SA Woman Working in Korea Surprises Mom With Bedroom Makeover and Reflects on Renovating Family Home

SA Woman Working in Korea Surprises Mom With Bedroom Makeover and Reflects on Renovating Family Home

  • A young woman shared a post about working in Korea and sending money to SA to renovate her family home
  • She shared that the process was expensive but she was able to renovate every room besides the bedrooms
  • She redecorated her mom's bedroom within her means, making her mother beyond happy

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A young South African woman who works in Korea shared her efforts to renovate her family's home back in Durban
A woman working in Korea opened up about the ups and downs of renovating her home in Durban. Image: @umina_lo
Source: TikTok

A young South African woman who moved to Korea for work shared a TikTok post about how she made it a personal goal to help renovate her family home back in Durban.

Woman shares home renovation goal

In her TikTok post, @umina_lo shared that when she left for Korea two years ago, her major goal was to renovate her entire home.

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"I'd send money consistently to realise that goal. I underestimated how expensive the process would be. I managed to renovate all the other rooms except for the bedrooms.
"When I came back home, I was happy about the progress, but a part of me wanted to be disappointed that I didn't finish the whole house. Fortunately for me, I have amazing friends who spoke life into me when I am/was negative and that really helped me to not see myself as a failure but celebrate the progress I've made," the young woman shared.

@umina_lo shared a TikTok video showing how she spruced up her mother's bedroom by changing the curtains and bed linen and adding decorative pieces.

Her mother was overcome with joy and thankfulness upon seeing her new and improved bedroom. She commented on how beautiful it was and even said she was scared to sleep on the lovely bed.

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"My mom's bedroom is nowhere close to where I want it to be, but these small yet drastic changes have made me so proud, and I am even more glad that I got to be a part of the process instead of just sending money. God is so good! All the glory and thanks goes to Him, always!" @umina_lo shared.

SA touched by daughter's efforts

Many netizens were moved by the woman's post, her dedication to improving her family's living situation and her mother's joy upon seeing her bedroom.

XollyMlungwana replied:

"My mom would have been happy for 15 minutes, but by the end of the day, she would have spotted something missing."

Mamvubu ❤️ said:

"Mmmm owami bezobona owrong, niyajabula abazali benu bayakwazi ukujabula. [My mother would have spotted something I did wrong, I'm glad your parents are able to be happy.]"

user9251386708444 replied:

"Wow ngiyambongela kakhulu u Mama ❤️ [Wow, I'm so happy for mama.]"

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missjay Nxele044 said:

"I wish I have money bengifaka isandla, ngiyabathanda abantu abajabulisa abazali siyabonga baby gal uqhubeke nje ungapheli amandla. [I wish I had the money to assist you, I love people who make it a point to make their parents happy. Well done, carry on doing so, don't grow weary.]"

Thabile Ncobela commented:

"Ayikho into ejabulisa njengomzali obongayo. [Nothing brings joy like seeing a parent happy.]"

Dado Qwabe said:

"Injabulo yomzali wow! usebenzile nyombazana. [The joy of a parent, wow. You did good, girl.]"

Woman working in Korea shows off house she built for her mother

In another story, Briefly News reported that a hardworking woman took to social media to share how she managed to build her mother a house while working abroad.

In a video posted on TikTok by Lusanda Jiba (@lusanda_jiba), the 24-year-old teacher who works in Korea shows the progress of building a house from the ground up over the course of one year and two months.

Source: Briefly News

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