Mzansi Woman Reveals Spearmint Tea Hack for Clear Skin in a Video, SA Stunned

Mzansi Woman Reveals Spearmint Tea Hack for Clear Skin in a Video, SA Stunned

  • A lady took to social media to dish out her secret to having a flawless skin and netizens were shocked
  • In the TikTok footage, she unveiled the product, and the clip went viral, gathering over 1.3 million views, thousands of likes and comments
  • The online community was impressed by the results as they rushed to the comments section to express their thoughts

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One young lady shared her hack for clear skin, and the video went viral on social media, impressing people online.

A TikTok video shows a woman unveiling her skincare hack, which impressed many online users.
A South African lady showed off her skincare hack in a TikTok video for clear skin. Image: @simieyumata
Source: TikTok

Woman claims she used spearmint tea to clear skin

TikTok user @simieyumata sent a shock wave on the internet with her skincare remedy. The stunner shared a clip of herself before trying out the spearmint tea, which she claims helped to clear her skin.

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@simieyumata then unveiled herself after using the spearmint tea, and her skin looked gorgeous, leaving online users in awe. The young lady said in her TikTok caption the following:

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"My skin looks the best it’s looked since November last year! I’m no skin expert, but this tea really works for me. My face isn’t even as puffy as it was before."

Watch the video below:

Online users react to the woman's skincare hack

The TikTok video became a viral hit on the social media, gathering over 1.3 million views, many likes and comments. Netizens rushed to the lady's comments section to thank her for the hook-up, while others expressed their thoughts by saying:

Misiwexolo shared:

"I’ve been using Spearmint tea for two months now. My skin is in the top tier, and it’s drastically reduced my pre-menstrual bloating."

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Sadityxcarlii expressed:

"I wish I knew about spearmint tea before my doctor put me on contraceptives."

To which the young lady responded by saying:

"Girl same! I stopped taking them after I hopped onto spearmint tea."

Pebbles added:

"Literally, it’s so true, and I also stopped using skin care products to clean my face going back to just water and Vaseline, and skin is top-tier."

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Source: Briefly News

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