House of LLBs: A Cape Town Couple Showed Off Their Scholarly Achievements From UWC

House of LLBs: A Cape Town Couple Showed Off Their Scholarly Achievements From UWC

A couple from Cape Town, Tammy and Ivyn, showed their TikTok followers how winning together looks and feels like

The boyfriend, Ivyn, showed off their LLB qualifications and were TikTok’s most envied Mzansi couple

The couple placed their UWC qualifications on display in their home for every visitor to see

A couple from Cape Town proved that winning together is the true beauty of a relationship.

Cape Town couple show off scholarly achievements
A Cape Town couple showed off their UWC LLB degrees displayed on their walls at home. Image: @tammyivyn
Source: TikTok

The two love birds have a joint TikTok account that documents their relationship for the world to see.

A couple that wins together, stays together

A Cape Town couple and UWC alumnus showed off their beautiful relationship on TikTok. The love birds showed their followers that they are not just into romance but hard work, too.

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Tammy and Ivyn both have an LLB qualification from the University of the Western Cape. The pair placed the scholarly achievements on full display in their house so visitors could easily see them.

Ivy recorded a clip for TikTok where he said:

“When a girl has an LLB degree, and you also have an LLB deficiency…I’m bad at this TikTok degree.”

Watch the video below:

Showing off relationship status

Ivyn hilariously boasted about his relationship, creating a thread of hilarious comments on TikTok. This is what TikTok had to say:

@Gugue_lonke cannot beleive where the couple found love:

"You found love in UWC? How? Kuphi exactly bandla?"

@duke made a joke:

"House of substantiating the facts."

@elsie cannot wait for her victory moment:

"This gonna be me and my man with CS degrees, can’t wait fr."

Briefly News also reported that a madly in love couple from Cape Town wowed the internet with their love story. The couple stunned the internet when they posted their merged ID document to show the world how much they love each other.

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The obviously photoshopped photo has everyone, including celebrities, wanting to jump on the romantic trend. Philanthropist Siyabonga Khusela has always been a romantic partner. We were first introduced to the hopeless romantic when he paddled his bike all the way to Town from Langa township in the Western Cape to deliver his then-girlfriend’s lunch noodles.

Source: Briefly News

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