"It's Not for Content": Strict Mom Hilariously Shuts Down Daughter's Ibovu Skincare Routine Video

"It's Not for Content": Strict Mom Hilariously Shuts Down Daughter's Ibovu Skincare Routine Video

  • A young woman on TikTok, Gugu Akhona, attempted to share a skincare routine using ibovu (red soil) for clear skin
  • However, her mom hilariously interrupted the video scolding Gugu for using her ibovu without permission
  • The video went viral with South African viewers amused by the mom's reaction and Gugu's defeated response
A woman attempted to film a skincare routine using ibovu (red soil)
A woman was shut down by her mother after trying to record a skincare routine. Image: @baby.g_nkosii
Source: TikTok

A young woman’s skincare routine video went terribly wrong after her mother caught her in action.

Mom ruins woman’s skincare video

A TikTok video by Gugu Akhona (@baby.g_nkosii) shows her attempting to share details about how she uses ibovu (red soil mixture) on her face to achieve clear skin. However, she didn’t get very far in her explanation as her mother interrupted her, calling Gugu out for using her ibovu without her permission.

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The mother reprimanded her daughter, and told Gugu that ibovu was not for content.

Watch the video below:

What is ibovu?

According to Ulwazi Programme, Ibovu ‘red soil’ is the kind of soil that you can get from the rural areas near the river or in the valley. Ibovu does a lot of work even though some people think that it is just soil.

A person who has a rash over his body can also use the above by smearing it on the rash, and it will heal. Ibovu also prevents sunburn from damaging your face; you also have to smear it on your face. It can also be used in a wound that does not heal; it can help to heal the wound.

Mzansi netizens react to skincare fail

The video left many netizens amused as they responded with banter to Gugu’s defeated reaction to her strict mother.

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dimpho mazibuko copied the mother’s words:

"’Askilo ele content lelobovu’.”

Zandile commented:

“ I wouldn’t recover if my parents spoke to me like this.”


The way moms will humble you , had a similar experience 2days ago


Yhooo it’s the “bye” for me

Brenda said:

“Askies baby .”


“’Bye’ right after you got shouted at in front of your friends nakhona kade usathi uyachoma ngePhone yakhe uthi ukuphile sekwe yakho.”

BukkieGirl said:

“I like it for the "bye".”

T.❤️ jokingly said:

“You should've shown us quick quick.”

Woman's shares bizarre castor oil skincare routine

In another story, Briefly News reported that a woman's unexpected skincare plug to healthy-looking skin had SA netizens gagging on her behalf.

A TikTok video shared by Simmy Ndlabu (@simmyndlabu) shows her holding a bottle of castor oil before downing the entire bottle of the oil laxative.

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Some people use castor oil as a powerful laxative. It may also have moisturising and wound-healing properties, Healthline explains.

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