Kenyans Upset as EFF Leader Malema Lambasts President Ruto: "Everything He Said Was True

Kenyans Upset as EFF Leader Malema Lambasts President Ruto: "Everything He Said Was True

  • The EFF's Julius Malema has criticised Kenyan President Ruto for the warm welcome of King Charles, accusing him of betrayal and broken election promises
  • Malema challenged Ruto on Israel's support, questioning his actions and sparking upset among Kenyans over his controversial speech
  • South Africans support Malema's truth-telling, rallying behind his words on social media, while Kenyan Senator Cherargei urged him to apologise

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SOUTH AFRICA - South Africans are concurring with Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) CIC Julius Malema's sentiments on Kenya Kwanza leader and President William Ruto.

Kenyan President William Ruto and EFF CIC Julius Malema
The EFF's Julius Malema called Kenyan President William Ruto out for supporting Israel. Images: Getty Images
Source: Getty Images

Malema once again landed himself in hot water, this time not in South Africa but in Kenya, with his utterance while delivering a speech at the Pan African Institute Launch at Makueni, rubbing many Kenyans the wrong way.

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Addressing thousands of attendees at Lukenya University, the Red Berets leader lambasted President Ruto for his warm welcoming of King Charles during his visit to Kenya and the condemnation of attacks on Israel by Gaza.

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Malema challenges President Ruto

During his speech, Malema accused President Ruto of doing the opposite of what he said during the elections. He questioned Ruto for not calling King Charles into question during his visit. He said:

"Putting a red carpet for a murderer, a person who killed Kenyan people coming into this country and being saluted by our army. This is not an Italian army, it's not a colonialist army.
"The Kenyan army is a product of the Maomao rebellion and those who killed our people in the Maomao rebellion cannot be saluted by the same army of the children of those who were killed during Maomao."

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Lambasting Ruto on the Israel-Palestine conflict, Malema asked the attendees to pass on a message for him to Ruto.

"The people of Palestine are what Maomao was. The people of South Africa are what Palestinian people are today, where our land just gets taken, where we get killed on our own land, we get tortured on our land, we get imprisoned in our own land and when we fight back we are called terrorists," said Malema.

Kenyans angered by Malema's 'insults'

In a video posted by @AdvoBarryRoux on X Nandi Senator Samson Kiprotich Cherargei responded to Malema's speech and said Malema needed to stop coming to Kenya and insulting their president.

Below is the video:

South Africans believe Malema told the truth

Commenting on a post by @AdvoBarryRoux on X, netizens rallied behind Malema's words, saying all he said is nothing short of the truth.

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Below are some of the reactions:

@Ori_RSA remarked:

"Everything he said is true. That president and his fellow cheerleaders are offended because the truth hurts. There is no sense of disrespect in what he said."

@UrbanStreetZA suggested:

"That's why he should be president of South Africa, let's vote next year."

@tinyikobaloyi remarked:

"One thing I know, he is not going to apologise."

@AkanimiltonM said:

"The truth hurts and they are offended by the truth."

@musa_mansa denoted:

"Everything he said was true, but African politicians are not used to that kind of confrontation. People of Kenya were very happy with his speech."

Julius Malema blamed for racism claims

In a previous report by Briefly News, Springboks fans blamed Julius Malema for allegations that some Springboks players' absence from the rugby World Cup trophy had racial motives. There were speculations that a few of the Springbok players who were absent from the tour were white, and South Africans theorised that they stayed away for racist reasons.

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Netizens shut these claims down and believed that Malema's alleged racist ideology fuelled people to think that their absence was racial.

Source: Briefly News

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