Woman Working on Cruise Ship's TikTok Video Leaves SA Amazed by Hard Labour

Woman Working on Cruise Ship's TikTok Video Leaves SA Amazed by Hard Labour

  • A woman showed her career at sea and gave people a realistic look into her life as a cruise ship employee
  • The lady went viral with the vlog of her job on a cruise ship that involves lots of heavy lifting and balancing
  • TikTok users commented on the video in awe of how much the woman does in one day at her job

A woman showed people what her job travelling across the world involves. The professional working on a cruise ship showed people a day in her life.

TikTok vdio shows cruise ship worker
A TikTok video shows a woman employed on a cruise ship's day of hard work. Image: @thato_m40
Source: TikTok

The video got lots of attention from TikTok users fascinated by the career. People had lots to say after seeing how much work the woman puts in every day

Woman works on a cruise ship

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A woman with the handle @thato_m40 showed people what it takes to work a cruise ship. In the video, she showed the physical labour involved in being a waitress.

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Watch the video below:

South Africa applauds cruise ship worker

The lady left people amazed by how much work she does on a cruise ship. The video inspired others who want to follow the same career path.

shouldbelloyd said:

"Dark side of working on a cruise ship."

khanyisilenokubon7 commented:

"When working on a cruise ship for the first time, do they pay for your flight or you pay for yourself?"

UGC with Zii wrote:

"Day 7 I wouldn’t be smiling emzoxsithole. When I found out my girl was pregnant, I worked for like 6/7 months double shift every day... imagine that time I was working at Dischem."

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BraLee remarked:

"Six months on, six months off. That's a good trade."

Motso commented:

"If you know why you're there, nothing else matters, you will rest when the contract is finished."

Woman inspires with career

A lady showed people how much hard work pays off. The woman celebrated a promotion and many joined in.

SA woman over the moon about overseas salary

Briefly News previously recorded that a young South African woman working overseas took to social media to share a video revealing how her Bahraini Dinar salary got multiplied when it got converted and deposited into rands in her bank account.

This exchange rate indicated that the woman earned a good salary that month.

Source: Briefly News

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