Mzansi Worries About L’vovo’s Health After Seeing Frail Kwaito Star in Heartbreaking Video

Mzansi Worries About L’vovo’s Health After Seeing Frail Kwaito Star in Heartbreaking Video

  • Mzansi couldn't help but worry about L'vovo after seeing a video of him looking frail
  • This after the Kwaito star survived a stroke that made him change his lifestyle, but it appears he has a long way to go
  • While fans wished L'vovo a speedy recovery, some netizens speculated on what may have caused his health troubles
L'vovo's health left fans worried about him
Mzansi is growing concerned about L'vovo's health since his stroke. Images: lvovosa
Source: Instagram

L'vovo's health caused concern among fans after the Kwaito star was seen looking brittle in a now-trending video.

L'vovo's health sparks concern

Just over a year since he suffered a stroke in 2022, L'vovo is back on his feet and is igniting his career with some music on the way.

Briefly News reported that the Kwaito star vowed to change his lifestyle and raise awareness of strokes among young people.

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However, it appears the Bayang'sukela hitmaker has a long way to go before he's back to his old self after netizens uncovered a video of him coming from a performance.

Twitter (X) user NalaThokozane shared the heartbreaking clip of Derrango looking weak while staggering in his steps to greet a friend:

"Oh man, it is so sad to see L'vovo like this. Wishing him strength in his recovery journey."

Mzansi reacts to L'vovo's video

Netizens are worried about L'vovo after seeing his seemingly deteriorating health, and sent him well-wishes:

Mamthi05 was hopeful:

"He's not bad, yaz; I believe he will recover soon. Looking at other stroke survivors, he is not bad at all. Praying for his healing."

OBanyini was relieved:

"He looks good; I’m grateful he can walk. Months of physiotherapy for the hand. He shouldn’t give up."

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LizoBacela wrote:

"Hopefully, he'll be okay soon."

Meanwhile, other netizens speculated on the cause of L'vovo's health concerns, with some suggesting that it was the COVID-19 vaccine that was to blame:

Miss_Thipe speculated:

"Not taking care of your health leads to this. High fatty food and alcohol lead to brain embolism, which leads to strokes, cardiovascular diseases, etc. We need to realise this: y’all don’t even care to nurse your ulcerations."

HouseofZwabbash said:

"Gents, please lift weights and do a little cardio. You don't have to look like Hercules, but your body will appreciate it greatly. The stronger you are, the harder it is to kill you."

benzantsi wrote:

"We need to take care of our health. Nothing fancy about being obese."

Lira makes musical comeback

In an earlier report, Briefly News shared Lira's heartwarming message after her recent performance.

It served as one of the singer's biggest shows since her stroke, and she penned a letter reflecting on the night while thanking her fans for their support.

Source: Briefly News

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