Woman Claims Swati Royalty but Lives Normal Life at School, TikTok Video Shows 2 Worlds

Woman Claims Swati Royalty but Lives Normal Life at School, TikTok Video Shows 2 Worlds

  • One woman in a TikTok video showed people that she lives two lives as part of a royal clan in Eswatini
  • The lady posted clips of special moments and compared them to the times she has attended events in the Eswatini royal family
  • Many people were thoroughly fascinated by the video of the young woman flexing her double life

A TikTok creator showed people that she is one of the Eswatini royals. The lady posted a video detailing her interesting life.

TikTok video shows Eswatitni royal's double life
A TikTok video shows a woman who is Eswatini royalty showing that she has two roles. Image: @thee.princesssdiana
Source: TikTok

The clip of the young woman received thousands of likes. There were many comments from people who were fascinated by the details.

Woman in TikTok video reflects on Eswatini royal life

One woman, @thee.princesssdiana, shows people she is considered a Swati princess but doesn't show it off. She detailed that when it's school and everyday life, she drops the princess act.

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Watch the video below:

SA amazed by Swati royalty

Peeps commented, claiming they are also members of royalty in Eswatini. Netizens were fascinated by the video she showed.

Ano said:

"Me, but when I'm out, no one will suspect that because of the way I act."

Bůsiie Maseko wrote:

"I can relate, definitely me, Swati princesses, let's gather here."

N added:

"Me, I try keeping it low-key neh, but there'd be that one person asking a question like 'Why ungasho kutsi wase bukhosini?' Phambi kwebantfu."

@P.R.E.T.T.Y_MS_N gushed:

"OMG you are so pretty."

Mufunwa F.Nevhutalu explained:

"This is literally my mom, she's from royalty and doesn't act like it, especially in public."

SA drags Toya Delazy for supporting Prince Simakade as king

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Briefly News previously reported that musician and granddaughter of Chief Mangosuthu Buthelezi, Toya Delazy, told everyone that she is fully behind Prince Simakade. Toya Delazy's backing comes after Prince Simakade and Misuzulu kaZwelithini had a clash over the kingship.

Toya Delazy was met with a variety of reactions from netizens. Ntskiki Mazwai added her two cents to the situation and shared a friendly exchange with Toya Delazy about the potential new king, Prince Simakade.

Toya got on Twitter to celebrate Prince Simakade as the "new Zulu king." She described him as "the most beautiful soul."

Source: Briefly News

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