South African Man’s Hilarious Home Workout Exercise Goes Viral on TikTok, Mzansi in Laughter

South African Man’s Hilarious Home Workout Exercise Goes Viral on TikTok, Mzansi in Laughter

  • This gent took to social media to post a video of himself working out at home, which left people in stitches
  • In the clip, a gentleman said he couldn't afford a gym membership, so he used soap as his treadmill
  • The man's content amused the online community as they reacted to the clip by showing the guy some love
  • Briefly News spoke with the fitness instructor Belinda Netshipise, who shared tips on some home exercise workouts one may follow

A young man left internet users in laughter after he poked fun at himself in a video while working out at home.

A TikTok video shows a man working out at home using dishwashing soap.
A South African man showcased his hilarious workout routine at home in a TikTok video. Image:@officialdonavicii
Source: TikTok

Young gent shows off humorous workout

A clip posted by @officialdonavicii on TikTok shows the gentleman in his beautiful kitchen demonstrating his home workout routine. As the video progresses, the young man places dishwashing soap on the floor to use as his treadmill. He revealed that he couldn't afford a gym membership, so he had to make an alternative.

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The video has gathered over 1.8 million views, thousands of likes and many comments just one day after its publication.

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Watch the video below:

SA is in stitches

The gentleman's content entertained many people online as they rushed to his comments to show him love, while others simply laughed it off.


"I laughed so much, I even forgot that I’m single."

User17890 asked the man a question:

"Who helped you to stop?"

To which the gentleman responded with a joke, saying:

"I'm in hospital as we speak."

Roana was amazed:

"Eh, you guys shock me every day with your creativity."

Pro added:

"TikTok is better than DStv."

Ischa_W commented:

"If you continue to give temporary solutions..."

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How to exercise from home brought to you by Belinda Netshipise

Fitness guru and businesswoman provided insight to Briefly News on how one can train from the comfort of their home. The Gainz Wellness company owner revealed the most effective exercises for a full-body workout at home.

"They are compound movement which targets more than 1 muscle group," she said.

The fitness instructor went on to list all the compound movements that are beneficial for homework outs. She said for a full body, one could incorporate the following: Burpee, squat, lunge, and inchworm. As for those who love lifting weights, Belinda said squat press, lunge bicep curl, calf raise with shoulder rause and ball throws are perfect for exercising techniques for home workouts.

To ensure proper form and technique when working out without supervision, Belinda says:

"The easiest way would be doing basic movements before incorporating the more complex movements. For example learn simple technique about a squat such as push bum back, be at 90 degree angle, dont let your knee go over your clean, once you grasp the basics you can go into complex movements.

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When incorporating cardio into a home workout routine without equipment, the fitness instructor said one can add a road run and a skipping route; she also suggested that one can come up with a body-weight cardio circuit, for example, consisting of burpees, shuffles, squat jumps, mountain and repeat for more intensity.

It is not always easy to stay motivated whether you working out in the gym or at home, but Belinda advised that:

"Remember why you started, look back at pictures, and what your progress has been. Stick to a routine and specific time to train."

And if you want to kickstart your fitness journey from the comfort of your home, Belinda suggested the following online resources to follow: Nike Training app, Instagram videos from gym/fitness influencers such as Mr & Mrs Muscle, Que To Fitness, SophFit App, Thick Fit Queen and Fit With Curves.

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Woman has Intense workout in hilarious TikTok

Briefly News previously reported that people could not stop raving about how amazing she looked while using gym equipment. The fit babe was doing stunts, and it was a sight to behold.

@promised191 filmed herself on an exercise, but she was using it creatively. The gorgeous woman was riding the bike with one leg while her other was at a 90-degree angle and moving side to side.

People had questions about what the lady was getting ready for. Netizens love to see others doing the most at the gym, but this babe took the cake. TikToker users joked that she must be getting ready for combat.

Source: Briefly News

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