Cape Town Taxi Driver With 50 Warrants of Arrest and Fines Worth Over R374,000 Caught

Cape Town Taxi Driver With 50 Warrants of Arrest and Fines Worth Over R374,000 Caught

  • A taxi driver from Cape Town who evaded the law after 50 warrants of arrest had been issued against him was caught
  • He had an astonishing R374,300 worth of unpaid traffic fines, and he was arrested on 26 March
  • South Africans weighed in and believed that the taxi owner must also face the full might of the law

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A taxi driver from Cape Town was arrested for having 50 warrants of arrest
A Cape Town taxi driver was busted for owing more than R450,000 in fines. Images: Luca Sola/AFP via Getty Images and David Talukdar
Source: Getty Images

ELSIE RIVER, WESTERN CAPE - The City of Cape Town nabbed a taxi driver with outstanding arrest warrants. The driver allegedly owed almost R400,000 worth of unpaid driving fines.

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Cape Town taxi driver arrested

According to Daily Voice, the City’s traffic cops stopped a taxi driver after scanning his number plate. They scanned his ID number and discovered he had 50 outstanding arrest warrants worth over R132,000. They further investigated him and found that he had more outstanding fines worth R241,750. He was arrested on the spot, and his taxi was impounded. He was also found not to have a valid operating licence.

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The City’s MMC for Safety and Security, JP Smith, was stunned by the fines.

“These numbers are staggering. Can you imagine how many transgressions one would commit quickly to rack up that amount in fines?”

Netizens want taxi owner to be punished too

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South Africans on Facebook called for action against the taxi driver’s boss.

Danrey Solomons said:

“They must start arresting the owners of the taxis.”

Darryl Human said:

“Impound all the owner’s taxis, then release them when the fines are paid up. They think they own the roads because they drive like Mad Max.”

Denny V D Rhede said:

“He should never be allowed back on the roads. He is a danger to society and still so young.”

Huey Hughes said:

“They refused to renew my vehicle licence and driver’s license when I had an outstanding fine of R350. I had to pay to get it back.”

Mevhan Gay said.

“One warrant of arrest is enough to block and catch this guy. How did it escalate to this?”

Taxi driver arrested for pointing gun at officer

In a similar article, Briefly News reported that a taxi driver was arrested for pointing a gun at a police officer.

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The incident happened when the taxi driver allegedly blocked the road, and when the off-duty officer confronted him, he pulled his gun out. The officer put himself back on duty and immediately arrested the driver.

Source: Briefly News

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