From Single Mom to Entrepreneur: Woman Shares Inspiring Journey to Success, Mzansi Claps

From Single Mom to Entrepreneur: Woman Shares Inspiring Journey to Success, Mzansi Claps

  • A single mom-turned-entrepreneur showcased her independence in a Facebook post encouraging women to believe in themselves
  • The woman revealed that after years of looking for a job with no luck and depending on her baby daddy’s salary, she decided to take the risk and begin her own business
  • Mzansi was encouraged by her story, a beautiful reminder that dreams are achievable, even as a single parent

A single mother-turned-entrepreneur has shared an inspiring story of resilience and success. The woman left netizens impressed by her strong will to better herself and her children's lives.

Woman begins her own business
A single mom started her own thriving businesswoman and inspired many women to do the same. Image: @Black Capitalist
Source: Facebook

Entrepreneur inspires SA

@Black Capitalist on Facebook shared a touching post of a lady who goes by the name of Mapula Portia Masila. The entrepreneurial woman is a mother of two who used to solely depend on her baby daddy's salary to feed her children.

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She revealed that with no luck finding a job for years, the woman decided to swallow her pride and take the leap of faith to start her own business.

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The brave lady has embarked on a sauce business as a means to make ends meet and her courage has left many peeps inspired by her resilience.

Taking to Facebook, the caption read as follows:

"I am a mother of 2, 2021 and 2022. We've been depending only on baby daddy's salary bcoz itse been years looking for a job with no luck, until I realised that pride won't feed me and I had to stand on my feet and hustle to make ends meet." - Mapula Portia Masila

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See the touching post below:

Mzansi, encouraged by entrepreneur

The woman's story resonates deeply with many, mainly single moms in South Africa. Her journey is a source of inspiration, demonstrating that dreams can be turned into reality with dedication and perseverance.

Ndazo Salphy said:

"Good decision making."

Stan Tumza Mphahlele wrote:

"Impressive! I so wish Mzansi ladies can have that kind of mature mind."

Kamte Kulinji Thondolo commented:

"Keep it up! One day you will go big with your hustle."

Nsuku Azifani Nomhlekhabo added:

"Big up, good work."

Business Signature SA simply said:

"Keep it up, I like your courage."

Zukiswa Mnyanda praised the woman, saying:

"Well done."

Entrepreneur mom savours moments of triumphs

Briefly News previously reported on a similar story of a single mother's touching video which captured a proud moment of dropping her child off at school and serves as a testament to the triumph of her entrepreneurial spirit.

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