PAXI prices 2024: How much does it cost? Updated pricelist and guide

PAXI prices 2024: How much does it cost? Updated pricelist and guide

Online shopping has become the new normal, but some retail franchises, including PEP, are not listed on mainstream online shopping platforms. PEP has challenged this setback through its delivery service, PAXI. What are the PEP PAXI prices?

how much is PAXI at PEP
PAXI prices vary depending on delivery times and plastic bag sizes. Photo: SolStock and RUNSTUDIO (modified by author)
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PAXI is a delivery service which allows customers to send goods from one designated PAXI point to another at competitive prices. The affordable PAXI fees make the service incredibly enticing for customers, which is a quick and easy process once you know where to start.

How much does it cost to courier a parcel with PAXI? Here, we discuss PAXI bag sizes and prices in 2024, the delivery process, and any prohibited terms that may not be couriered.

PAXI bag sizes and prices

How much does it cost to send a parcel through PEP stores? PEP courier prices vary depending on your selected bag size and delivery time. There is a standard and large bag with different delivery times.

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The standard bag has dimensions of 45 cm width, 37 cm height, and five kg as a maximum weight. The PEP to PEP courier costs a standard bag, which is R59,95 for seven to nine business days and R109,95 for three to five business days.

The large bag has dimensions of 64 cm width, 51 cm height, and 10 kg as the maximum weight. Courier costs are R109,95 for seven to nine business days and R139,95 for three to five business days.

How does PAXI work at PEP?

The process works as other courier companies do, except collection and delivery are done at designated PAXI points throughout the country. Here are the steps to follow if you wish to use the service:

  • Identify your nearest PAXI point and visit them in-store.
  • Choose one of the PAXI bags available in varying sizes.
  • Use your ID book to confirm your identity and fill and seal your bag.
  • Choose the desired PAXI destination and fill in the receiver's details.
  • Once the process is complete, you will receive a confirmation SMS.
  • You will also be sent tracking details via SMS, which you can track through the website or WhatsApp.

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If you receive a parcel from an individual or business, you will receive a PAXI code as a reference. It is a 13-digit code starting with the letter 'T'. Those receiving the parcel must bring their unique code and ID document to their collection point.

PAXI plastic prices
PAXI delivery prices range from R59,95 to R139,95. Photo: Dimensions (modified by author)
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How long does PEP courier take?

There are no specific delivery days for PAXI. Instead, PAXI delivery days work through two delivery timeframe options. The timeframe includes three to five business days or seven to nine.

Can PAXI deliver in one day?

PAXI does not offer express services for same-day delivery. A recipient's parcel may arrive earlier than the estimated date, but PAXI cannot determine an exact date within the provided timeframe. Your tracking number can help you monitor how quickly your parcel may arrive.

How long does PAXI R100 take to deliver?

PAXI prices do not include a payment of R100. However, the R109,95 standard nag can take three to five business days to deliver. The same R109,95 value for a large bag may take seven to nine business days.

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How much do couriers charge?

How do PEP PAXI prices compare with those of other courier companies? Every courier offers varying pricing depending on the delivery time and package size. More prominent courier companies provide various sizes with express delivery times. Prices can range from around R700 to hundreds depending on the courier, delivery time, and size.

Prohibited items

There are various times you cannot send through this courier service for health and safety reasons. These are all the prohibited items:

  • All dangerous goods
  • Fragile goods
  • liquids or fluids
  • Prescription medication
  • Narcotics
  • Human remains
  • Traveller's cheques
  • Biological or clinical samples
  • Gas or paraffin
  • Adult content
  • Flammable goods
  • Live animals
  • Bullion or diamonds
  • Cash
  • Firearms or explosives
  • Tobacco
  • Dry ice
  • Perishable items
  • Furs and ivory
  • Cellphones, tablets, and laptops
PAXI large bag price
Prices for the large bag start at R019,95 and go up to R139,95. Photo: Andresr (modified by author)
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Frequently asked questions

What else is there to know about the delivery process besides those mentioned above? PAXI answers the most commonly asked questions by customers.

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What happens when a parcel cannot close?

Choosing the correct size PAXI bags is essential to avoid overfilling and parcels that cannot properly seal. The company reserves the right not to accept overfilled bags for quality control. To avoid this, customers must adhere to the 'fill up to here' indicator line on the bags.

What happens when the recipient receives an SMS to collect the parcel but does not know where the collection point is?

If a recipient is unsure where a specific PAXI point is, they can search on the 'store locator' store to confirm what point it was sent to. Enter your unique PAXI point code, and the end it was sent to will be displayed.

What happens when the recipient does not collect their parcel

Any uncollected parcels are returned to the store from which they were sent. The sender is informed of the situation through SMS and confirmation once the parcel arrives at the destination. If it is not collected within 14 days, it is sent to an uncollected parcel facility, where it will be disposed of. Uncollected parcels cannot be claimed once sent here.

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PAXI prices in 2024 are affordable, especially compared to other options available. If your parcel is not time-sensitive, PEP's courier options offer cheap delivery options.

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