Video of Conjoined Twin Abby Kissing Husband During Wedding As Other Sister Watches Emerges

Video of Conjoined Twin Abby Kissing Husband During Wedding As Other Sister Watches Emerges

  • A video has emerged showing the moment Josh Bowling bent over to kiss his new bride Abby, who is conjoined to her twin sister Brittany
  • While that was happening, 34-year-old Brittany just watched without flinching an eye
  • Social media users felt sorry for the twin, who has yet to find love but cannot disentangle from the married sibling

Conjoined twins Abby Hensel and her sister Brittany Hensel rose to fame through the reality show Abby & Brittany.

Abby Hensel gets married and video trends
Abby Hensel and her husband dance as twin Brittany watches. Image: Daily Mail
Source: UGC

Abby and Brittany’s story

Abby and Brittany were born on 7 March 7, 1990.

Their mother, Patty Hensel, disclosed that she only expected to deliver one baby based on scans but gave birth to the pair conjoined from the belly button down. Abby and Brittany were initially born with three arms, but one was surgically removed as it was not functional.

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Patty and her husband, Mike Hensel, chose to keep them conjoined as separating them was impossible. They have since grown up together into adulthood and live a healthy life together.

After their reality show, their story went even more viral when Abby married an army veteran and nurse named Josh Bowling.

Abby Hensel's wedding to Josh Bowling

While the news surprised netizens unfamiliar with their story, the 34-year-old sisters quickly dismissed the online chatter.

A video taken during their November 2021 wedding has resurfaced online, showing Abby dancing with Josh Bowling.

The video also captured the passionate moment the groom kissed the bride to seal the memorable day's events.

As the newlyweds had their moment, Brittany, Abby's dicephalic parapagus conjoined twin, just watched.

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Watch the video below:

Social media reactions

Social media users shared different reactions regarding the arrangement, with many feeling sorry for Brittany, who has yet to find love.

Some of the comments social media users had:

@CMiller238384 commented:

"I feel very sorry for the third wheel who misses out on a meaningful relationship with a man and doesn't get kisses and love."

@SunnydaleDreams said:

"I'm happy for Abby, but I can't help feeling terribly sad for Brittany with whom, presumably, he is not in love. How awful to feel left out for life. It makes me sad."

@Ondine1330101 reacted:

"I’m sure there’s some understanding among the three of them of how this will work. It’s none of our business. How about we hope Brittany finds someone?"

@BrettHawes shared:

"When Brittany was asked how she felt about her sister getting married she said “I’m really happy for her, I’ll always have her back!”

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