2 Men Interrogated for Joslin Smith’s Disappearance Claim They Sold Her for Muthi, Mzansi Furious

2 Men Interrogated for Joslin Smith’s Disappearance Claim They Sold Her for Muthi, Mzansi Furious

  • The South African Police Service, who arrested four suspects related to the kidnapping of Joslin Smith, elicited a gruesome revelation
  • Two of the suspects, who were interrogated for almost two days, confessed that they sold Joslin Smith for muthi
  • South Africans are livid, calling for the harshest punishment for the men if found guilty

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The two suspects that were interrogated revealed that they sold Joslin Smith for muthi
South Africans are stunned that two men confessed they sold Joslin Smith for muthi. Images: @GaytonMK/X and Veam Visuals/ Getty Images
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WESTERN CAPE – The South African Police Service revealed that two of the suspects arrested for the disappearance of Joslin Smith were interrogated, and they made a gruesome confession. The men claimed they sold her for muthi.

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Men claim they sold Joslin for muthi

According to The Citizen, the men were interrogated for 36 hours after they were arrested, and on Tuesday, 5 March, they confessed that they sold her for muthi. It's alleged that they sold her for R20,000 to an unidentified man. The investigating team also visited various places in the Western Cape to gather information about her disappearance.

What you need to know about Joslin Smith's disappearance

South Africans call for strict justice

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Netizens on Facebook are livid at the alleged confessions.

Brenda Declerck said:

"They must never see the light again!"

Alex Mchenge Alex was disgusted:

"Yerrr, sies man."

The Anglican Bishop said:

"The most cruel thing about muti killing is the victim dies a painful and agonising death."

BreakTheSilenceAboutSouthAfrica said:

"Peverting the course of justice should be included with the charges. Lock them all up for a very long time."

Danny Naicker said:

"Why is there even a court proceeding? Lock them up and throw away the keys."

Gayton McKenzie hosts prayer session for Joslin Smith

In a similar article, Briefly News reported that Gayton McKenzie, the president of the Patriotic Alliance, hosted a prayer session in Saldanha Bay for Joslin Smith.

The prayer session included gospel artists performing and singing to the crowd that gathered to pray for Joslin. South Africans joined in the prayer and wished that the little girl was found.

Source: Briefly News

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