How to check UIF payout in 2024: Simple steps to check your UIF TERS payment status

How to check UIF payout in 2024: Simple steps to check your UIF TERS payment status

Knowing how to check the UIF payout schedule is essential for everyone registered for this fund. The South African government initiated the Unemployment Insurance Fund to provide short-term financial relief to the unemployed, including those who cannot work. After registration, you must follow up on when you will receive the funds.

How to check UIF payout
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Since South Africa's unemployment rate continues to rise, the government has to implement the Unemployment Insurance Fund to cushion its socioeconomic effects. The agency's primary role is to give unemployed people something to fall back on.

How to check UIF payout in 2024

The UIF benefits are only extended to individuals who retire from formal employment and those employed in the formal sector but have been laid off or cannot work. Most employers make Unemployment Insurance Fund payments on behalf of their staff. Learn how to check UIF payout today.

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How to check UIF status via phone?

Call 0800 030 007 for any UIF payment queries, including checking your status. Alternatively, dial the UIF status USSD code, *134*843#. The code will open up a menu with several options to choose from, including claims and payment status, employee registration, payment continuation, and general inquiries.

How to do a UIF payment status check offline

UIF TERS means Temporary Employer / Employee Relief Scheme. Anyone who cannot use the online or phone method can also check their UIF TERS payment status at the labour office.

  • Visit the nearest Department of Labour office and make an appointment by putting your name in the register.
  • Check with the clerk to ensure you give them your UIF's registration number, ID number, and other essential details.
  • The labour office will provide you with your UIF benefits and status details.
  • If you are already in the UIF payout process, you will receive details of when to get your first payment. If your UIF payout process is yet to be initiated, the labour office will tell you how long it will take.

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How to check UIF payout
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How to do a UIF status check online?

You cannot check your UIF payment status on the UIF portal, regardless of whether you are an employee, domestic employer, commercial employer, practitioner, or a third-party delegate. The UIF system is yet to offer this service.

As an employee in South Africa, you can perform these functions on the UIF portal:

  • Submit a claim for various UIF benefits
  • Submit a request for payment for various UIF benefits
  • View your claims history
  • Submit a Notice of Appeal
  • Navigate to "Employment" on the left menu to view your "Employee Declaration Status."

To access the UIF portal:

  • Visit the Department of Labour's website via URL
  • Click "Online Services."
  • Select "UIF Online Services (Ufiling)."
  • The system will take you to the UIF login page.
  • Register or log into the UIF portal using your username or password.

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How to check UIF payout
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What forms are needed to claim UIF in South Africa?

After understanding how to check the Unemployment Insurance Fund payout, you must know the documents needed to make a UIF claim. You must have:

  • UI-2.1 (application form)
  • Copy of your ID document
  • UI-19 and UI-2.7 (completed by employer)
  • UI-2.8 (bank form completed by the bank)
  • A letter from your employer confirming Reduced Work Time or Temporary Lay-off.

Like most insurance schemes, you must pay a specified percentage of their salary to the UIF treasure trove. Otherwise, you will not benefit from this policy. You can apply for UIF benefits when your employer lays you off, after retirement, or when you cannot work due to unavoidable circumstances like a long-term illness.

To qualify for UIF benefits, register with the Unemployment Insurance Fund, pay your contributions promptly, and apply for the UIF benefits within six months of being fired or as soon as you become unemployed.

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How do I download UIF?

You can download UIF Forms from the Department of Labour website. Click on the form you want, and it will instantly be downloaded to your device.

What types of benefits can be claimed from the UIF?

The UIF benefits for qualified members are:

  • Illness benefits
  • Unemployment benefits
  • Maternity benefits
  • Adoption benefits

The Department of Labour determines a benefit scale for paying out benefits, and the scale considers an individual's monthly income.

How to check UIF payout
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What is the UIF payout process?

You should start receiving the UIF benefit money within eight weeks of filing a claim. The government agency will send the money to the bank account you provided during your UIF registration.

The Unemployment Insurance Fund will make payments every four weeks until the funds are depleted. You will also get a slip that tracks the payments. Use a UIF calculator to know how much money you should expect.

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What is the UIF payment collected meaning?

The "UIF payment collected" on-screen notification confirms the Department of Labour UIF payments. The notification contains the amount paid and the date and time the system paid it. It can take a few days for the amount paid to reflect in the nominated bank account (yours or the employer's).

How to check UIF balance?

The UIF portal does not provide an option for checking your balance. Nevertheless, you can learn how to calculate your daily and annual payout/benefits.

How to calculate UIF benefits?

Here is how UIF calculates your payout:

  • UIF calculates your average monthly salary for the last 6 months before you claim your benefits. UIF also caps salary at R17 712.
  • UIF determines your daily income (Y1) using this formula: (The average of your salary x 12 months) / 356 days
  • UIF then calculates your income replacement rate (IRR). The IRR formula is 29.2 + (7173.92/ (232.92 +Y1)
  • IRR is the percentage of your daily income you are entitled to as UIF benefits. Please note that IRR is 38 % minimum and 60% maximum of your daily income.
  • Calculate your daily UIF benefits using this formula: IRR x your daily income.
  • Your total UIF benefit amount is your daily benefit amount multiplied by your available credit days.
  • Credit days are accumulated as follows: for every four days you work as a contributor, you receive one day’s credits subject to a maximum of 365 credit days.
  • If you work for all 260 weekdays of the year, you have 52 credit days.

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Suppose you earn R17 712 monthly and work for all 260 weekdays of the year. Here is how you calculate UIF payout:

Average salary for 6 months(Monthly salary x 6 months)/ 6 months(R17 712 x 6 ) / 6R17 712
Daily income (Y1)(Average monthly salary x 12 months) / 356 days(R17 712 x 12 ) / 356R597.034
IRR (%)29.2 + (7173.92/ (232.92 + Y1)29.2 + (7173.92/ (232.92+ 597.034)R37.35
Your daily UIF benefitsIRR x your daily income(In this case, you will use 38%. It is the minimum IRR allowed)38% x 597.034R226.87
Total Annual Benefit Amount DBA × available credit days52 x 226.87R11,797.24

How to check maternity UIF payout

For example, if your salary is R15,000 and you get R20,000 wage on leave, here is how to calculate your UIF maternity payout benefits:

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Daily income (YI)(monthly salary × 12 months) ÷ 365 days(R15000 x 12) ÷ 365 = R493.15R493.15
Daily benefit amount (DBA)66% of daily incomeR15,000 x 66% = R9,900R9,900
Daily income while on leave (leave income) (Leave income × 12 months) ÷ 365 days(R20,000 x 12) ÷ 365 = R657.53R657.53
Top-up (Daily income (Y1) – leave income)R493.15 – R657.53= – R164.33 (difference) – R164.33
Daily UIF maternity benefits– R164.33


Where the difference is less than the Daily Benefit Amount, the difference is paid. Where the difference is more than the Daily Benefit Amount, the daily maternity benefits amount is paid.

  • Your UIF maternity benefits will be R226.87 (Daily UIF Benefit Amount) instead of – R164.33.

Can you pay UIF from multiple bank accounts?

You can provide several bank accounts while registering on the uFiling website, but select the account you will use to send your UIF contributions. You cannot make UIF payments for one person using different accounts.

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Can you claim UIF online in South Africa?

You can submit a claim for various UIF benefits on the UIF portal.

What happens to my UIF contributions if I resign?

The UIF policies state that you cannot claim your benefits if you resign, get suspended, or are absconded from work. However, the Commission for Conciliation, Mediation, and Arbitration (CCMA) might consider your reason for resignation as a constructive dismissal and allow you to make a claim.

How do you repay the UIF?

You are expected to refund UIF money if these situations happen:

  • If you received the wrong amount.
  • You applied for the wrong people.
  • Some of your employees have returned to work, and you have paid all or a portion of their salary.

Send your refund to:

  • UIF's FNB current account number: 51420056925
  • Branch code: 23-31-45
  • Reference: C+UIF reference number (e.g. C7654321/7)

Can foreigners apply for UIF in South Africa?

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Foreigners permanently employed in SA qualify for Unemployment Insurance Fund benefits. The UIF pays all registered and qualified workers, including properly documented foreign nationals.

How to check UIF payout
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Essential points to note about UIF benefits

  • You should register a domestic worker with over 24 working hours per month with the UIF.
  • The employer and employee (each) contribute 1% of the employee's salary to the Unemployment Insurance Fund monthly.
  • Benefits may not be attached by a court order to pay your employee or third-party debt but can be done to pay a dependent child or spousal maintenance.
  • You will be disqualified from the Unemployment Insurance Fund's benefits if you do not comply with the unemployment laws.
  • Apply for an Unemployment Insurance Fund claim within the prescribed period to qualify for benefits.
  • An employee should register as a domestic worker with over 24 working hours monthly with the UIF.
  • You will be suspended from receiving a UIF benefit if you make a dishonest claim.
  • Dependents of a deceased employee can claim benefits from the UIF.

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Now that you know how to check the UIF payout, prepare your application documents. The personal details you use on the registration form must be correct because that will determine if your payment process will be activated or declined. shared UIF contact details. You can reach out to them for more inquiries about their insurance services. The Unemployment Insurance Fund (UIF) is open for private and civil sector employees.

UIF can give you short-term financial relief when you lose your job or cannot work because of maternity, adoption, parental leave, or illness. You can also benefit if you depend on a deceased UIF contributor.

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