Bruised Budgets: 5 South Africans Who Returned Their Cars to the Dealership Due to Payment Struggles

Bruised Budgets: 5 South Africans Who Returned Their Cars to the Dealership Due to Payment Struggles

  • Five South Africans shared their struggles of keeping up with the financial burden of owning their vehicles
  • Briefly News highlights five stories of people who had to return their cars to dealerships because they couldn't afford the high costs
  • Many of the car owners admitted to refocusing their priorities and seeking financial freedom

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Five people had to return their cars to dealerships because they couldn't afford the monthly costs
Five Mzansi people shared their struggles of owning cars that were financially draining. Image: @ghost.hlubi, MCCAIG, @mhanashongani
Source: Instagram

Not being able to afford the car payments can feel like a personal failure, especially if you worked hard to qualify for the vehicle in the first place.

Briefly News takes a look at five South Africans who had to return their beloved cars to the dealership because they were drained by the hefty payments they had to make to keep them.

1. Man walks from the dealership after returning car to focus on saving

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One gent decided to refocus on where his money goes and decided to take his car back to the dealership due to the need to save cash.

The guy shared a short video clip on social media, saying he could afford the car but decided to service his debts instead and has no regrets about it.

According to him, sometimes one has to take a step back to take another step going forward

2. Young woman returns red Audi

Mhana Shongani was tired of parting ways with huge amounts of money towards her car instalments, insurance and fuel.

In a now-viral TikTok video, Mhana said goodbye to her beautiful red Audi after previously expressing that because of the car, she could not even afford to do other things that brought her joy because so much of her salary goes toward her car.

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3. Woman says goodbye to Mazda, admits it was a bad financial decision

Sometimes, we just want to own nice things without proper planning or realising the financial strain we've signed up for.

Potsiso WaMologadi M went on TikTok to share her beautiful Mazda car being collected by a tow truck after struggling to keep up with paying for it.

"You were a bad financial decision, but I loved you, still do. I love you ❤️," Potsiso captioned the sad post.

4. Video of luxury car being repossessed stuns peeps

Ntsako Walter posted a clip showing a BMW being towed away online. The post quickly went viral as many South Africans felt they could relate.

The video was captioned: "Qualifying for a car doesn't mean you can afford it. Let that sink in!"

Peeps on TikTok sympathised with the man and offered words of encouragement. Some shared stories about their repossession experiences, while others took the opportunity to share some advice on financial management.

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5. SA trolls Ghost Hlubi as he returns Porsche to the dealership

Yeyi, even public figures have it hard at times.

YouTuber Ghost Hlubi found himself at the centre of controversy again as the Porsche car he allegedly bought for Seemah was back at the dealership.

Prankster Ghost Hlubi has made headlines again after he flaunted his new luxury Porsche car.

The star has been trolled recently on social media after a video of his Porsche car up for sale at the dealership surfaced on social media.

Young woman downgrades from VW Polo to Hyundai Atos

In another story, Briefly News reported that a young South African woman released a raw and honest video of herself downgrading her lifestyle so that it made sense financially.

In a TikTok video by Londi (@londi_h) she features a glimpse of one of her most prized possessions on four wheels, a VW Polo TSI DSG Highline, which she sadly had to part ways with as it had become too expensive to keep.

Source: Briefly News

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