Not All Heroes Wear Capes: Takealot Delivery Guy Feeds Poor and Gets Gifted With Motorbike

Not All Heroes Wear Capes: Takealot Delivery Guy Feeds Poor and Gets Gifted With Motorbike

  • A Takealot delivery guy, Nduduzo, was spotted earlier this month handing out food to a disadvantaged family begging in the streets
  • Nduduzo’s good deeds were witnessed by Maletsatsi Foundation’s Tiffini Hein and her 12-year-old daughter, Sophie-Mae Hein
  • The mother-daughter duo was handing out blankets for people without homes when they met the hero

A Takealot delivery guy, Nduduzo, gets a new spanking bike from a mother-daughter duo.

Takealot delivery guy feeds the homeless
A Takealot delivery guy was spotted feeding the homeless and got rewarded with a brand-new motorbike for his good deeds. Image: @The Maletsatsi Foundation
Source: Facebook

Sophie and her mom decided to do something special for Nduduzo after witnessing his random act of kindness.

Takelot’s delivery man makes waves

Nduduzo’s good work did not go without notice as the Maletsatsi foundation loudly celebrated him. The foundation offers child protective services for kids who have had a bit of a bumpy start in Gauteng.

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Nduduzo’s good deeds inspired 12-year-old Sophie to do something special for the delivery man on her birthday. When she reached 12 years on June 16th, instead of getting excited for her birthday gifts, she was more excited to gift heroic Nduduzo with his precious gift.

Maletsatsi foundation has expressed their gratitude to Nduduzo for his incredible work on a Facebook post that read:

"It was not by chance that we passed this man quietly performing his good deeds, as we handed out blankets two weeks ago. I strongly believe the universe conspired to align our paths.
"To say we were humbled by his acts of generosity would be an understatement. If one thinks of the risks he faces and the harshness of his job, it almost inconceivable that he still has the will to get up and give to others.
"It felt only yo fitting today to hand this very special human his very own bike. We can only hope it provides him many safe and happy kilometres and that it eases his job just a little!"

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See post below:

A delivery guy is recognised for his good deeds
A Takealot delivery guy is recognised for his good deeds as he feeds people without homes. Image: @The Maletsatsi Foundation
Source: Facebook

Celebrating good deeds

Nduduzo received a spanking new bike from the foundation, with a beautiful message at the back:

“Just be kind.”

Maletsatsi Foundation has been teasing the precious gift on the Facebook page calling it an “Oprah moment.” The foundation had some help raising the money for Nduduzo.

Netizens were stunned by the beauty of Ubuntu and commented:

@Georgina Caetano is ahppy for Nduduzo:

"This is sooooo awesomely cool. Thank you you to everyone that made it possible."

@Gaby Gabz Coetzee offered the gent free coffee:

"Pls tell him to swing past Jeep Midrand for a coffee anytime."

@Gudrun Scott Cleghorn is Proud of Mzansi:

"South Africans have a capacity for love and kindness that few other nations do. You deserve every good thing that comes your way, Nduduzo and Tiffani. Bless you!"

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