Top 20 water parks in Gauteng with the most thrilling experiences

Top 20 water parks in Gauteng with the most thrilling experiences

Gauteng is the smallest of the nine provinces in South Africa. It is situated on the Highveld and is home to more than a quarter of South Africa's population. The province is highly urbanized and is home to Johannesburg, Sandton, Midrand, Vanderbijlpark, and the country's administrative capital, Pretoria. Besides the dense population, the population is also home to some of the best amusement venues. So what are the best water parks in Gauteng, and what do they have to offer?

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amusement parks in gauteng
A water slide leadign up to a pool. Photo:, @mrkt
Source: UGC

Water parks typically have water play areas such as wet playgrounds, splash pads, pools, water slides, lazy rivers, and numerous other swimming, bathing, and floating features.

The top water parks in Gauteng

Here is a look at 20 water parks in South Africa's smallest province that will fascinate thrill-seekers.

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20. GOG Lifestyle Park, Lanseria

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The GoG Lifestyle Park in Lanseria is, without a doubt, one of the best water parks in Gauteng. Whether you are looking to unwind after a busy week, looking for some outdoor fun, or are an adrenaline junkie, the destination has something for everyone.

The spray parks at GOG Lifestyle Park have areas that allow children and their parents to stand and enjoy soft splashes safely. This is arguably one of the best ways to introduce kids to the water world. The park also has a slip and slide area featuring one of the fastest and highest giant slides.

At 30 meters long and 15 meters high, the inflatable slide offers an amazing experience and is made from durable PVC. Lastly, the area has a splash pad for the nice nozzle-fed splashes.

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19. Valley of Waves, Sandton

The Valley of Waves at Sandton is renowned for the unforgettable Roaring Lagoon at its end. The Valley of Waves is a unique water experience at Sun City. Every 90 seconds, two-meter bender waves rise into the air, creating an ocean-like experience for thrill-seekers.

One can also choose to relax beneath a wind-swept palm tree or move to the beach bar for a combination of cocktails and swimming sessions. Children have a designated area with numerous fun activities.

18. Wild Waters, Boksburg

water theme parks in Gauteng
Visitors enjoying the water at Wild Waters. Photo: @wildwatersboksburg
Source: Instagram

The Wild Waters Park in Boksburg was built in 1984 and has been one of the preferred family-oriented amusement parks since then. The destination provides a fun and safe environment with numerous activities for kids and adults.

17. Cedar Junction, Pretoria

water parks in gauteng, south Africa
An aerial view of Cedar Junction. Photo: @Cedar_Junction
Source: Instagram

Cedar Junction is one of the best water theme parks in Gauteng. It features picturesque sights and a wide variety of fun activities to choose from. The park has 16 slides and four sets of swimming pools. Keep in mind that the different slides have varying weight and age restrictions.

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There are also three speed slides, each 100 meters long, a baby swimming pool, and a lazy river with three slides.

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16. Happy Island Water World, Johannesburg

Happy Island is one of the most eye-catching water parks in Gauteng. The destination has everything a water lover would want, from swimming pools to slides and lazy rivers. Here is a look at the various water attractions in the park.

  • High-speed slide: The slide at the Happy Island gives thrill-seekers a 40km/hour experience.
  • Lazy river: The park has an 850-meter-long lazy river in which people of all ages can float gently downstream in a rubber tube. One can choose the single or double tube at the entry of the lazy river.
  • Massage pools and regular pools: Happy Island is home to the largest wave pool in Africa. The massive pool measures a jaw-droppingly huge 20,000 square meters. There are also two massage pools in which guests can relax and soak while being massaged gently.
  • Master Blaster Super Tubes: This is pretty much your classic super tube ride. Two of the tubes can be enjoyed across open-air while one takes you through an entirely dark space for that added thrill.
  • Super Bowl: This four-person tube gives visitors an adrenaline-filled ride in a massive bowl and into a clear pool below.
  • Typhoon: Fancy being sucked into a giant typhoon funnel that ends in a pool? Well, look no further than the typhoon feature at Happy Island Water World.
  • Other features: The venue also has a spray park, rainforest, prate boat slide, and a rainbow slide.

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15. Harties Watersports Center, Schoemansville

swimming resorts
Splsh zone at Harties Centre. Photo: @lifestylespaharties
Source: Facebook

The Harties Watersports Center offers an enviable collection of activities such as tube rides, water parties, water slides, and parasailing. The park's design makes it ideal for families. Additionally, the Harties Watersports Center is among the most affordable family fun venues in Gauteng.

14. Crystal Sun Water Park, Akasia

best water parks in gauteng
A picturesque view of the Crystal Sun Water Park. Photo: @crystal_sun_waterpark
Source: Instagram

The Crystal Sun Water Park in Akasia has lush gardens and gorgeous views to complement the numerous water activities at the park. Visitors can enjoy refreshments and light snacks at the park's restaurant. There is a designated kids' area with a wide range of activities to choose from.

Guests can choose to hire one of the thatched Lapas around the massive swimming pool. The Lapa is fully equipped with picnic tables and braai facilities.

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13. Zoo Lake, Johannesburg

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Zoo Lake is home to Jazz on the Lake, one of Johannesburg's most popular annual events. The event is held in September as a celebration of the end of winter. The park itself is designed around a manmade lake, located 15 minutes from the hustle and bustle of Joburg.

One can choose to take a walk around the lake which takes about two hours, depending on one's path. There are also small boats for rowing in the lake. On the first weekend of each month, there is an art market at the lake known as 'artists under the sun', which draws quite a crowd.

12. GOG KIDS Harties, Johannesburg

GOG KIDS Harties in Johannesburg is among the newest family adventure destinations in the Chameleon Village Precinct in Gauteng. The park has a beach playground, numerous pools, a spray pad, and a wide range of activities to cater for kids and adults.

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11. Pines Resort, Krugersdorp

This is among the best swimming resorts for waterslide lovers. The Pines Resort in Krugersdorp has numerous family-friendly activities but is particularly renowned for its epic waterslides. High-quality braai facilities complement the large swimming pools at the resort for an unforgettable experience.

10. ZambiBush Resort, Pretoria

water theme parks in gauteng
A pool at ZambiBush Resort. Photo: @zambibush
Source: Instagram

The ZambiBush Resort specializes in kids' birthday parties and family celebrations. The resort's playgrounds, water slides, swimming pools, and zoo all make the outdoor experience all the more thrilling.

The resort is located in Kenly, on the northern side of Pretoria and overlooks a massive dam and busy farmyard for animal lovers.

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9. Gold Reef City, Johannesburg

amusement parks in gauteng
Some of the facilities at Gold Reef City. Photo: @goldreefcitythemepark
Source: Instagram

The much-loved, multi-award-winning spot Gold Reef City is, without doubt, one of the best water parks in Gauteng, South Africa. The park is home to 23 dedicated kids' water rides, 18 thrilling theme park rides, and 13 other interactive attractions. There is also an unforgettable 4D theatre experience and a full-on Trampoline area.

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8. Cubana Water Park, Verena

swimming resorts
The perimeter wall around Cubana Water Park. Photo: @cubanawaterpark
Source: Instagram

The Cubana Water Park has several swimming pools, fancy restaurants, waterslides, sings, braais, and numerous other family fun activities.

7. Grizzlies Water Park, Pretoria

Grizzlies Water Park is an amusement venue that features play areas such as swimming pools, water slides, a kids water playground & a lazy river. This park is great for friends and families looking to have some outdoor fun.

6. Kids World and Water Park, Johannesburg

amusement parks in gauteng
Water slides at Kids World. Photo: @KidsWorld256
Source: Facebook

The Kids World and Water Park is located in Johannesburg and is home to a wide range of water-related fun activities. These include water slides, rocket rides, carousel swings, play gyms, jungle gyms, and braai facilities, alongside others.

5. Hennopspride Lifestyle Resort, Hartbeespoort Road

The Hennopspride Lifestyle Resort is situated right next to the Hennops River, giving it a feel of the open country. The resort has a 5-kilometre hiking trail, massive picnic spots, 20 water slides, and nine swimming pools.

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The numerous activities and wide-open spaces make the Hennopspride Lifestyle Resort ideal for families and corporate outings. There is also a private wing in the resort, complete with lapas, water slides, and swimming pools.

4. StokeCity WakePark, Pretoria

The StokeCity Wakepark is quite unique and was designed for waterskiing, wakeskating, kneeboarding, and wakeboarding. The park is in Glen Austin, Midrand, halfway between Pretoria and Johannesburg.

Wakeboarding is a watersport in which participants ride a board known as a wakeboard while being pulled by a speedboat via a cable system. On the other hand, kneeboarding involves a similar concept, but with the participants sitting on the board instead of standing.

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3. Zita Park, Pretoria

Visitors visit the site for its Paddling Pool, which attracts both children and adults alike for a good day off. Visiting the Zita Park in Pretoria is definitely worth considering, especially for the casual family day out.

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2. Buksies Resort, Johannesburg

water theme parks in gauteng
A winding slide at Buksies Resort. Photo: @buksies_resort
Source: Twitter

The water park at Buksies Resort offers waterslides, swimming pools, and fishing excursions. There are also other non-water activities in the resort. These include pony rides, cartoon character painting, and braai facilities.

1. Aquadome Water Park, Vanderbijlpark

best water parks in gauteng
The Aquadome water park. Photo: @emerald_resort_casino
Source: Instagram

The Aquadome Water Park is part of the hugely popular Emerald Resort & Casino in Vanderbijlpark. The resort has pools with ambient temperature controls, making them suitable for use all year round. There are also waterslides and a nice-looking shipwreck to add to the picturesque environment.

The Aquadome has lifeguards watching to make sure that every guest using the water facilities is safe.


Here are some frequently asked questions about water parks in Gauteng.

Can I bring gazebos and umbrellas to a water park?

While this may vary from one water park to another, most of them allow guests to bring their own sunshades, gazebos, and umbrellas. Still, most of these parks have their own shaded spots though their availability often depends on the number of guests at the facility.

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Can we bring food or drinks into the park?

Again, this may vary slightly from one park to another. However, most water parks do not allow guests to bring their own food and drinks. This is because, in most cases, there are restaurants and bars inside the amusement parks.

What forms of payment are available at the entrance?

Most parks accept major debit and credit cards, while a select few also accept cash payments in South African Rand.

Which places provide the best water and amusement parks in Gauteng for adrenaline seekers?

Some of the best water parks for adrenaline junkies include Gold Reef City, GOG Lifestyle Park, and the Valley of Waves.

Which are the best water parks in Gauteng for children and families?

The best family-oriented water parks in Gauteng include Wild Waters, GOG KIDS Harties, and Cubana Water Park.

The numerous water parks in Gauteng make it easy for residents and visitors to quickly and easily find a spot to enjoy outdoor water activities. Most of these parks have sufficient activities for both kids and adults, albeit at varying fees.

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