South Africans Unfazed by Plan to Phase Out Green ID Books Amid Home Affairs Woes

South Africans Unfazed by Plan to Phase Out Green ID Books Amid Home Affairs Woes

  • South Africans will soon need to replace their green ID books with smart ID cards, a transition urged by Home Affairs Minister Aaron Motsoaledi
  • Despite this, South Africans on X (formerly Twitter) are sceptical, citing persistent service issues at Home Affairs
  • Many express contentment with their green ID books and frustration over delays and inefficiencies in obtaining the new smart cards

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Smart cards replaces green book
Some 17 million South Africans may soon have to bid farewell to their green ID books. Images: Twitter/ @MhlangaLindo and Rodger Bosch.
Source: Twitter

Approximately 17 million South Africans will soon have to part ways with their green ID books as the Department of Home Affairs prepares to retire the decades-old documents.

Despite this significant change, South Africans on social media platform X (formerly Twitter) remain largely unshaken.

The move to phase out the green ID books in favour of smart ID cards has been in the works since the cards were introduced over a decade ago.

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South Africans are adamant about keeping their green books

Minister of Home Affairs Aaron Motsoaledi recently emphasized the urgency of the transition in a clip The South African shared.

"We think it’s long enough that we’ve kept dual identity documents. Very soon, we will announce that we will keep one, and the other will become invalid.”

However, this announcement has sparked a wave of scepticism and criticism among South Africans, who took to X to express their views.

@StHonorable highlighted a common grievance:

"Did they address the issue of long queues and a forever down system? Once they finish these two issues, maybe they can start threatening us with our green IDs."

The sentiment was echoed by @TebohoTwala, who questioned the penalties associated with non-compliance, asking:

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"How much is the fine for refusing to replace it ."

@Tech_carly criticized the inefficiency of Home Affairs, stating:

"No, being @HomeAffairsSA is Hell, they're forever offline, and if it's the case, it must be free for those who still have them. At least one has to bring photos only."

Many South Africans seem content with their current green ID books.

@KankivanderRooi said:

"Tell them we are fine with our green ID book."

The prolonged wait times for the new smart ID cards were also frustrating.

@AmuFloyd shared his experience:

"I applied for a smart card ID in March 2024 and I'm still waiting. I guess it will take another 5 years to eradicate green ID books ."

Boity Thulo reacts to the Department of Home Affairs plan to discontinue the green ID book

Briefly News previously reported that Boity Thulo was stunned to learn that the green ID book was officially being phased out.

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The media personality said she still uses hers and sees no reason to get the smart ID card.

Mzansi felt Boity's pain, saying they have been loyal to their green books for many years.

Source: Briefly News

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