Massive Snake Invades Student Accommodation in TikTok Video, Leaving South Africa Stunned

Massive Snake Invades Student Accommodation in TikTok Video, Leaving South Africa Stunned

  • An enormous snake was found at a student accommodation, and the video went viral online
  • The TikTok clip gained a significant attraction on social media, gathering many views along with thousands of likes and comments
  • People reacted to the footage as they rushed to the comments section to express their thoughts
  • Briefly News spoke to Nick Evans, a Snake Catcher who gave insight on what to do when one comes across a snake

One massive snake invaded a student accommodation, which astonished many people online, and the clip went viral.

A TikTok video shows snakes in a student accommodation.
A massive snake invaded a student accommodation in a TikTok video. Image: Anup Shah and Catherine McQueen
Source: Getty Images

Snakes invade res

The footage shared by @zandiey458 on the video platform shows the snake lying on the window of a student accommodation. The clip baffled many and became a viral hit on TikTok, capturing the attention of netizens.

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@zandiey458's video clocked over 510K views, along with thousands of likes and many comments on TikTok.

Watch the horrifying video below:

What to do when one comes across a snake

While speaking to Briefly News, Nick Evans, a Snake Catcher, advised individuals who find themselves in such a situation to do the following:

"They should phone a snake remover. They can Google the number of one or download the free ASI Snakes app, which has a comprehensive list of snake removers across the country."

The Snake Catcher went on to state that it is a criminal offence to kill or keep a snake.

"It is illegal to kill or keep this snake, and doing so is a criminal offence. As snake removers, we need permits just to rescue them."

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In the end, Nick Evans said the snake seen in the TikTok video is a Southern African Python. He also expressed that it was "very strange to see one in that situation."

"It will not harm anyone unless someone tries grabbing or hurting it. Although, I of course understand that in this situation, it can be terrifying for someone who doesn't like snakes. Lock the bedroom door, phone a snake remover," he suggested.

People are stunned by the video

Social media users were shocked by the snake clip in the student accommodation as they took to the comments section to express their thoughts.

Nontofloran said:

"Boil water with a pot, then you know most."

Dr Yandie added:

"Mare, why didn’t you knock on the window? I wished to see something."

Neo Cow commented:

"Are they sunbathing?"

Rea shared:

"I wouldn’t even pack my bags. I’d just go home and never look back. Also, CLOSE YOUR WINDOWS AND DOORS!!!!!!"

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Kedibone Martha cracked a joke, saying:

"This student accommodation is not make sure."

Chubby Princess wrote:

"Hebaan what's going on."

Onicca2332 could not believe it:

"Bathong lena hair air."

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Source: Briefly News

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