President Cyril Ramaphosa Asserts South Africa's Duty to Confront Israel on Genocide

President Cyril Ramaphosa Asserts South Africa's Duty to Confront Israel on Genocide

  • President Cyril Ramaphosa affirmed South Africa's obligation to take the issue to the International Court of Justice, accusing Israel of genocide
  • Ramaphosa underscores human rights principles in ANC's decision at 112th anniversary
  • ANC's historical support for the Palestinian cause clashes with Israel's past military ties to the apartheid regime, fueling tension
Presidents confront Israel
President Cyril Ramaphosa's administration has officially accused Israel of committing genocide against Palestinians in a case filed with the International Court of Justice. Image: Alaister Russell
Source: Getty Images

President Cyril Ramaphosa stated that South Africa had a duty to approach the International Court of Justice, accusing Israel of genocide in its military actions against Hamas in Gaza.

This decision, he emphasised to ANC members during the 112th-anniversary celebrations, was driven by principles aligned with South Africa's beliefs in human rights.

According to TimesLIVE, Ramaphosa conveyed that lessons on resolving conflicts through negotiation were imparted by former ANC presidents Nelson Mandela and Oliver Tambo.

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"This led us to Ukraine and Russia, where we advocated for peace. This global recognition emphasizes South Africa and other African nations' commitment to supporting peace, mitigating the impact of war on our own well-being."

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Mzansi acknowledges the need for anti-corruption efforts

Bojela Sncono says:

"I hope it challenges the high crime rate and corruption in this country not forgetting drugs."

Frisco Franswa mentioned:

"Actually, we should be the ones as citizens of South Africa to take ANC or government to that court lying to us since 1994 for a better life."

Taryn Collister notes:

"You are also duty-bound to sort out the crime in South Africa first."

Dalin Ramjeeth stated:

"Ramafool is a nut case. He can't even fix his own county."

Rosita Ferreira Da Cunha mentioned:

"When it suits their agenda."

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The impact of apartheid history on shaping South Africa

According to The Guardian, Israel has criticised South Africa's legal action at the International Court of Justice, accusing it of supporting Hamas by alleging genocide and war crimes in Gaza. The lawsuit, seeking to stop the Israeli assault in response to a Hamas cross-border attack, reflects the strained relations between the two nations.

This tension has roots in the ANC's longstanding support for the Palestinian cause and Israel's historical military alliance with the apartheid regime during the oppressive years of white rule.

Makhura unveils ANC's goal for 2024 majority vote

In other news, Briefly News reported that Former Gauteng Premier and ANC national task team member on coalitions, David Makhura, articulated the party's ambitious target for the 2024 elections.

Makhura stressed that the ANC aims for a decisive victory without relying on alliances, underscoring the party's dedication to gaining the trust and confidence of South African voters.

Source: Briefly News

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