Mzansi is not convinced the ANC will create jobs after the elections

Mzansi is not convinced the ANC will create jobs after the elections

  • As the elections approach, South Africans are increasingly sceptical of the ANC's promises, including Fikile Mbalula and Cyril Ramaphosa's job creation pledges
  • Social media users criticise the ANC's track record, highlighting unfulfilled promises and questioning the timing of their commitments
  • Experts note a growing disconnect between the ANC leadership and voters, emphasising the need for tangible results to regain public trust

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ANC leaders promise more jobs
ANC's Fikile Mbalula and Cyril Ramaphosa have both gone on their campaign trails, promising jobs and a stable economy, but no one is buying it. Images: Per-Anders Pettersson/Getty Images
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With just a few days until the elections, convincing South Africans that things will improve again has become even more complex.

Various ANC leaders, including Secretary General Fikile Mbalula and President Cyril Ramaphosa, promised South Africans they would create jobs.

However, Mzansi took to Facebook to inform the two leaders that they did not believe them and that this would not change their minds about their votes.

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South Africans do not believe it

South Africans are expressing disbelief on social media, criticising the ANC's track record and questioning its commitment to meaningful economic development.

William Mathenjwa commented:

"Why only now?"

Lindiwe Radebe said:

"You should have done that 30 years ago. We are used to that song; we know it even in our sleep."

Lindiwe Nkosi added:

"Mxm empty promises where is our RDP's since 1996"

David Archer noted:

"So they wait 30 years and now decide to create jobs rather odd this lot or just con artists."

Mbalula promised South Africans more jobs

Mbalula vowed to prioritise job creation and the revitalisation of industrial areas if the party won the elections.

Speaking to a crowd of enthusiastic supporters in his hometown of Botshabelo, Mbalula highlighted the ANC's plans to stimulate the local economy and generate employment opportunities, particularly for the youth.

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"Our goal is to breathe new life into our industrial sectors and ensure our young people have the opportunities they deserve."

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According to experts, the criticism underscores a growing disconnect between the ANC leadership and the electorate because South Africans need these jobs.

Speaking to Briefly News, political commentator Thabo Mokoena said that despite the party's historical significance and longstanding dominance in SA politics, its ability to address the pressing issues of joblessness and economic stagnation is increasingly being questioned.

Madoko suggested that the ANC's challenge lies in convincing a disillusioned public that it can deliver on its pledges.

"The ANC must not only make promises but also demonstrate a clear and actionable plan to achieve these goals. Voters are looking for tangible results, not rhetoric.
"The ANC's strategy will be closely scrutinized as the elections draw closer. The party's ability to regain the trust of the electorate hinges on its capacity to present and implement effective solutions to South Africa's economic woes.

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"Whether Mbalula's promises will translate into real progress remains to be seen, but one thing is clear: the road ahead will require more than just words to convince a skeptical nation."

Ramaphosa casts doubt with a vow of 2.5 million jobs in 5 years

Briefly News previously reported that Ramaphosa shared an ambitious plan to create 2.5 million job opportunities over the next five years.

He addressed supporters on Saturday, 24 February, at the ANC's election manifesto launch at Moses Mabhida Stadium.

He said the ruling party is committed to tackling unemployment and boosting economic growth.

Source: Briefly News

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