Duduzane Zuma: A Chat With the Devoted Family Man, Biker, Surfer, Boxer and Political Hopeful

Duduzane Zuma: A Chat With the Devoted Family Man, Biker, Surfer, Boxer and Political Hopeful

Duduzane Zuma, a prominent figure in South Africa, spoke to Briefly News in an exclusive interview about love and politics. The 37-year-old businessman and aspiring politician revealed some of the interesting things most people don’t know about him.

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Duduzane also set the record straight about some of the public misconceptions about who he really is and what he stands for

By Lwazi Nongauza - Freelance Journalist

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Duduzane Zuma is more than the young man who makes the headlines for his support of his infamous father, Jacob Zuma. Image: PHILL MAGAKOE/POOL/AFP via Getty Images
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The hate doesn't phase Duduzane Zuma

Your looks have led some people (more especially women) to describe you as people’s bae. As a married man, how did you handle that?

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I guess I have gotten used to getting admiration and hatred from different people.

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Luckily I am at a point where hate doesn't phase me and I am always flattered by well intended attention. Whatever little love I can get from young, old male, female, black, white, local or international people is welcomed.

Duduzane Zuma: The family man, biker, surfer and boxer

Road to Zion by Damian Marley, Ghetto scandalous by Zola, Amu and KB and x4 by Blackie Ye ft Nasty C are some of your favourite songs. Very few people know your fun normal human side. When you are not dealing with serious things, how do you unwind?

I enjoy spending time with my family (my wife and my kids). I don't see them much because I'm busy on the road.

I enjoy riding motorcycles, cruising down the coast or cruising on the highway.

I've taken up surfing again. That’s one of the things that I often do when I am chilling with the homies.

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Boxing is another thing that I enjoy in my spare time. I spend a lot of time trying to work on that craft, not just for self-defence only but also to maintain a healthy active lifestyle

Duduzane knows and understands the plight of all South Africans well

Most people only know you from what's been reported in the media. What are some myths or perceptions about you?

I've heard a lot of ill-conceived and false descriptions of me. Some have even gone as far as describing me as arrogant. I don't know where people get that because that is definitely not me.

Other people think that I am out of touch with what's going on in my backyard, which is also not true. I'm very clear about what's going on and what needs to be done.

The other misconception is that I was born with a silver spoon in my mouth. That isn’t true.

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Unlike many privileged young South Africans, I was actually born (in exile) in Mozambique. I've lived in Zimbabwe and Zambia before coming to SA.

Life wasn't always easy. I know what it is to go to bed on an empty stomach.

Duduzane Zuma distances himself from inciting violence claims, says he was quoted out of context

A few months ago you and other people were accused of inciting violence. You distance yourself from the allegations. In your view, where did those rumours come from and why would anyone randomly accuse you of such things?

I am not sure why people would put that out there. I think it's one of those things where people create a false narrative because it sells…I don't think it should be something that must be squarely blamed on someone like me.

The seven seconds out of an 11-minute video comments were taken out of context…I think it's something that one can never pinpoint to whom it was, and at this point, that actually doesn't matter to me because I know exactly what it is that I'm doing.

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Zuma believes the youth vote is not dwindling, but current leaderhsip doesn't speak to the masses

What are your views about the dwindling youth appetite for politics?

Youth appetite for politics is actually not dwindling. The logic behind this question actually misdiagnoses the point. The reality is that the low voter turnout ‘perceived or real’ is informed by the fact that the electorate has no confidence in many of the party candidates.

It’s actually a huge indictment of some politicians’ inability to understand the youth's plight.

North America, Canada, India, Australia and New Zealand have a high youth political appetite. In all those countries young people are recognised and treated as key stakeholders, that is why their youth is heavily involved in politics.

Duduzane Zuma and his political aspirations: He wants to lead South Africa

There are rumours that you are seriously considering getting into politics. Are those rumours true? If they are, what prompted you to get into politics?

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Those aren’t rumours anymore. It’s a fact; I am getting into politics with the intention to lead SA.

Practical politics participation might be fairly a new thing to me but what gives me courage is that I fully understand, relate with key issues within and outside the political arena and most importantly, I am in tune with the genuine needs of the majority of South Africans.

My personal life experiences as a patriotic citizen, illustrious entrepreneurship journey, understanding of SA economic dynamics and proven business prowess, leadership abilities through the most difficult legislative framework are some of the attributes that prompted my decision to get into politics.

Duduzane wants to move one South Africa forward

How would a Duduzane Zuma presidency be different from the previous presidents?

My summarised response would be efficiency in service delivery, technological advancements, clean governance, the real world also needs an aligned curriculum in the education system and a vibrant open market economic ideology.

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These would be the key pillars of our tenure.

That means my presidency wouldn’t completely move away from what the previous presidents did just for the sake of being unique, it will be more of an infusion of what worked during their tenures but with a strong torch and feel of what I together with my team would deem necessary to move our country forward.

Duduzane Zuma Receives Warm Welcome in Rural Village, Viral Video

Meanwhile, Briefly News recently reported that Duduzane Zuma remains a favourite for many people.

A video went viral earlier this year where Duduzane was welcomed like a president in one of the areas he visited.

The video shows someone who invokes hope in a desperate community living under challenging conditions.

There have been growing calls for Zuma to stand for the presidency but some people argue that he will not be a good leader as he lacks leadership credentials.

Source: Briefly News

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