2024 General Elections: No Party Won a Majority in South Africa’s General Elections

2024 General Elections: No Party Won a Majority in South Africa’s General Elections

The ANC's National Assembly seats dropped from 230 to 159, while the DA increased to 87 seats and the EFF decreased to 39; newcomers, the MK Party, secured 58 seats. The ANC received 40.19% of the vote, followed by the DA with 21.80%, and the MK Party with 14.59%.

The ANC has been the ruling party since South Africa became a democratic country 30 years ago.

Briefly News brings you the latest updates on election day.

DA's John Steenhuisen, ANC's Cyril Ramaphosa, MKP's Jacob Zuma and EFF's Julius Malema campaigning for the 2024 General Elections.
DA's John Steenhuisen, ANC's Cyril Ramaphosa, MKP's Jacob Zuma and EFF's Julius Malema campaigning. Images: Michele Spatari/AFP, Chris McGrath, Per-Anders Pettersson and EMMANUEL CROSET/AFP
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ANC loses majority for the 1st time since 1994

The ANC has lost its outright majority for the first time in a devastating blow since winning in the first post-apartheid elections 30-years-ago.

In the National Assembly, the African National Congress (ANC) now holds 159 seats, a decrease from 230.

See a video of the IEC announcement on X:

The Democratic Alliance (DA) increased its seats from 84 to 87, while the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) saw a reduction from 44 to 39 seats. Newcomers, the uMkhonto weSizwe Party, secured 58 seats.

According to the latest Electoral Commission of South Africa (IEC) results dashboard, the ANC received 40.19% of the vote, totaling 6,458,988 votes.

The DA followed with 21.80%, equating to 3,502,863 votes, and the MK Party gained 14.59% support, with a total of 2,344,096 votes.

IEC to declare 2024 General Election outcome at 18:00

The Independent Electoral Commission of South Africa has confirmed that it will announce the 2024 national and provincial election results on 2 June 2024.

An IEC statement posted by @MDNnewss indicated that the official announcement was scheduled for 18:00:

EFF President Julius Malema Open to Coalition with ANC

EFF President Julius Malema said his party is willing to work with the ANC in a coalition government.

The @EFFSouthAfrica leader explained that experience in local government coalitions has proven that the outgoing ruling party was easier to work with when it lacked an absolute majority:

MK Party accuses IEC of vote rigging

The MK Party has accused the IEC of vote rigging and has called for a manual recount of ballots from Mpumalanga, Gauteng and KwaZulu-Natal.

MK Party calls for manual vote recount:

More inconsistencies raised

The EFF in the Western Cape has raised objections in relation to electoral fraud against the IEC.

According to journalist Athi Mtongana said the EFF said voter numbers were tampered with at the Theewaterskloof VD.

See the full video below:

IEC gives update on counting process

The IEC has noted that the counting process is reaching its conclusion. So far, 71.76% of the results have been captured.

According to IEC CEO Sy Mamabolo, the Northern Cape has completed capturing, while the Eastern Cape was at 95.52%, Free State at 95.52%, Gauteng at 75.33%, KZN at 75.37%, and Mpumalanga at 91.94%.

Limpopo is now at 80.78%, North West at 88.61%, and Western Cape at 88.99%.

ActionSA notes disappointment in numbers

ActionSA has noted its disappointment in the numbers so far.

Leader Herman Mashaba said the emergence of the MKP has left a dent in their numbers nationally.

However, the party chair, Micheal Beaumont, said they are still looking to garner more as counting continues.

ANC fails to reach majority in Northern Cape

The IEC has tallied all the ballots from the Northern Cape. While the ANC was in the lead, it failed to attain the fifty-plus-one needed for an outright majority.

The party received 49.47%, followed by the DA with 20.94% and the EFF at 13.23%.

ANC in the Northern Cape failed to attain an outright majority.
ANC in the Northern Cape failed to cross the fifty-plus-one threshold needed for an outright majority. Image: IEC dashboard/Screenshot
Source: UGC

MK Party breaches a million votes nationally

The MK Party has broken the 1 million votes threshold.

The new entrant in the political space accumulated 1,010,680 votes from the 61.6% counted voting districts.

The ANC garnered 3,634,911, while the DA received 1,990,979. The EFF, which was in fourth position nationally, had 824 597:

MK Party has reached a million votes nationally.
The uMkhonto we Sizwe Party has accumulated over a million votes nationally. Image: IEC dashboard/Screenshot.
Source: UGC

HSRC releases election satisfaction survey

The Human Sciences Research Council has released its Election Satisfaction Survey. The @HSRCza study, which was conducted on election day, examined voters' opinions and perceptions:

DA confident of maintaining stronghold in the Western Cape

The DA in the Western Cape believes it can equal or even better its 2019 election performance.

With 72.2% of the province’s voting districts counted, the DA garnered 55.3%. The ANC and PA followed with 18.36% and 9.23% respectively.

The DA’s Tertius Simmers told EWN that the results were satisfying, considering that many of its opponents used the party as a punching bag.

The DA in Western Cape believes it could improve from its 2019 performance.
Western Cape DA leader Tertius Simmers believes the party could improve from its 2019 performance. Image: IEC dashboard/Screenshot
Source: UGC

2024 General Election poll: Who will the ANC go into coalition with?

2024 General Election: ANC receives 41.86% of the votes

According to recent results, the African National Congress received 41.8% of the votes. The Democratic Alliance received 23% and the MK Party received 10.98%.

@Newzroom405 posted a tweet with the results.

2024 General Election: CSIR release new projections, 40% for ANC

The CSIR has dropped a shocker after they shared their new election predictions with over 50% of voting complete. The agency has predicted that the ANC will drop to 40.5% nationally, losing its majority rule.

In addition, the poll predicts a rise in DA support by 1% and MK finishing in third place with 14.6%. The EFF is predicted to lose 1%.

2024 General Election: Free State vote counting complete, ANC leads

The vote counting in the Free State is now complete. EWN reported that the IEC is hoping to announce the official outcome by the end of today.

In the province, the ANC is leading with over 50%, followed by the DA and EFF.

At present, 53% of the national vote has been counted.

2024 General Election: MK topples EFF from top 3 as vote count continues

The MK party is now settled comfortably in the third spot nationally with one third of the votes counted. The new kid on the block knocked the EFF down from its position, to the surprise of many.

SABC reports that the MK party has 772 109 votes compared to the EFF, which currently has 689 311.

2024 General Election: ANC will accept election outcome even if they lose KZN

The ANC has confirmed that they will not challenge the election outcome even if it is not in their favour. Speaking to eNCA, ANC chair Gwede Mantashe said that they would not be contesting the election results even if they lose KZN to the MK Party.

Mantashe was clarifying his earlier comments where he accused the province of voting along tribal lines.

2024 General Election: Over 50% votes officially declared, ANC loses majority in NC

The IEC has confirmed that over 50% of votes have been declared. 11 715 voting districts have finalised their votes out of 23 293.

According to the SABC, the ANC has failed to attain its majority in the Northern Cape by a small margin, sitting at 49.23% of votes.

Al Jama-ah predicts a change in results when metros trickle in

Al Jama-ah party leader Ganief Hendricks says he's confident that when the numbers from the metros start trickling in, they'll do well, especially in Gauteng and the Western Cape.

The IEC noted that the voting districts being counted now are mainly in rural areas.

ANC continues to climb up the ladder

The ANC has continued to climb up the leaderboard, hitting its 1.5 million mark.

The party is still dominating the board, being the only one that has reached its first million with 42,47%. The DA has, however, garnered 25.08% and EFF 8.97%.

The parties have cemented their places in first place - ANC, second - DA, third - EFF and MKP in fourth place.

However, the EFF and MKP are running neck-and-neck, gunning for third place.

Ananlysts claim these elections did not have high turnout

Election analyst Dawie Scholtz has noted that the total turnout will settle at around 57-58%.

Scholtz noted that this was not the highest voter turnout in the country.

He said that the turnout was 66% in 2019.

Scholtzs noted that Gauteng had a "fascinating" turnout, with suburban areas having 70% and townships having 57%.

He said the DA recovered with white voters.

ANC hits 50% mark in Mpumalanga

The ANC has officially hit the 50% mark, stretching the gap against second-place MKP.

The ANC has gained 142 206, followed by the MK Party with 53 390, and then the DA: 41 449 and EFF: 37 086.

MKP's Nhlamulo Ndlela says the party is ready to bring change

With uMkhonto we Sizwe slowly climbing up the ladder during the vote-counting process, the party spokesperson says they are ready to bring about change in the party.

In an interview with Newzroom Afrika, Ndlela said the ANC has not done much for SA:

"There's been no capital investment in this country under the ANC of Cyril Ramaphosa. Jacob Zuma built bridges, infrastructure and hospitals, and we refer to that as nine wasted years."

MKP claps back at Helen Zille for tribalism comments

uMkhonto we Sizwe spokesperson Nhlamulo Ndhlela responded to Helen Zille's comments that the MKP is a tribalistic party.

Speaking to Newzroom Afrika, Ndlela said it was unfortunate that some leaders commented to sow division among citizens.

"These are just sour grapes that come from a Stellenbosch farm. Very unfortunate."

Zille is not the only one who claimed the MKP's support was tribalistic. While the ANC chairperson noted his shock at the party's success, he also claimed that the support was purely because of tribalism.

The DA federal chairperson also said the DA would not allow South Africa to be ruled by a coalition of the ANC, EFF and MK, adding that smaller parties are hard to avoid in coalitions.

RISE Mzansi calls for direct action in vote counting process

RISE Mzansi Gauteng premier candidate, Vuyiswa Ramokgopa, emphasised the need for direct action during the vote-counting process at the National Results Operation Centre.

Speaking to Newzroom Afrika, she highlighted concerns about recent voting district regulation changes and poor communication, stressing these issues could have been prevented.

Ramokgopa's remarks underscore the importance of transparent and effective election management.

ANC hits 1 million mark in votes

The ANC has officially hit the one million mark as the election counting process continues.

The party has consistently led the board and is now sitting at 43.48%, followed by the DA at 24.67%

IEC gives update on counting process

The Electoral Commission of South Africa (IEC) has given an update on the ballot counting process.

Results have slowly been coming in, with the ANC still leading the board with 43.48%, which constitutes 1 021 325 votes. The DA followed with 24.67% (579 537).

IEC CEO Sy Mamabolo noted that so far Gauteng has captured 28% of the results captured, Limpopo 26%, North West 36%, Northern Cape 63% and KZN 23%.

See the video below:

"MKP's KZN success was not expected," says ANC's Gwede Mantashe

In early KZN election results, the MK Party led by Jacob Zuma is ahead with 41.77% of the vote, with the ANC following at 21.06%.

eNCA reported that the ANC National Chairperson Gwede Mantashe expressed surprise, noting they had expected the IFP to pose the main challenge, but the MK party has 'punished' both the ANC and IFP.

Mantashe criticised media bias for the ANC's decline and vowed to counter the MK threat. Speaking to Briefly News, he argued that the ANC would win the elections.

MKP not keen on coalitions

uMkhoto we Sizwe's Duduzile Zuma noted the party is not interested in a coalition with any party.

Speaking at the IEC's National Results Operation Centre (ROC) located at the Gallagher Convention Centre, she emphasised that there was no possibility of a coalition between her party and the ANC or the DA despite her father [Jacob Zuma] still being a member of the ANC.

See the post below:

ANC leads early voting tally with 948,000 votes

The IEC has counted about 20% of voting districts, with about 2,1 million valid votes so far.

According to @ewnreporter, the ANC was in the lead with 948,000 followed by the DA and the EFF with 542,000 and 192,000 respectively:

AU voices concerns over election delays and malfunctioning equipment

The African Election Union's Observer Mission expressed concern about polling station delays caused by malfunctioning equipment.

According to @eNCA, former Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta said the machinery should have been checked before the General Election. Kenyatta's team was tasked with ensuring that the South African elections met the required standards to be deemed democratic:

WC electoral head admits impact of law changes on staff training

The Western Cape’s electoral head conceded that electoral law changes impacted staff training.

Michael Hendrickse apologised to voters for the technical glitches that resulted in long queues.

He told EWN that voter management devices disappointed the Electoral Commission, raising questions about whether they had been sufficiently tested.

DA's Helen Zille unfazed by MK Party’s gains

The DA’s Helen Zille said she is not yet worried about the MK Party’s gains.

Zille said the DA’s major vote generally comes from the metros, so they will wait and see.

In a clip shared by @NkosinathiShazi, Zille explained that it’s too early to make a call:

The DA’s Chris Pappas predicts coalition government for KZN

The Democratic Alliance in KwaZulu-Natal believes that a coalition government is on the cards for the province.

Premier candidate Chris Pappas told EWN that while it was still early, the results indicated no party would get 50%.

The early figures have placed the MK Party in the lead with 42.91%, followed by the ANC and IFP with 21.09% and 18.53%, respectively.

The DA's Chris Pappas believed that a coalition government was on the cards for KZN
DA Premier candidate Chris Pappas said no political party would obtain 50% in KwaZulu-Natal. Images: Darren Stewart/Gallo Images and J. Countess
Source: Getty Images

General Election 2024: DA leads Emfuleni Local Municipality in results

The Democratic Alliance leads the race in the Emfuleni Local Municipality in Gauteng.

According to SowetanLIVE, the opposition is gaining a foothold in Emfuleni Local Municipality, with 41.26% votes counted in their favour and 27% for the ANC at 10:30am this morning.

2024 National Election: 3 people killed after voting in KwaZulu-Natal

Three people died after casting their vote in the 2024 General Elections in KwaZulu-Natal.

According to eNCA, the victims were found dead early in the morning of 30 May after marking their ballots.

2024 National Election: Rand takes a knock after CSIR prediction on ANC majority

The rand was knocked down after the CSIR made a prediction that saw the ANC gaining a majority.

News24 posted on X and revealed that the currency weakened and bond yields went up as the results trickled in.

2024 general elections: analyst predicts no majority in Gauteng to be expected

Analyst Dawie Scholtz revealed a prediction about Gauteng. It's predicted that no party is expected to emerge as a clear winner in Gauteng as there are too few results coming in. He posted on his @DawieScholtz account on X.

2024 General Election: CSIR advises against reading too much into earlier predictions

The Council for Scientific and Industrial Research cautioned the public not to regard its previous general elections as written in stone.

The DA received 22% of the votes and the ANC received 41% of the vote, with the EFF trailing at 7.27% and the MKP at 7.54%.

2024 General Election: Election analyst predicts that the ANC will retain Northern Cape

eNCA's analyst Wayne Sussman predicted that the ANC will retain the Northern Cape.

Sussman said that statisticians and mathematicians analysed data and determined that the ANC would receive a lower percentage than last time but still retain the majority.

2024 General Election: ANC tracking below 50% as early results pour in

With 10% of the results counted so far, the ANC continues to lead. However, the ruling party, which previously enjoyed a majority rule, is currently tracking below 50%.

IOL journalist Sihle Mlambo posted the IEC results on his X social media page. The ANC currently sits at 42%

2024 General Election: ANC leads, followed by DA and EFF

With a little less than 1% of votes counted, the ANC is currently leading, followed by the official opposition, the DA. The EFF remains in third place. Newcomer MK Party is sitting at a distant fourth.

Newzroom Afrika shared that the ANC is currently sitting with 24 881 votes.

2024 General Election: Results indicate dramatic MKP growth in KZN, EC remains ANC stronghold

Early results have been streaming in from a little over 1am this morning and there have been a few shockers. Independent journalist and seasoned elections reporter Dawie Schultz reports on X that:

"The ANC is in deep, deep trouble in KZN."

His sentiments come after the early results in Southern KZN indicated a growth of 39% by the MKP and a decrease of 30% by the ANC.

2024 General Election: Frustrated voter threatens to burn down hall

As frustrations grow amid IEC voting delays, one frustrated voter was heard on a viral video clip calling on community members to burn down the voting facility if they were not given a chance to vote.

According to Scrolla Africa journalist, Sihle Mavuso, the voters have been waiting for hours because the IEC station allegedly ran out of ballot papers.

2024 General Election: Rubber bullets fired as Thokoza locals storm voting station

Rubber bullets have been fired by law enforcement at the volatile Thokoza voting station after voters allegedly attempted to storm the facility. Newzroom Afrika reported that the residents were frustrated after being forced to wait for hours due to IEC glitches that included a ballot paper shortage.

No fatalities have been reported as present.

2024 General Election: Angry Thokoza residents vow to cast votes amid IEC glitches

Frustrated voters in Thokoza are spitting fire after their voting process came to a halt. According to Newzroom Afrika, the residents have been unable to vote due to IEC issues, including technical glitches and a shortage of ballot papers.

The determined locals have made it clear that they would not be going anywhere until they have cast their votes.

2024 General Election: IEC says all voters in queue by 9pm will vote

With less than two hours left before the voting polls officially close, the IEC has reassured the public that everyone in the queue will be given the opportunity to vote. The IEC, during a media briefing, confirmed that they have installed systems in place to cater to all who want to vote.

This means that the voting period may extend well beyond the official cut-off time, however, there is no plan to extend the voting process for another day.

2024 General Election: Power cuts hinder voting in the Free State

Voters in Qwaqa, Free State have been forced to use their cellphones to see their ballot papers due to power cuts in the area.

SABC News reports that some residents have become discouraged and are considering abandoning the voting process altogether.

2024 General Election: IEC presiding officer fired for political affiliation

The IEC was forced to dismiss one of its presiding officers after it was discovered that they are an active member of an unnamed political party.

KwaZulu-Natal Police Commissioner Nhlanhla Mkhwanazi confirmed this to @NewzroomAfrika. This video clip was posted by the broadcaster on X:

2024 General Election: Former Bantustan leader's son votes in the North West

The son of the former Bophuthatswana leader Kgosi Lucas Mangope is ActionSA's premier candidate.

Kwena Mangope voted in the North West, where he is running as the provincial candidate. @ewnupdates posted his video.

2024 General Election: EFF’s Julius Malema complains about ballot in viral video

The Economic Freedom Fighters's president, Julius Malema, slammed the Independent Electoral Commission, accusing it of compromising the poll.

In a video @Newzroom405 posted on X, Malema complained about how the voting booth was placed.

"When I came in here, the voting booth was positioned in such a way that someone can be behind you. That is not democracy. The voting booth must be put in a position where no one can potentially see your views. I had to ask them to turn it around," he said.

2024 General Election: EFF's Mbuyiseni Ndlozi addresses voting glitch in viral video

The Economic Freedom Fighters' commissar, Dr Mbuyiseni Ndlozi, addressed voters at the Wits University campus who had waited over five hours to vote.

He said because of the glitch in the system, many youth votes would have been lost. @ElrichShEiGo posted a video.

"The IEC should have operated at least a minimum of 10 sub-stations by now," he said.

2024 General Election: EFF's Naledi Chirwa dances after voting in viral video

The Economic Freedom Fighters's Naledi Chirwa's mood shot up the roof after she cast her vote for her party.

@NalediChirwa posted a video of herself getting down at the voting station.

2024 General Election: Former president Thabo Mbeki addresses voters at voting station in viral video

The African National Congress and South Africa's former president Thabo Mbeki addressed a crowd of voters after casting his vote in Johannesburg.

He commented on the significance of registering to vote and said he hoped that everyone in the crowd registered in a video posted by the ANC on Facebook.

"I think the country needs tp get together on a national dialogue."

2024 General Election: 5 voting stations in Eastern Cape closed since 9am

Five voting stations in the Eastern Cape have been closed since 9am because of a service delivery protest.

According to TimesLIVE, the Independent Electoral Commission confirmed that voting stations in the Winnie Madikizela-Mandela Municipality, Buhlambo in Ntabankulu, Maggie in Port St Johns, Mavundleni in King Sabata Dalindyebo and Sidanda in Nyandeni remain closed.

Residents in the area went on service delivery protests, which prevented voters from reaching voting stations.

Good Party supporters optimistic about General Election outcome

Supporters of @ForGoodZA in Winterveldt, Mabopane and Soshanguve were feeling confident about the General Election:

The party shared a post of its leader, Patricia De Lille, casting her vote earlier:

Jacob Zuma's voting station arrival: A scene of ululation and party support

Former President Jacob Zuma's arrival at his voting station in Nkandla was met with ululation.

Scores of MK Party supporters can be seen in a @Newzroom405 clip holding up party placards. Security and IEC personnel struggled to control the crowd, which had surrounded the entrance of Ntolwane Primary School when Msholozi made his way inside:

The leader's daughter, @DZumaSambudla, shared the moment her father submitted his ballot:

Patriotic Alliance leader Gayton McKenzie stands firm in party colours at voting site

Patriotic Alliance leader Gayton McKenzie was caught in a war of words with a DA member for wearing his party colours at the polling station.

In a clip captured by @BarbierAbra, McKenzie explained that he was a registered voter who was there to make his mark.

Flashback to '94: Long election queues take voters down Memory Lane

Long election queues reminiscent of 1994 were the order of the day at many of the country’s voting stations. Many registered voters posted themselves in their respective stations, waiting to make their mark.

Some voters shared their frustrations on social media while others decided to make a day of it and enjoy their time out in the sun.

The @DA_ECapePD also shared images of voters queuing in Aston Bay Eastern Cape:

ActionSA MPL candidate @stephan_gerber0 was also amazed by the turnout at the Eikestad Town Hall:

Radio personality @Mat_Elle also shared the view from her polling station:

ANC's Thabo Mbeki casts his vote in Killarney

Former president Thabo Mbeki was spotted casting his vote at the Killarney Country Club in Houghton, Johannesburg. Blogger @ZaneleMbengo caught a quick glimpse of the former leader as he made his way to submit his ballot:

EFF leader Julius Malema ready to cast his vote

EFF leader Julius Malema has arrived at Mponegele Lower Primary School in Seshego, Polokwane in Limpopo, where he is expected to cast his vote. Malema walked into the polling station with his wife, Mantoa Matlala.

The @EFFSouthAfrica shared a clip of the couple clad in party regalia as they walked into the school:

The party's former Secretary-General and senior member Godrich Gardee was among the entourage accompanying the Malemas.

After casting his vote, the EFF leader told @Newzroom405 that the 2024 election would mark a turning point for South Africa:

EFF battalion leader Mlungisi Madonsela urges the youth to vote

EFF battalion leader Mlungisi Madonsela has encouraged the youth to go out in their numbers and cast their votes in the 2024 General Election.

Madonsela made the plea after casting his vote earlier, which was shared by @EFFSouthAfrica on X:

Police continue to show visibility on the ground

The National Joint Operational and Intelligence Structure (NatJOINTS), led by the SAPS, the South African National Defence Force and the State Security Agency, assures the nation that measures are in place to ensure voting takes place.

Various law enforcement across the country ensure safe elections for voters.

See the post below:

The IEC has warned voters that pictures of marked ballot is a criminal offense

The Electoral Commission of South Africa (IEC) has announced a strict prohibition on photographing marked ballots.

See the video below:

Following the circulation of such images on social media platform X, IEC CEO Sy Mamabolo noted people would be criminally charged for it.

He also emphasised that this measure is essential to protect voter secrecy and prevent potential coercion, thereby upholding the principles of a free and fair election.

Voters are urged to comply with this regulation to ensure the integrity of the electoral process.

President Cyril Ramaphosa arrives to cast vote

President Cyril Ramaphosa has finally arrived at Hitekani Primary School in Soweto to cast his vote.

The President was greeted by election officials and a crowd of supporters.

See the video below:

Ramaphosa previously emphasised the importance of voting as a civic duty and encouraged all eligible citizens to participate in the electoral process.

"The power to shape our nation's future lies in the hands of every voter, I urge all South Africans to come out and make their voices heard."

The first lady Tshepo Motsepe also cast her vote at Hitekani Primary School in Chiawelo, alongside Ramaphosa.

Ramaphosa casts his vote
President Cyril Ramaphosa and his wife cast their votes at Hitekani Primary School in Chiawelo, Soweto. Images: @South African Government.
Source: Facebook

Ramaphosa said this is a great day for democracy in South Africa.

"Today we vote for the stability and the extension of our democracy. Today South Africa decides on the future of our country and I have no doubt that once again the people will invest their confidence and give the mandate to the African National Congress to continue to lead our country."

Various politicians leading by example

Build One South Africa leader Mmusi Maimane cast his vote at a local church in Soweto:

ActionSA leader Herman Mashaba finally arrived at Sandon Fire Station, where he cast his vote. Several voters were seen queuing at the station.

See the post below:

RISE Mzansi National Leader Songezo Zibi and his wife Babalwa also showed up in Centurion at a local voting station.

See the post below:

Zibi said that being able to vote today means that SA democracy is alive, and if people want change, they must get up and organise, mobilise people, and do what needs to be done.

"And then on election day, you will see whether South Africans have caught on to the message. But for us, it's a long journey, not a shorter one."

See the video below:

Heavy police presence across the country

As voters head to the polls today, a significant increase in police presence is evident nationwide to ensure a safe and orderly election process.

Authorities have deployed thousands of officers to maintain peace and address potential disruptions at voting stations.

See the video below:

The Johannesburg Metropolitan Police Department (JMPD) was also seen outside Midrand's National Results Operations Centre (ROC).

Police Minister Bheki Cele noted that he would deploy thousands of cops around the country to secure the safety of voters

See a post on X by Briefly News current affairs reporter Reitumetse Makwea:

2 Limpopo men arrested for voter intimidation and assault

In two separate incidents around Limpopo, two men were arrested over voter intimidation and assault.

A 34-year-old male suspect has been arrested for alleged crimen injuria and assault during a political campaign at Ga-Seleka village in Witpoort outside Lephalale, Limpopo.

Speaking to the SABC police spokesperson, Hlulani Mashaba said the suspect, who had been evading capture, reportedly assaulted members of a political party by throwing stones and using offensive language during their door-to-door campaign.

One individual was struck on the back by a stone thrown by the suspect.

Lieutenant General Thembi Hadebe stressed that such actions to disrupt the voting process would not be tolerated.

Lieutenant General Hadebe said the arrest should send a clear message that any attempt to undermine the democratic process will be met with the full force of the law.

In another incident, two women and a man confronted a female voter, demanding to know her voting preference and threatening her life if she did not comply with their demands to vote for a specific party.

The suspects were apprehended at Xibukulwana Secondary School during special voting in Tzaneen, Limpopo.

Voters continue to show up at voting stations

Long queues can be seen at various voting stations. Actions SA leader Herman Mashaba is still expected to appear at Sandton Fire Station to cast his vote.

Watch the video below:

Politicians have also been seen gracing some voting stations in their areas. Western Cape Premier Alan Winde, his wife Tracy and daughter Lauren were also seen in line at Jan van Riebeeck High School.

See the post below:

Police Minister Bheki Cele arrived at Lamontville High School to cast his vote.

Social Research Foundation Poll shows ANC support on the rise

The Social Research Foundation's poll showed that support for the ANC has increased slightly as at Monday, 27 May.

The poll showed that support for the DA decreased a little while support for the EFF remained steady.

John Steenhuisen from the DA, Julius Malema from the EFF and Cyril Ramaphosa from the ANC campaigning ahead of the South African national elections in 2024.
Support for the DA dipped as of 27 May, while the ANC's support increased and the EFF's support remained steady, a poll found. Images: MICHELE SPATARI/AFP, EMMANUEL CROSET / AFP and Chris McGrath.
Source: Getty Images

Voting delayed as ballot paper yet to arrive at Alexandra voting station

Ballot boxes and papers have not yet been delivered to the 16th Avenue polling station in Alexandra, EWN reported.

It's believed the ballot boxes and papers will be delivered by 7:30am.

An Independent Electoral Commission strip on election day.
Ballot papers and boxes are yet to arrive at a voting station in Alexandra.
Source: Getty Images

South Africans brave the cold to cast their votes in 2024 National Elections

Voting in the South African National Elections has officially opened. Many are braving the cold to cast their vote today.

For the first time, South Africans will cast three votes as the amended Electoral Act provides three ballot papers.

According to the SA Government News Agency website, the three ballot papers are as follows:

  • The national ballot is a list of political parties vying for 200 seats in the National Assembly.
  • The regional or province-to-national ballots will have political parties and independent candidates contesting for the seats reserved for each province in the National Assembly.
  • The provincial ballot is unique to each province and includes parties and independent candidates competing for seats in each respective provincial legislature.

Home Affairs branches remain open on election day

Home Affairs offices will be open on Wednesday, 29 May, to allow citizens who need to collect temporary Identification Documents collect their documents to vote.

Minister Aaron Motsoaledi told eNCA on Tuesday that the offices will be open from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. on Wednesday.

Home Affairs Minister Aaron Motsoaledi at a press briefing.
Aaron Motsoaledi, the Minister of Home Affairs, said home affairs offices will be open on election day. Image: Brenton Geach/ Gallo Images
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President deploys 2800 soldiers during elections, costs SA R59m

The president deployed 2,828 South African National Defence Force (SANDF) members to cooperate with the South African Police Service (SAPS) to prevent and combat crime and maintain and preserve law and order during the National and Provincial Elections, the presidency wrote in a statement.

The deployment will cost taxpayers R59 451704.

South Africans had questions about the deployment

Many citizens questioned Ramaphosa's decision to deploy the army on election day. South Africans commented on the presidency's X post.

@Kanan_Mfundo said:

·"R59 million, that's how many RDP houses, wastage of money."

@AparryW wrote:

"Deploying the army during elections might be mistaken for intimidation. If the police are unable to do the job, you really should do something about that."

Election voting stations open at 7am and close at 9pm on Wednesday, 29 May.

MKP takes legal action against Cyril Ramaphosa

The MK Party also laid charges against President Cyril Ramaphosa for his recent address to the nation on SABC.

Ramaphosa addressed the country about the sixth administration's achievements and received a lot of criticism from various parties.

The MKP said the president knowingly used his influence as president to benefit the African National Congress.