“Your Dad Was Too Defeated”: Woman Makes Pink Pap for Parents, Reaction Entertains Mzansi

“Your Dad Was Too Defeated”: Woman Makes Pink Pap for Parents, Reaction Entertains Mzansi

  • A woman hopped onto the pink pap trend and pranked her parents with the surprising dish
  • While her mother was stunned at the colour, the woman's father did not have much of a reaction
  • Members of the online community filled the comment section with laughter, while others commented on the reactions

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Woman makes pink pap for her parents.
A woman pranked her parents by making them pink pap. Images: @xx.toxic_rey
Source: TikTok

A young woman made a meal for her parents but added a twist to the mix.

Rejoice Matsuis, who uses the handle @xx.toxic_rey on TikTok, shared a video of herself spoiling her parents with a good meal on the social media platform. However, while preparing the pap, the daughter added pink food colouring.

The short clip cuts to Rejoice serving her mother with a plate covered with a pot's lid. Once the mother lifts the lid and sees the pap, a look of confusion takes over her face.

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She comically exclaims:

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"Heh? Pinky? Ha-ah, I don't want."

Rejoice then presents the meal to her father, who has less of a reaction than her mother.

Watch the video below:

What is pap?

According to the local publication South Africa, pap is a type of porridge made from maise meal. It can be enjoyed runny, soft, or stiffly during any mealtime.

The publication adds:

"It is a staple in many homes, mainly thanks to its cost and versatility. Pap can be enjoyed with sugar and milk for breakfast or meat and vegetables for lunch and supper. It can even be watered down to make a tasty drink called Mageu."

Netizens find humour in parents' reactions

The video became viral, reaching over a million views on the popular app. A few people also took to Rejoice's comment section to mimic the mother and share similar stories they had with their parents.

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@amberqueen.t joked and said:

"It's all fun and games until you need to poop."

@roreeyseboya laughed in the comments:

"Honestly, your dad was too defeated to speak."

In all seriousness, @just.diana_101 commented:

"My family doesn't play about their pap."

Speaking about Rejoice's mother, @real.kayl said:

"She was so shocked, she wanted to close it again."

Woman pranks mother with pink pap

In a similar article, Briefly News reported about a young woman who had her mother collapsing in laughter after she made a pot of pink pap.

The plate of food with the gravy looked unappetising, and one would get sick just by looking at it.

Source: Briefly News

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