MK Party Founder Jabulani Khumalo Hits Back With Zuma Suspension

MK Party Founder Jabulani Khumalo Hits Back With Zuma Suspension

  • MK Party founder Jabulani Khumalo, who was recently given the boot from the party, returns favour to Jacob Zuma
  • Khumalo wrote a letter to the IEC noting Zuma should be removed as the face of the party
  • He also accused Zuma of fraudulently overtaking the party
Jabulani Khumalo hits back with Zuma suspension
MK Party founder Jabulani Khumalo hits back with Zuma suspension. Images: Papi Morake/Gallo Images/GIANLUIGI GUERCIA/AFP via Getty Images/ Per-Anders Pettersson
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Jabulani Khumalo, the founder and now former member of uMkhonto Wesizwe (MK) Party issued a letter of demand to the Electoral Commission of SA (IEC) to remove former president Jacob Zuma as the face of the party.

In a letter to the IEC, Khumalo urged the Commission to remove Zuma from its list of potential members of parliament.

Power struggle within the party

Khumalo accused Zuma of fraudulently occupying these positions within the party.

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“In these circumstances, I request urgently that the Electoral Commission remove Zuma's name as the ‘face’ of MKP and immediately remove him as its president. He occupies both positions through fraudulent and illegal maneuvers.”

Zuma currently holds the top spot on MKP's list of candidates for the National Assembly.

However, Khumalo's actions suggest a power struggle within the party, as Zuma recently expelled him.

Khumalo has taken decisive action by petitioning the IEC to remove Zuma from its lists.

Additionally, he informed Zuma of his precautionary suspension due to alleged misconduct, citing actions that have tarnished the party's reputation and caused confusion among the public and MKP members.

Zuma’s alleged suspension

Khumalo specified that Zuma's suspension was initiated without following the party's constitutional procedures. Consequently, Khumalo has placed Zuma on precautionary suspension pending disciplinary proceedings by the MKP's constitution.

“I write to you in my capacity as the President of the uMkhonto Wesizwe Party. You have committed several acts of misconduct in relation to the activities of the MKP.”

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“These have brought the party into disrepute and caused confusion within the broader public and the membership of the MKP. Specifically, you have purported to suspend me as the President of the Party without following the procedures prescribed by the party's constitution."
"In these circumstances, you are at this moment placed on precautionary suspension, pending disciplinary proceedings being brought against you regarding the constitution of the MKP.”

Khumalo hits back

This move seems to be Khumalo's response to his expulsion from the party, which he claims was based on fraudulent grounds, despite claims Zuma replaced him.

Khumalo alleges that Zuma unlawfully removed him as president and attempted to take control of the party's leadership.

“He has acted contrary to the terms of the party constitution. He has purported to remove me as a party leader without following any procedures.”

Khumalo further clarified to the IEC that Zuma's involvement with the party was initially limited to consultations and fundraising, and he did not intend to be a member or hold any leadership position within the party.

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Timeline of MKP’s existence

Khumalo indicated that he established the MKP in 2023 and officially registered it with the Electoral Commission on September 7th.

“Before its registration, I sought political advice and guidance from former President Jacob Zuma. During these consultations, Zuma suggested aligning the party's name with the ANC, emphasizing the entrenched public recognition of the ANC's brand amidst a crowded political landscape. The name uMkhonto Wesizwe was proposed by Zuma himself.”
“I registered the MKP with the Electoral Commission, with Mr. Zuma assisting in raising the necessary funds, amounting to approximately R705,000. While I cannot disclose the individuals who contributed to the registration funds, it was a collective effort.
“In December 2023, Mr. Zuma proposed launching the MKP on December 16th, coinciding with the anniversary of the original launch of uMkhonto Wesizwe. I agreed with his suggestion."
"Throughout this process, it was always clear that Mr. Zuma was not a member of the MKP but would support its campaign efforts. He reiterated his allegiance to the ANC when announcing his decision to vote and campaign for the MKP.”

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Khumalo said the MKP operates with an interim executive committee, of which he serves as president.

"Zuma is not a member of this committee. Despite rumors of his intention to hijack the party, I dismissed them, believing in the strength of our relationship. However, on April 23rd, 2024, I was summoned to a meeting with individuals not part of the national executive committee, yet active within the MKP."
"During this meeting, Zuma declared my removal as president and claimed the presidency for himself. A fraudulent letter was prepared to inform the Electoral Commission that I would no longer be a candidate and that Zuma would assume both the face and presidency of the MKP."
"In response, I promptly notified the Electoral Commission that Mr. Zuma would serve as the face of the party, but I never endorsed his presidency. Mr. Zuma's actions have tarnished the MKP's reputation and violated the party's constitution by unlawfully removing me from leadership without due process."

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"Given these circumstances, I urgently request the Electoral Commission to remove Mr. Zuma from his current positions within the MKP. His occupancy of these roles is the result of fraudulent and illegal means. The interim executive committee will immediately address Mr. Zuma's conduct through the party's structures."

ANC postpones Jacob Zuma's disciplinary hearing

In a similar report, Briefly News noted that the ANC has formally postponed Jacob Zuma's hearing over security concerns ahead of the national elections.

In a letter addressed to ANC National Disciplinary Committee (NDC) chairperson Ralph Mgijim, the party said a new date will be chosen after the elections.

ANC Secretary General Fikile Mbalula announced the news during a media briefing at Luthuli House on Sunday, noting that the events around Zuma have been ever-fluid and rapidly changing.

Source: Briefly News

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