South Africans Share Whopping Salaries of Over R60k, Say It’s Still Not Enough

South Africans Share Whopping Salaries of Over R60k, Say It’s Still Not Enough

  • South African peeps shared how the middle is about the mindset and not really about the money earned
  • One TikTok user said they earn R70 000 but have no idea where their money is going compared to another who makes less and said they are living the best life
  • A financial advisor encouraged people to focus more on retaining their money and avoiding debt
South Africans shared their experiences with money on TikTok.
South Africans said the middle class is more about the mindset than the earnings. Images: @financially.fabulous/ TikTok, @RapidEye/ Getty Images
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South Africans shared unpopular experiences with money. Those who are earning more are broke, and those who are earning less are leaving like millionaires.

@financially.fabulous uploaded a TikTok video explaining how that is so. The woman replied to a clip about the middle-class compromising of a household that earns between R40k to R70k per month.

She said the middle class is not really about the income earned but about the mindset. She said in her line of work, she has worked with people who made R25k but left off R17k, and she has worked with people who earned R80k and left off R77k and are broke.

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Woman says middle-class is about the mindset

Watch the TikTok video below:

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TikTokkers agreed with the lady's views about money

Her video garnered over 188k views, with many online users relating to what she was saying.

@Jean-Claude Dube shared:

"I earn more than R70k, but honestly, I don’t know where my money is going."

@Bkzlsbnd emphasised:

"Everything is about the mindset... everything."

@tawanda chipere said:

"I earn R5000, but I live like a millionaire."

@mlayezo5 agreed:

"This is so true because when it comes to wealth, it's not how much you earn but rather how much you retain."

@Reuben K gave a thumbs up:

"Good points . Reduce consumerism and encourage conservatism."

@Rondwaal felt grateful:

"This is the best advice that anyone and everyone can get."

Woman spends R2k monthly on fast foods

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In another story, Briefly News reported about a woman who shared her monthly expenses on TikTok.

@shozi_055 was open and showed people that she spends thousands on certain parts of her life. The lady racked up quite a bit throughout the month, including R2 000 on fast food. People were fascinated to see how the woman spent her money. Online users who commented were especially fascinated by her spending on fast food.

Source: Briefly News

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