Man Fishing at Night Comes Close to Massive Anaconda, TikTok Video Goes Viral

Man Fishing at Night Comes Close to Massive Anaconda, TikTok Video Goes Viral

  • A man showed his bravery after he got close to a massive anaconda while he was fishing at night
  • The man took to TikTok to share the video of him approaching it in his boat, he said it was dead
  • The online community reacted to the video, with many saying they would never get close to a snake dead or not
  • The gentleman spoke to Briefly News about his experience, giving more detail on what happened
A man shared a TikTok video, showing himself coming across a giant anaconda while fishing at night.
A man came across a giant anaconda while he was fishing at night. Images: @Joe McDonald/ Getty Images, @kevin11x
Source: UGC

A man who went fishing at night shared his experience of seeing a large anaconda up close.

In a TikTok video uploaded by @kevin11x, the man can be seen in his canoe, as he was fishing, he was disturbed by a giant anaconda. He took his flash and pointed to it. He got closer with his boat.

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One curious TikTokker asked why did they get that close to it. He answered that the snake was dead.

Man gets close to dead anaconda at night

Watch the TikTok video below:

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The gent spoke to Briefly News about the experience

Speaking to Briefly News, Kevin said the video was taken in Guyana, South America.

He said he grew up in the location, and snakes are not something that he is unfamiliar with, when he was growing up he saw them a lot, but he had never seen one that was big like the anaconda he discovered.

He added that they usually go fishing at night, it's how they do it. The snake was trapped in a fish net and died.

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"It was trapped in an old fishing net someone left there, so it died. After seeing it we removed the net, and we left."

TikTokkers said the man was brave

The video garnered over 40k likes, with many online users saying that even if the snake was dead they would never get close to it, especially when they are not even sure where its head is at. They commended the man for his barvery.

Jashii commented:

"Watching this got me thinking about the anaconda movie."

@ꪜiꪶꪶꪖiꪀ shared:

"It is a bad idea to get that close if you don't see where the anaconda head is. likely you get a surprise strike "

@DeeGlow asked:

"Ya’ll brave ! What would you have done if he would have jumped up "

@Nafeeza Khan-Salim said:

"Hmmm you really brave...I would head in the opposite direction as fast as possible"

@aniyaaa noticed:

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"I see yall got Poseidon spear in that boat, just in case …"

@Luna picks&finds imagined what they would have done:

"I would be panicking if I were there haha."

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Source: Briefly News

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