Shots Fired: Ramaphosa Says The MK Party Doesn't Scare Them

Shots Fired: Ramaphosa Says The MK Party Doesn't Scare Them

  • President Cyril Ramaphosa, on the campaign trail, declared the ANC's resilience and confidence in winning the upcoming elections
  • He emphasised the ANC's enduring leadership and urged supporters to assist elderly voters
  • Amid rising political tensions, South Africans express readiness for change

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Ramaphosa takes aim at Zuma
Addressing a large crowd, President Cyryl Ramaphosa aimed at rival political parties - uMkhonto weSizwe - and said the ANC would always be home. Images: Per-Anders Pettersson/Getty Images
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While on the campaign trail, President Cyril Ramaphosa signalled his confidence ahead of the upcoming elections.

Addressing a large crowd, Ramaphosa aimed at rival political parties, particularly those with names starting with 'M', suggesting they posed no threat to the African National Congress (ANC).

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However, Mzansi noted he aimed at the uMkhonto weSizwe (MK Party) and its leader, Jacob Zuma.

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"These other parties, with names that start with M or what, think they can scare us. We are not scared, fearful, or scared of anything. Bring the war; we will take it because we will win these elections. We are not fearful, not a little bit."

No party is like the ANC

In his speech, Ramaphosa emphasised the ANC's enduring legacy and leadership, contrasting it with the perceived shortcomings of other parties.

"We have past, present, and future leaders. These others don't have leaders. They call themselves leaders, but no one we see has ever led and done this, that and the third. It's only the ANC, and it's the home for all South Africans. Even these smaller parties that are upcoming come from the ANC."

Ramaphosa's remarks come at a critical juncture as political competition intensifies in South Africa.

The president underscored the ANC's resilience and predicted that attempts to overthrow the party would be futile.

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"They think they can overthrow the ANC. They will never win against the ANC. It will remain steady, supported by the nation."

A call to supporters

Looking ahead to the election day, Ramaphosa issued a rallying call to his supporters, urging them to mobilise and assist older people in casting their votes.

"On 29 May, you start as volunteers. I'm giving you a mandate, that on the 27th and 28th, let's go and help the elders that need help to go and vote. Those who have cars, help them with transport, and walk with them to the voting station. On the 29th, let's all wake up in the morning."

Despite Ramaphosa's confident assertions, there is a palpable sense of anticipation among South Africans, many of whom are eager for change.

As the election date approaches, citizens express a readiness to "turn a new leaf," reflecting a nation at a crossroads, keenly aware of its political future and the stakes involved.

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The ANC, which has been the dominant political force in South Africa since the end of apartheid, now faces increasing scrutiny and competition.

As the election campaign heats up, all eyes will be on the electorate and their response to the calls for continuity versus change.

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Mzansi is adamant about not voting for the ANC

South Africans are still adamant about voting out the ANC; reacting to the video, most netizens said they were eagerly waiting for the General Election on 29 May.

@SmashQueToServe said:

"What if @MYANC falls below 20% in this coming election? There is a different feeling in the air."

@ANdaba44423 commented:

"What makes him think we are interested? Only those who don't see how badly he governs the country will vote for the ANC."

@secha_carly added:

"I'm sorry but he sounds threatened."

@miss_machika said:

"Hong hong hong, see y'all on the 29th."

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Source: Briefly News

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