while Vivaan is portrayed as liberal and open-minded. Sumair falls in love with Meera’s cousin Silky. So, to pull out of the wedding, he makes a fake MMS clip of Meera and Vivaan romancing and airs it on their wedding day.

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He manipulates Meera into believing Vivaan is responsible for the tape. Despite the allegations, Vivaan saves her from villagers who are bad-mouthing her. They decide to marry but divorce after the wedding and keep the details away from Meera’s family until things cool down.

Meanwhile, Vivaan’s stepmother and business partner Roma comes to live in Kapoor Mansion to break them up. The lovebirds have just started warming up, but Roma keeps creating misunderstandings and even tells Vivaan that his mother wants to kill him and his sister.

Bridal Material Zee World teasers
You can watch episodes of Bridal Material Zee World online on ZEE5 and get entertained by this interesting love story. Photo: @meervaan_adiijit_.
Source: Instagram

Meera chooses not to believe so, which becomes their source of conflict. Eventually, Vivaan’s mother is revealed to be Soni Kudi’s owner Mrs Singh. Roma is exposed, and all allegations against Pammi are quelled, and they become one big happy family.

However, the joy is short-lived. Pammi and Amaya are kidnapped, and unfortunate events lead to Pammi’s death and Amaya being left in a coma. Vivaan misunderstands Meera’s interference in the kidnapping mess and blames her for Pammi’s death. It causes bickering between them, but the events lead them to the alleged kidnapper.

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Meera saves Vivaan by taking a bullet after Vivaan is shot at, and Vivaan spends his days trying to win Meera back. Unfortunately, Meera, who chooses her father over Vivaan, creates many problems for Vivaan, who is trying to do anything to win Meera back.

Bridal Material Zee World
Binge watch Bridal Material Zee World and enjoy watching as Meera and Vivaan overcome the obstacles in their love journey. Photo: @mervan.adijit
Source: Instagram

Eventually, Meera’s father finds Meera a suitable groom, and she decides to marry him to teach Vivaan a lesson. But unfortunately, her groom, Sunny, is a wolf in sheep’s clothing who tries to separate Vivaan and Meera by blackmailing Meera and sending Vivaan to jail. But he is arrested.

Meanwhile, Vivaan’s past haunts him as Meera realises that Vivaan could be responsible for Paromita’s death. She stages a drama narrating the events at Soni Kudi academy to try to expose him, but Vivaan later proves himself innocent.

Paromita’s sister vows revenge for Vivaan refusing to marry her sister. The show ends as the lovebirds consummate their wedding. It also takes a supernatural turn, but Meera gets pregnant, silky gets married, and the entire family celebrates.

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Bridal Material on Zee World: cast

Below are the talented actors and actresses that have starred in this soapie:

Main cast

  • Arjit Taneja as Vivaan Kapoor, Amaya’s brother, Pummy Kapoor’s son, Meera’s spouse
Bridal Material Zee World cast
Arjit Taneja is one of the cast of Bridal Material Zee World. He plays as Amaya’s brother and Meera’s spouse Vivaan Kapoor. Photo: @arjitaneja
Source: Instagram
  • Aditi Sharma as Meera Dhingra, Nimmo and Prince’s sister, Amar and Dolly’s daughter, Vivaan’s wife, Pummy Kapoor’s daughter in law
Bridal Material Zee World's cast
Aditi Sharma is one of the main cast of Bridal Material Zee World. She plays the role of Meera Dhingra, Nimmo and Prince’s sister and Vivaan’s wife. Photo: @officialaditisharma
Source: Instagram

Recurring cast

  • Shilpa Saklani as Roma Kapoor
  • Vishavpreet Kaur as Pammi Kapoor
  • Neena Cheema as Beeji, Meera, Nimo, Meher, Prince and Simran’s grandmother
  • Sagar Saini as Amar Dhingra
  • Ayush Gupta as Prince Dhingra
Bridal Material Zee World cast members
In Bridal Material Zee World, talented actor Ayush Gupta plays the role of Prince Dhingra. Photo: @ayushguptareiki
Source: Instagram
  • Ritu Vashistha as Sweety Dhingra
  • Mamta Verma as Silky’s mother
  • Ekroop Bedi as Nimo Dhingra
  • Ashu Sharma as Bittu Dhingra
  • Jaswinder Gardner as Dolly Dhingra
Bridal Material Zee World actresses
One of the actresses in Bridal Material Zee World is Jaswinder Gardner. She plays the role of Dolly Dhingra. Photo: @jaswinder_gardner
Source: Instagram
  • Aaghnya Bisht as Sumer’s girlfriend
  • Prachi Bansal as Sumer’s girlfriend
  • Khushi Mishra as Meher Dhingra
  • Tasneem Ali as Suman Kapoor
Bridal Material Zee World cast
Tasneem Ali is also a cast in Bridal Material Zee World. She plays the role of Suman Kapoor. Photo: @instasneem1
Source: Instagram
  • Paramvir Cheema Singh as Sumer
  • Aditi Rawat as Jaspreet “Preeto” Kaur
  • Snehal Pandey as Simran Dhingra

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Bridal Material Zee World actors
Snehal Pandey is a recurring cast in Bridal Material Zee World who plays the role of Simran Dhingra. Photo: @_snehlicious
Source: Instagram

Bridal Material on Zee World is a romantic Indian web series with one of the most unique storylines. Watch the teasers on YouTube or enjoy the show online at ZEE5.

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