“Why Are We Like This?”: Singing Cape Town Man Rows in Flooded Street, Mzansi Laughs

“Why Are We Like This?”: Singing Cape Town Man Rows in Flooded Street, Mzansi Laughs

  • A young man in Cape Town caught the internet's attention when he decided to use his paddleboard on a flooded street
  • As he sat on the paddleboard with a paddle in his hands, the man, Hayden, joyfully sang a classic nursery rhyme
  • Members of the online community rushed to the comment section to laugh and state how unserious South Africans can be
Cape Town man rows on flooded street.
A Cape Town guy made a street his little ocean when he paddled in the rainwater. Images: @its_alicia_louw
Source: TikTok

Sometimes, you have to make the best out of a bad situation, and that's precisely what one man did regarding the weather in the Cape.

With Mother Nature showing Capetonians her worst side this winter, one local took to a street to bring joy to the internet. Hayden Paulse shared a video of himself using a paddleboard on a flooded street on his TikTok account (@its_alicia_louw).

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Wearing a raincoat and rain boots, the young jokester used a paddle with a blade on each side to steer himself while he sat and sang the classic nursery rhyme Row, Row, Row Your Boat.

Watch the comical video below:

Mzansi finds humour in Capetonian's rowing

The viral video made its way to many people's For You Pages, even appearing on other social media platforms. App users flooded (pun intended) Hayden's comment section with laughter and messages about how unserious South Africans can be.

@ayesha_g28 told the online community:

"I just knew one of us would make one of these videos. I've been waiting."

@murielpayle said to Hayden:

"Beautiful voice. Capetonians' sense of humour is next-level."

@chesrearendse24 laughed and said:

"I can't wait for the Cape Town Olympics."

Finding humour in the video, @zia_abrahams03 asked:

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"No man, Cape Town. Why are we like this? Not even multiple cold fronts can make us be serious."

@logan_londt jokingly commented:

"When we have kids one day, this will be the story of how we got to school."

River bank bursts into Cape Town street

In a related article, Briefly News recently reported the severe weather conditions that caused the Canon River to burst its banks and overflow into Newlands Avenue and several roads in Newlands Village, as per Cape Town Etc.

A TikTokker named Madison, who uses the handle @grateful_girl_94 on the app, captured the storm's aftermath in the area and posted a clip on the social media platform. Water gushed into the road as cars cautiously drove to their destinations.

Source: Briefly News

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