Ramaphosa Gets Backlash for Last-Minute Family Meeting

Ramaphosa Gets Backlash for Last-Minute Family Meeting

  • President Cyril Ramaphosa's last-minute call for South Africans to vote in the upcoming elections has sparked frustration
  • Critics argue that his focus on past achievements overshadowed pressing issues like load-shedding and unemployment
  • The president's appeal has been met with scepticism and disillusionment among voters

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Reitumetse Makwea is a Briefly News current affairs journalist based in Pretoria, South Africa. She has three years of experience in political journalism, working with The Citizen News, covering a broad spectrum of political issues, from election campaigns to policy reforms.

Ramaphosa last minute meeting flop
President Cyril Ramaphosa's last-minute call for South Africans to vote in the upcoming elections flopped with South Africans adamant about voting the ANC out. Images: Leon Sadiki/Bloomberg
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President Cyril Ramaphosa has received backlash for calling a last-minute family meeting.

With just a few days left, Ramaphosa emphasised the importance of casting ballots, but many citizens were left unimpressed by the timing and content of his address.

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Mzansi's wave of frustration

Ramaphosa’s eleventh-hour plea for South Africans to vote left a sour taste in most people's mouths.

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Many argue that the timing of his address, just days before the elections, was too little and too late.

@bydega_ commented:

"I can’t wait to vote this loser out!"

@umtapi said:

"@CyrilRamaphosa this is your last address as a head of state."

@Siga948031501 added:

"This family meeting is not the state meeting is a campaign. If you listen properly, there are no jobs the ANC government will give people."

@Lindiwe66925717 noted:

"There is nothing he can say, to make me change my mind.Andizi."

Ramaphosa's address

In his address, Ramaphosa noted that from today, South Africans who have registered for unique votes will start casting their ballots at voting stations and from their homes across the country.

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"Thousands of South Africans living abroad have already cast their votes. This Wednesday, May 29th, millions more will participate in this crucial democratic process.
"This marks the seventh time that South Africans of all backgrounds will vote for national and provincial government. We will reaffirm the core principle from the Freedom Charter: that no government can claim legitimacy without the people's consent.
"In the coming days, voting will be more than a constitutional right; we will be deciding our country's future and taking responsibility for the future of our families, communities, and nation."

Ramaphosa said that as everyone takes to the polls on Wednesday, they should remember that they honour the struggles and sacrifices of those who fought for their democracy.

"We expect this election, like those since 1994, to be conducted peacefully, freely, and fairly. We commend the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) for their outstanding work in preparing for these elections.

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"The IEC has demonstrated their capability through successful voter registration weekends, the registration of parties and candidates, ballot preparation, overseas voting organization, and the strict application of our electoral laws."

See the video below:

Some South Africans appreciated the address

Several South Africans expressed gratitude for the address despite the backlash and criticism. They noted that any president would have done the same, not in the capacity of a party president but as the head of state.

@PaliPalesa3 said:

"He is still the president of South Africa after all."

@NtombiSeele commented:

"Great speech Mr President ,Dankie Siyabonga."

@dotwanad added:

"Amen, my president ."

Cyril Ramaphosa is confident he will get a second-term

Briefly News previously reported that Ramaphosa recently spoke in an interview and expressed his certainty in returning to the Union Buildings for a second term.

He noted that even though issues like state capture and gender-based violence-plagued his term, he would take the country forward.

Source: Briefly News

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