Man Cooks Pap in Large 3-Legged Pot Over Fire, TikTok Video Impresses

Man Cooks Pap in Large 3-Legged Pot Over Fire, TikTok Video Impresses

  • A man left people amazed with his cooking skills that he put on display when he had to cook outdoors
  • That guy impressed netizens when he confidently stepped up to cook over a fire in a TikTok video that went viral
  • Online users were floored as they watched the man take over the pots with surprising expertise

One man was a viral hit on TikTok after doing his most to cook. In a video, he tried to deal with a huge pot and cooking outside.

TikTok video shows man cooking pap over fire
A TikTok video shows a man cooking pap in a big pot over fire. Image: @brockie31
Source: TikTok

Online users were amazed as they were in awe of the young man's cooking skills. The TikTok video of the gent caught many people's attention.

Man cooks over fire

A man in a TikTok video by @brockie31 had to use his body to create momentum while preparing pap over the fire. In the clip, he tackled the giant pot with skill and determination.

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Watch the video below:

SA applauds man's cooking

Many people were impressed by the man who did the most over the fire. Ladies commented on his skill and had jokes. Read the commentary below:

Duduzile said:

"President of Men's Conference '24."

JessicaM commented:

"That time my fiancé is a Pedi but he can’t even fry an egg."

Zandiswa applauded:

"Men from Limpopo can cook, shame."

Beyonce laughed:

"So men can survive without us."

Miss Masilo was impressed:

"Give this man a Bell's."

South Africans wonder why man cooked a snake

Briefly News previously reported that a man cooked a snake and South Africans cannot fathom the depth of bravery in his heart. He handles the snake so well that some netizens wanted to see how it would turn out.

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@akinsoladesmond posted the footage on TikTok, showing the snake-man in action. He grabs the dead serpent and pulls it out of the boiling pot. He throws it onto a table, and the headless animal coils on the desk.

Whether it is edible or not is anyone’s guess, but by the looks of things, this brave man is used to cooking snakes and feasting on them.

Source: Briefly News

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