“South Africans Live on a Different Planet”: Man Swings on the Back of a Truck on KZN Highway

“South Africans Live on a Different Planet”: Man Swings on the Back of a Truck on KZN Highway

  • A man in KwaZulu-Natal was having the time of his life as he swung on the back of a moving truck
  • The hooded man swung back and forth on a busy highway, which is a dangerous stunt to pull
  • The video received tonnes of humorous comments from Facebook users who were impressed with the man's creativity
KwaZulu-Natal man swings on the back of a truck on a highway.
A man in KwaZulu-Natal had a good old time swinging on the back of a moving truck. Images: Insight Juba
Source: Facebook

If there's one thing about South Africans, it's that we are innovative and know how to make the most of any situation.

A Mzansi man at the back of a truck showed just that when someone in a car captured him swinging on the vehicle as it drove on the highway. While it is unknown who recorded the man, the South Sudanese Facebook page Insight Juba uploaded the video of the local.

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In the clip taken near Durban, KwaZulu-Natal, the man sits on a piece of material attached to each side of the truck. As the vehicle drives, the man delightfully swings back and forth for the entire video.

Insight Juba humorously captioned its post:

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"South Africans live on a different planet."

To watch the man in motion, click here.

A KwaZulu-Natal man swings on the back of a truck on the highway.
The man swung on the back of the truck like nobody was watching. Images: Insight Juba
Source: Facebook

Netizens find humour in the swinging man

The viral clip received thousands of comments from people who could not help but make jokes about the man in the back of the truck.

Commenting on Insight Juba's caption, Nkhensi Basi laughed and wrote:

"We deserve our own planet."

Petro Meyer shared with online users:

"You are all stressing about life. He is busy living his best life."

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Sharon Struthers-Reilly spoke about the swinging sensation's innovation:

"He was creative and enjoyed his ride. This is what I love about South Africa and Africa."

Tasneem Petersen also pointed out the man's talent to entertain himself:

"Definitely dangerous, but I’m really impressed by his creativity."

Truck driver busted for picking up 2 ladies

In a related article, Briefly News reported that a truck driver got into some trouble after he was seen driving the vehicle with two female passengers inside.

The Facebook group 'SA TRUCK KING. WE ARE trucking' shared a screenshot of forwarded WhatsApp messages from someone presumed to be a truck boss to the truck driver, whose name appears to be Moses. The messages read that a tracking company phoned Moses's superiors to inform them that the driver had extra passengers onboard.

Source: Briefly News

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