Meet Kovini Moodley, the Woman Empowerment Activist Who Makes a Daily Difference

Meet Kovini Moodley, the Woman Empowerment Activist Who Makes a Daily Difference

  • Proudly South African woman, Kovini Moodley is not just a chartered accountant and philanthropist but also a women empowerment activist
  • The 37-year-old was born in Durban and now lives in Johannesburg where she continues to promote wellness, self-love and self-confidence in all she does
  • Kovini spoke with Briefly News to discuss the need for openness on topics such as mental health awareness and women empowerment in Mzansi

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Women empowerment activist Kovini Moodley sat down with Briefly News to discuss her journey in boosting that neverending confidence in women through her various social media platforms and website.

"There is a need for us as women to empower and uplift each other, we are so much stronger and more powerful when we choose to support each other, as opposed to tearing each other down," she says.

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Kovini Moodley is a South African philanthropist and women empowerment activist who tries her hardest to make a difference. Image: Trisha Arejune
Source: UGC

The 37-year-old chartered accountant hails from Shallcross, Durban. She says her humble beginnings inspires and motivates peeps to reach for the stars regardless of how large they may seem at the time.

Speaking about becoming a face for women empowerment in SA, Kovini had the following to say:

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"There is such power in collaboration and I have always been an instrument of support and motivation for the women around me and beyond. It’s the way that we as women of South Africa can contribute something meaningful to each other, in a way that uplifts communities and future generations.

The Sandton native shared her thoughts about women empowerment and where she thinks it stems from:

"I believe that women empowerment starts with self-empowerment, the external world can only impact and empower you to a certain extent. True empowerment is about owning who you are, celebrating your various skills and talents in a way that positively impacts the world.

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"Women who are self-empowered, are confident in their abilities and through that confidence, inspire others towards the same. True women empowerment is about waking up every day and feeling in control of your feelings, your life and the value that you bring to the world."

Kovini enjoys lending her voice to issues that can be described as 'bigger than her'. She believes that this path chose her as she has always utilised her voice for good ventures that add value to the world.

"We as human beings have the opportunity to be a voice for those who are voiceless. In my spare time, I derive great joy from supportingnon-profit initiatives, local feeding schemes and mentoring young Charted Accountants to be the best versions of themselves."
Mental health awareness, mental health activist, mental health advocate, South African activist, Kovini Moodley
Kovini Moodley is not afraid to speak on topics such as mental health as she believes awareness needs to be raised to assist those in need. Image: Trisha Arejune
Source: UGC

Kovini is a voice for the voiceless and another topic she speaks on is mental health, something that is still considered touchy and taboo for many. Speaking about her journey to raising awareness on mental health issues, Kovini said:

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"There is such a stigma around mental health that it does not allow individuals to seek the necessary help that may be required.
"We need to break barriers around this topic and encourage women to seek professional help, as well as destigmatise it. Personally, I have also experienced the imposter syndrome during my early career days and now, 10 years later, know and appreciate the importance of setting healthy boundaries and celebrating my achievements regularly."

She also sadly revealed that over the past few years, she has lost a few friends to suicide which is another reason why mental health is as close to heart as it is.

Kovini's social media accounts also focus a lot on self-confidence and self-empowerment. She recently shared a post on her Instagram about body confidence.

Speaking about the post, Kovini revealed:

"Self-confidence and self-love are key and critical to your self worth as a human being. It’s a concept that you need to work on daily and for me being able to embrace your body starts within your mind.

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"We live within a social construct that celebrates diet culture, thinness and other self-diminishing ideals which constantly force us to criticize ourselves instead of embracing ourselves. Over the last five years, I have been on a path of self-reflection, which has been key to building my confidence and empowering me towards a brave, life of authenticity and purpose."

Her daily motivation is the ability to impact more than 40 000 women through various platforms:

"My ability to inspire, empower and impact South African women is a motivation that never diminishes.
"Im also aware of the impact that we have had on the lives of young women through our mentorship efforts and these tangible results keep us focused on future goals and the ability to reach and impact even more young women in SA."
Women empowerment, South African activist, philanthropist, Mzansi news, Kovini Moodley, CEO Boss Babes SA
Kovini Moodley is a hardworking individual who does not shy away from sharing advice with those who need it. Image: Trisha Arejune
Source: UGC

To end her insightful sit-down with Briefly News, Kovini shared some knowledgeable advice for young people wanting to make a difference in the world as she has:

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"It all starts with knowing yourself, so spend time, knowing and embracing yourself, the next step is passion, find little tasks that you are truly passionate about and incorporate it into your daily life, and thirdly, seek out opportunities where you are able to contribute in a way that aligns with your passions.
"Many of us have lost ourselves through the opinions of others, my advice is to block out the 'noise' of others and focus on projects that drive value in your life. When you are living a life of passion and purpose, the opinions of others become smaller and smaller each day."

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Source: Briefly News

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